What To Do With Marijuana Leaves

Do you have a batch of marijuana leaves that are ready to use, only you’re not sure what to do with them? You might have raw weed leaves if you or a friend grow cannabis. These leaves play an important role in keeping the cannabis plant happy and healthy. However, figuring out what to do with marijuana leaves isn’t always obvious. Leaves don’t contain much THC, which is typically concentrated in buds and flowers. You can still find plenty of strategies for how to use cannabis leaves, though! Explore our favourite marijuana leaf recipes to learn what to do with marijuana leaves.

What Can You Do With Raw Weed Leaves?

Raw cannabis leaves are a byproduct of growing marijuana. Mature cannabis can be tall or thick depending on the strain, but all variants produce plenty of leaves to capture sunlight. Once you’ve harvested your buds and flowers, you might be wondering what to do with the marijuana leaves you have leftover.

When you’re learning how to use cannabis leaves, keep in mind that you’re unlikely to get high from this part of the plant. This is because THC and other active ingredients are usually found in buds, not throughout the rest of the plant. However, there are many other benefits to learning how to use cannabis leaves. Raw weed leaves boast nutrients, essential fatty acids, fibre, and other great ingredients. Check out some marijuana leaf recipes to learn what to do with marijuana leaves.


Raw Weed Juice

Juicing is a great way to extract a plant’s vitamins and nutrients while leaving the stringy fibre behind. If you already have a juicer, you can add your raw weed leaves to your favourite juice blends. Cannabis leaves can have a “green” or earthy taste, so try mixing them with strong flavours until you adjust to the taste. Here are some popular juice ingredients to explore alongside cannabis leaves:

  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Spinach
  • Wheatgrass
  • Berries

Cannabis Smoothies

Anything you can blend into juice can also blend into a smoothie. Toss your leftover raw weed leaves into the blender the next time you make a smoothie. The green taste and thick texture will be familiar if you’ve ever tried a kale or spinach smoothie before! Try a mix of these common smoothie ingredients with your weed leaves:

  • Bananas
  • Berries
  • Peanut butter
  • Kale, spinach, or other leafy greens
  • Yogurt
  • Protein powder


Marijuana Salad

Salads are a tasty way to get your greens in a more solid form. Try sprinkling excess raw weed leaves into the bowl the next time you make a meal. Flavourful greens like arugula are a great way to distract from cannabis. You can also add oil, vinegar, or your favourite salad dressing for a different taste combination. 

Marijuana Leaf Recipes And More

These marijuana leaf recipes are fun options for using up your leftover cannabis leaves. However, if you’re looking for a more potent part of the plant, explore the delicious buds for sale at Just Cannabis. You’ll find an extensive range of marijuana strains, all at reasonable prices. See why so many choose Just Cannabis over established sites such as Get KushWeed Delivery, and other dispensaries featured on platforms such as BCWeedDelivery.co.

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How To Smoke Weed

When you’re just discovering the magic of marijuana, you might think that joints are your only option for how to smoke weed. There are many different methods to explore! Learn how to smoke weed properly and discover how to get high at home using these classic and popular techniques.


Joints are marijuana buds that are broken up and rolled to smoke, similar to a traditional tobacco cigarette. Rolling joints might seem complicated, but it’s pretty simple once you learn the proper technique. 


Learn how to smoke weed whenever you like by rolling your own joints.

  1. Start with your bud and a pack of your favourite rolling papers.
  2. Break up the weed with your fingers, a knife, or a weed grinder.
  3. Place a small amount of pot onto the rolling paper’s sticky side.
  4. Hold down the paper ends with your index fingers, then tap the weed with your thumbs to compact it.
  5. Use your thumb to start to roll the side closest to you. Keeping the paper tight will make it easier for you to learn how to smoke pot.
  6. Make sure that the tip of the paper is secure on the bottom of your joint.
  7. Finish rolling, then lick the paper to help it close well.
  8. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. How to get high at home is simple now that you can roll your own joints!


You can find lots of video tutorials if you want to see how to smoke weed in moving colour. Many pot dispensaries such as JustCannabis.shop also offer pre-rolled joints if you’d instead not roll yourself.


