How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System?

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Whether you are a regular cannabis user and have lately wondered how long does marijuana stay in your system or just planning to give weed a try, you have come to the right place. We have gathered all the information regarding weed and for how long does weed stay in your hair, urine, or blood. Go through the rest of the article to know more about the topic.

There are plenty of factors to look at before concluding as to how long weed stays in your system. Let’s have a look at the contributing factors.

Let’s start from the top – how Long THC stay in Blood

Weed stays in your body for 1-30 days, but of course, it depends on the amount of dose you have consumed. As in, it’s one of the reasons. If you have consumed only a small amount of it, you would probably not even feel it, and your body flushes it out sooner than usual. But in case you have consumed more than you should, way more, then due to obvious reasons, it might stay in your system for longer than usual.

How Long Does Cannabis Stay in your System? It Depends on How Often You Consume it

If you are someone who uses weed every day, there are fat chances that your body will accept that it’s habitual of weed. Likewise, if you don’t consume much of it and when you, it’s strictly occasionally, your body tells you don’t do it regularly. In other words, how often you smoke it, along with how much you smoke, are two of the main reasons that will decide how long it will last in your system.

Similarly, as far as the daily weed smokers are concerned, traces of amounts in their body may be detectable even after months. Even if they have recently stopped consuming it, the chances are that it can be detected in your urine, blood or hair.

Coming to the detection methods, there are a lot of options that are used to detect the presence of weed 

They are as follows:

The saliva test: 

Wondering how long does THC stay in saliva? If you have been consuming weed, there is a chance that your saliva will contain traces of the plant as the standard time duration for the weed to last in the saliva of a consumer is between 32-48 hours.

The Urine test: 

 The second type of test is perhaps the most common amongst them all that tells how long does weed stay in urine. It’s the urine test. A person that does not frequently consume weed may test positive for about 2-3 days. Similarly, a person that usually uses weed like serval times a week might test positive for between 1-3 weeks. In comparison, a heavy stoner’s urine can be detected for weed for about a month.

The people that orally consume weed (by eating it) might result positive for about 2-3 days. 

Next up is the hair test: 

This might catch you as a surprise that weed in hair can be detected for as long as 90 days – 3 months, that is. The other side of it is that this test is usually carried out for people that are either medium or heavy users as studies have found that this test isn’t so effective for the people that are occasional smokers (light consumers). 

Finally, the popular blood test: 

You might already hear about this test, but like most people, you won’t exactly be able to tell the duration by which the use of marijuana can be detected. So the use of weed can be detected on the blood test for as many as 36 hours.

Some More Factors to Consider

So before we wrap it all up, let’s quickly have a look at the other factors that affect how long does THC stay in your system and will show up on the tests; they include:

  •  The THC levels in your weed: The higher the THC levels in your weed, the higher you’re going to feel, and the longer it would stay in your system.
  •  How often do you consume weed: The other factor is if you’re a frequent consumer or not. If you’re a regular consumer, it might well show up on the drug screen. If you’re not, you might get away with it.
  •  The last use: Another important factor is when you last used weed. If it’s some time recently, it’s going to pop up on the screen. And if it has been a while, you might get lucky.
  • It varies on a person’s system: There are some people whose bodies are quick in processing the THC. This means that their bodies get rid of the THC sooner than the rest of the people. So let’s hope you’re one of those people who have systems that quickly process marijuana.
  • The body’s hydration levels: It’s always good to have a hydrated body. There are chances that a good, hydrated body will get rid of marijuana far more quickly than the dehydrated ones. All the more reasons to start drinking more water. So if you haven’t been drinking much water, this is the time you should start drinking more water.

These are all the significant factors that can determine how long the weed stays in your system.

Also, this is an excellent reminder that we all should consume weed in moderation. The usage of weed in excess amounts is undoubtedly not going to help. So if you’re one of those people that frequently smoke and in large quantities, this is the time to slow down. Try reducing the amount of weed every time you are willing to have a joint session with your mates or by yourself. Another reason why you should stop using too much weed is the tolerance level. In case it increased, you might have to face difficulties in getting high in the first place.

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