Think of blunts as giant versions of joints. Blunts are made with cigar papers instead of rolling papers, so you’ll usually absorb some nicotine along with your marijuana. Many people learn how to smoke weed with blunts. Look for pre-made blunts at your local dispensary or favourite online pot shop. You can also make your own blunts by following these steps.


  1. Gather your weed and some cigar paper. You can also purchase unique blunt wraps.
  2. Use your fingers to break up your weed. A knife, scissors, or weed grinder will also work.
  3. Place a small amount of pot onto the wrap.
  4. Hold the wrap underneath with your extended index fingers. Tap the bud down with your thumbs, so nothing spills out.
  5. Roll the wrap up using your thumbs. Make sure the tip of the wrap is safely secured on the opposite edge.
  6. Finish rolling your blunt and finally wet the paper with your tongue. That helps it close securely.
  7. Your blunt is ready to enjoy!


If you’re curious about how to smoke weed without papers, a bong can be a great addition to your lifestyle. Bongs contain a bowl where you place your pot, a chamber where smoke builds up, and a tube the smoke passes through before you breathe it in. Learning how to inhale weed from a bong can be a process, but one that’s worth it!

A variety of bong styles are available. When you’re asking yourself what can I smoke weed out of, consider bongs a different option. Water bongs counteract dry heat from the smoke and give you a smooth experience when you’re learning how to smoke marijuana.

Keeping your bong clean is a significant consideration in how to smoke weed properly. Some easy maintenance will prevent bacteria build-up and make sure your cannabis always tastes fresh. Learn how to inhale weed safely with bong maintenance and cleaning basics.

Weed Pipes

Weed pipes offer a similar experience to bongs, but because they’re smaller, they’re easier to carry with you. Using a pipe is one way how to smoke pot wherever you go. Just like bongs, remember that pipes require regular cleaning to avoid build-up.

Weed Vaporizer

Today’s pot users who don’t want to smoke can still learn how to inhale weed with weed vaporizers or vapes. Vaporizers heat marijuana to create a vapour, which is inhaled. The process is similar to smoking, but many users prefer vaping since there’s no smoke to irritate airways potentially.

Dry herb vaporizers and battery-powered vape pens are the two most common types of vaporizers. There’s no need to worry about how to smoke weed without papers when you use a vape. 

Vape pens are becoming increasingly popular across Canada ever since weed legalization, with shatter, THC distillate, and vape juice options. Vaporizers produce low odour, are easy to use, and don’t require much maintenance, so you can expect to see vapes on the market for years to come.


If you’re caught without any other options and want to smoke up, you’re probably wondering, what can I smoke weed using? You can hot-knife your pot by heating two butter knives. Press your buds between the hot blades to create a vapour you can inhale. You can try this method with any two pieces of metal, so get creative.


Weed Measurements To Know

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How Long Do Edibles Last?

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

Cannabis edibles are a range of food products that contain either THC or CBD. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, while CBD stands for cannabidiol. These two are the most researched chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. While there has been much demonization of the plant over the years, an extensive amount of research has been conducted on their health benefits as well as recreational value. 

While smoking is still the most popular form of consuming marijuana, the desire for consuming edibles has increased greatly over the last few years. However, of the two chemical compounds, THC edibles seem to be well loved by the cannabis community due to their high sensation — on the other hand, many who don’t wish to experience any psychoactivity might enjoy consuming CBD-infused edibles for their calming effects. No matter which kind of edible you choose, if you’ve never tried them, in this article, we will discuss edibles in detail — the primary question that we hope to answer is perhaps the most important among stoners and cannabis connoisseurs alike — just exactly how long do edibles last?

Reviewing the Product Range

When it comes to cannabis consumption, the emphasis so far has been on smoking. But, as public acceptance and cannabis innovation continues to grow, we are starting to see people use cannabis in a variety of ways — we’re talking about eating your cannabis.

Many are not aware of the wide range of cannabis-based edible products available on the market but with time and increased legalization, people, particularly young adults, are becoming more and more interested in these kinds of cannabis products. So, what kinds of edibles are we talking about? There are many, yet the most common include sweet candies, brownies, gummies, and many others. How does cheering up your dull day with a cannabis-based gummy, gum, lozenge, or even a lollipop sound? We think, therapeutically delicious.

When Will You Start Feeling Effects After Consuming An Edible?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about cannabis edibles. Well, there are several factors on which the exact kick in time depends. However, a careful estimate tells us that you will start feeling the effects of a cannabis edible between 30-60 minutes. Factors that can influence this time include the nature of the active ingredient (THC or CBD), the metabolic system of the consumer, and how quickly the active ingredient is absorbed in the user’s bloodstream. So how long do edibles last? 

Surprisingly, the high induced by the consumption of cannabis edibles lasts a lot longer than smoking/vaping. It is believed that these effects can last for as much as 6-8 hours. For edibles that contain THC, the highest levels of the active ingredient in the bloodstream are seen at least three hours post-consumption. In fact researchers have been struggling to come up with a definitive number so far. Take the example of a study that evaluated the effects of cannabis-based edibles, as described in 10,0000 tweets on the popular social media platform, Twitter. 

Despite such a large sample size, no standard duration has been established — just a range.

Edibles Have An Edge Over Smoking

Let us now examine the multiple benefits that make cannabis edibles even a better choice than smoking your weed. Because cannabis smoke contains carcinogens, it may not be hard to understand why some people might opt for cannabis edibles due to health concerns. With edibles, we should also mention. that there is also the factor of better accessibility. Eating cannabis infused goodies in the same room with non-cannabis lovers is hardly an issue, is it? Smoking, on the other hand, requires you to leave the room so that non-smokers don’t have to experience inconvenience of any kind.

Also, there are some cannabis consumers who would rather keep their cannabis consumption a discreet manner while out and about or in public places — oh and due to slower onset of effects in cannabis edibles, the longer duration factor trumps smoking as well for those looking for a long lasting high.

Beware: Things Can Get Terrible With Edibles As Well

So far, so good. It seems as if things can hardly go wrong as far as the cannabis edibles are concerned. 

But as is the case with every THC-infused product, the risk of side effects can never be ignored. Indeed, some very serious side effects have been reported by consumers who perhaps had a little too much of the cannabis edibles. It is pertinent to mention here that the side effects vary depending upon the nature of the active ingredient used in the edible. In the case of THC edibles, some commonly reported side effects include anxiety, cardiac stress, delusions, nausea, and vomiting. 

A more serious list of side effects includes cognitive impairment and extreme sedation. On the other hand, due to its lack of psychoactivity or none at all, as you can imagine, the side effects associated with CBD-containing edibles are perhaps not as serious as the THC edibles. However, a causal approach is still not advisable. Some of these side effects include fatigue, diarrhea, and anomalous patterns in appetite, and weight gain as well weight loss. In the end, it’s important to be sensible to avoid becoming obsessional with your cannabis consumption.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how you can avoid and thwart these risks and side effects associated with cannabis edibles. All that you have to do is never ditch the element of moderation when it comes down to cannabis edibles consumption. Understandably, these kinds of food items will always make you crave for more, that high is really peaceful! However, this is where you have to be most careful. Also, it might be a good idea to keep these edibles separate from food items that your friends and family members eat regularly. Don’t want them to get accidentally high, do we? 

Final Thoughts 

In the end, it’s always better to start with a small dose and see how your body reacts to CBD or THC. This is especially important for first-timers who have never smoked or consumed cannabis in any other form. Well, we hope that you learned something new about cannabis edibles from this article — we bid you a safe, effective cannabis journey!


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How to Make Bubble Hash?

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

If you are more experienced and looking for something more potent or are just curious to try something new and exciting, you’ve come to the right place. Making bubble hash is simple.  All one has to do is follow the simplest of rules, and they are good to go. Another thing that makes bubble hash special is the fact that it doesn’t involve any risky processes. Plus, it’s such a fun adventure to make particular concentrates at home, just like that.

What is Bubble Hash?

So what is bubble hash, and how to make bubble hash at home? These two questions are hopefully in mind.

Bubble hash has a lot of different names. The reason behind this cute name is that when you smoke bubble hash, it forms tiny little bubbles. Just to mention, the formation of tiny bubbles is one way to test the quality of the product. This popular cannabis concentrate has a bunch of other names as well, including:

  • Ice hash
  • Ice-o-lator
  • Water hash

Advantages of Making Bubble Hash

There are a ton of pros when it comes to making your own bubble hash. For one, the potency of it is just incredible. According to people who consume bubble hash, it feels a lot stronger than dry sift or kief. Another great thing about it is that it produces much bigger yields. Let’s not forget: making bubble hash is not a fire hazard. Many also consider it much safer to use and enjoy since the extraction process doesn’t require any chemicals.

Let’s Learn How to Make Bubble Hash

The method for making bubble hash involves the separation and collection of trichomes using ice-cold water. Trichomes are tiny particles present all over the plant (cannabis), especially the flowers (buds). Using ice or icy cold water method for agitation is a great and effective way to separate the trichomes from the plant. This procedure allows the trichomes to fall off from the buds, which are later collected and put to better use.

So the word ‘hash’ refers to the collection of trichomes, and the ‘bubble’ part is all about the cold water method used to extract the resin.

What you Need to Get Started

Now you know why it’s called what it’s called, let’s jump to the part where we get to how to make bubble hash at home. Grab a pen to note down the supplies you are going to need:

  •         Trimmed cannabis
  •         One container
  •         Ice cold water (and loads of ice)
  •         One coffee filter
  •         One simple sieve
  •         One large glass bottle

The Bubble Hash Making Process

The first step is to put the main ingredient in your container (We highly recommended using a glass container for the preparation of bubble hash). Then add your load of ice into the container and shake for about 3-5 minutes.

After mixing it well, allow it to rest for about 15-20 minutes. That will let the tiny particles settle at the bottom of the container.

After a few minutes, you will start seeing some tiny sediment touching the bottom of the jar. If you see the residue, pat yourself on your shoulder because this is an indication that everything is going according to plan. If not, be patient and wait a bit longer.

Pour about 2/3 of the water out of the jar and into your large water bottle. This process requires a lot of attention. So if you have other things going on in your mind, take a break and come back focused.

While pouring into your bottle, make sure you’re running the water extremely slowly and without shaking the whole container. Ensure that the hash at the bottom of the container is unmoved and remains in the same container.

Add more ice or cold water to the jar till it’s full and let it sit once again. But this time, let it rest for only about 3-5 minutes.

Repeat pouring the excess water into the glass bottle, making sure that the tiny particles remain inside the jar. This cleansing process will be responsible for the overall quality of your concentrate. So be patient with the process and stay positive!

Finally, drain as much water as you possibly can without disturbing the hash. (Hopefully, you will get used to the process, which will help you make bubble hash the next time). When you think you can’t drain any more water, grab your coffee filter.

Use the coffee filter to strain all the water and do a little squeeze to eliminate the excess water. Be gentle in squeezing the filter as you would not want to ruin your bubble hash at this hour as it’s near its completion.

What’s left now (wet and cold substance) is hash. Now all that’s left for you to do is dry it, smoke it, and enjoy it.

Now that you’re aware of how to make bubble hash make sure to follow the procedures. Sticking to the rules will guarantee the quality of your product. Try going through the process a few times, and you’ll become the master of this recipe because practice will make you perfect.

How to Smoke Bubble Hash

You can use and consume bubble hash in plenty of exciting ways. You can stick to going old school or vaporize it as that is a relatively safer alternative. People are generally aware that vaporizers are far easier on the lungs as compared to other options. When you’re comfortable with consuming bubble hash, try mixing things up to get more exciting experiences.

However, while consuming bubble hash, ensure you’re only taking your recommended dose and not overdoing it. Because we all know what happens when we overdo it, and none of us would want that to happen. Try taking a slow start and see what suits you. Gradually build up to your ideal dose so that you can enjoy bubble hash to the fullest.

Make sure you know your tolerance!

Some people can adjust their tolerance gradually over time. Take this into account when making plans with others. If you’re new to cannabis, chances are you will need less to achieve the same level of intoxication as others. If you’re a casual toker, you may need a slightly more powerful dose to achieve the same level of intoxication. Find out what you’re comfortable with before going to town. A little bit of information, a lot of intelligent decisions.

A Conclusion on How to Make Bubble Hash

The right cannabis can offer you an elevated and truly delicious cannabis experience. When choosing cannabis products, make sure you choose high-quality products that match your expectations and make sure to pay attention to how you consume them.

Hopefully, the above information is enough to help you decide whether you want to take the plunge and try making cannabis products yourself. If you have any questions, drop us a line, and we’ll help you with that. We’re here to support you.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Be sure to share this article with your friends. You’ll make new friends and open new dimensions.

Good luck!

Where to Buy Bubble Hash in Canada

We now know  how to make bubble hashish. However, if you want to skip the bubble hash making process, you can buy bubble hash online in Canada from dispensaries such as JustCannabis.Shop. At Just Cannabis, we offer a wide selection of top-grade hash at affordable prices. Save now with our weekly promotions and special ongoing offers now.

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Learn How to Make CBD Oil

How to Make CBD Oil?

CBD oil is becoming more and more popular each day. There are plenty of factors behind its popularity and success, the major reason is that it’s a great alternative that also acts as a supplement and of course, it has a lot of potential health benefits.

Today, the best variety of CBD oils available in Canada are found when shopping online. You can find dozens of manufacturers and hundreds of different CBD oils. You can even get the top-tier products by just making a few clicks or taps. You can look for the best available options and pick and choose the one that suits your needs the best. You can also compare and check the quality of the oils that you see over the internet.

However, if you’re looking to prepare your very own CBD oil at home, that too is possible. By just following a few simple steps, you can make what you’re looking to make.

How to make CBD oil

To Know How to Make CBD Oil, Let’s Briefly Discuss what CBD Oil is

Made from the amazing hemp flower, it is a non-intoxicating herbal remedy. The oil as well as the plant is rich in CBD (cannabidiol). In simple words, it’s a compound that is known for its health benefits including anti-inflammatory properties. One thing to know about this oil is that it contains little to no THC. That means that using this oil would not make you high, even if you want to.

People use CBD oil for multiple purposes. It is used to help manage common conditions like anxiety, stress, inflammation or to have a better sleep. According to some researches, it also has other benefits like reducing pain, promoting gut health, and a stronger immune system.

Whatever you plan to do with that oil is up to you and you should know exactly how to make the perfect CBD oil that you’ve been wanting to. So let’s get started.



Overview on How to Make CBD Oil

The preparation of CBD oil mainly consists of two steps: Decarboxylation or decarb and infusion. It might sound like it’s something complex or technical but in fact, the process is quite simple. Decarbing is the process that activates the beneficial properties in the plant. The compounds are activated by heating. Sound simple enough, right?

The second step, the infusion is about those compounds mixing well with the carrier oil. The result i.e. CBD oil will be an infused product. It shall be easy to consume, while the additional oily oils make it easier for our bodies to absorb.

There a lot of different ways to make CBD oil. Some involve the use of ethanol i.e. alcohol method but that’s not what we want. We want a simple and safe way to make CBD oil – effective results but without much hassle is what we have in mind.

So the safest way to make CBD oil is by using the ‘oil method’. For this method, all you’ll need will be carrier oil. It can either be coconut oil or even olive oil. You can pick the one you think will be better for you.

With that said, you need to be sure to know that the quality of the oil will depend on the quality of ingredients that are in it. So starting from quality cannabis is the key here.

Pick the best available plant from a well-reputed retailer. Start with the decarbing process by baking the plant for about 80-100 minutes at a temperature of 200-200 °F. The temperature and the time will depend upon the type of plant. If it’s a fresh i.e. still wet type, it may require longer to get its chemicals activated.

Now, take a mason jar and mix the carrier oil with the weed. Depending on what ratio you want your final product to be, saturate the weed with the oil. You can add more oil or weed, depending on what you’re after.

After saturation, it’s time to boil the mixture up. Tightly screw the lid of the jar to make sure that nothing gets to enter the jar. No water and not even steam.

Place the jar on top of the towel that’s already inside (bottom) on the pan and fill the pan with water. And using a thermometer, we heat it at a temperature of 200 degrees minimum.

Let the mixer simmer for at least 3-4 hours. Keep an eye on the pan to see if it still has water. Water should not be evaporated. In case it does, you can add more water to it.

After 3-4 hours, turn off the heat but let the jar stay there and rest for about 2-3 hours. This will allow the mixture to mix well.

After it has cool down, repeat the heating process. The reheating process will ensure that if there is some portion of the mixture that hasn’t been mixed properly, it will now. Heat the mixture again for 3-4 hours and allow it to cool down overnight. There’s no rush.

The following morning, wake up to find that your CBD oil is almost ready. All that would be left for you to do would be to strain the mixture using a cheesecloth. Just pour the oil into the jar and there you have it.

One way to benefit from all the goodness of CBD is to make CBD oil part of your daily diet. You can consume it orally or as sublingual tinctures and include it in your drinks. You can use the oil by smoking/inhaling or simply use them for your skin. At the end of the day, it will be your own choice to use the CBD oil however you like. After all, you’ve worked so hard to make it.

Remember to keep the oil in a fine glass bottle with a tight lid. It’s recommended to store the bottle/jar in a cool and dry place, away from the sources of light. Also, make sure it’s kept safe, away from the reach of the children and pets.


Alternative to Making CBD Oil

Now that we know how to make CBD oil, let’s cover where you can get some for yourself. Just Cannabis is a great choice to buy CBD oil online in Canada. They provide a wide selection of top brand name CBD oils.  Take a look through their CBD shop and find some of the best CBD oil in Canada.



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What does Marijuana Help with?

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

The ever-growing health benefits of marijuana make it a hot topic for all cannabis enthusiasts. People that look up to marijuana for medical purposes have also grown fond of the plant. They want to know what medical marijuana is used for.

We are going to list down its uses but will brief you a bit about marijuana, what it is and where it is found.

Marijuana is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. It is available in various forms and helps us with a lot of different conditions. 

What is Medical Weed Used for?

Let’s take a quick look at what cannabis can be used for.

1. Provides Relief from Chronic Pain

The cannabis plant has hundreds of chemical compounds, and most of them are cannabinoids. Due to their unique chemical composition, they have a strong link to providing relief from chronic pains. That is why a lot of cannabis products (infused products) are commonly used to treat various pains.

 2. Helps the Lungs

Smoking cannabis helps increase the capacity of the lungs. So if you’re one of those people that regularly smoke, try switching to cannabis. Not only will it provide you with tons of health benefits, but it might also enhance the capacity of your lungs. However, it’s important to mention here that smoking cigarettes or cannabis aren’t considered a super positive habit; it’s still harmful. More research needs to be carried out so that we can fully understand that smoking cannabis does help us and our lungs.

3. Reduces your Depression

Depression is surprisingly widespread, and it’s continuing to spread at a rapid pace. Most people don’t even know that they suffer from it. Certain compounds present in the cannabis plant, known as cannabinoids, are responsible for stabilizing our moods which can ultimately lead to an ease in depression.

So if you or anybody around you is suffering from this unfortunate condition, try introducing them to this plant and notice if it helps them in making them feel better.

4. It Definitely Helps with Seizures

Recent research shows signs that medical marijuana can help in controlling seizures. Around the world, patients of epilepsy are prescribed to use marijuana. The ones that are going through such conditions should consult their doctors and ask them about how it can help them with their conditions.

However, more research is ongoing on the topic. Till then, let’s hope that it does help with seizures, and even if it doesn’t, it offers tons of other potential benefits that can improve our overall health.

5. Medical Marijuana Makes Your Bones Strong

That’s right. Compounds in the plant known as cannabidiol have strong ties with helping people who have broken bones. It is believed that marijuana can help heal bones fast. This means if someone has a broken bone, marijuana can help them recover faster. Not only does it increase the timespan of the recovery, but it also tends to make the bones stronger. That means that the good old green plant will help you make your bones stronger than they used to be.

6. It Might as well Help Manage Cancer Complications

This one is considered the most significant medical benefit of the cannabis plant. It is believed that medical marijuana helps in mitigating complications of severe medical conditions like cancer. Even if it doesn’t help with every single type of cancer, there are some types of cancer in which it surely helps. There’s a decent amount of research that it does. That is why doctors around the world are convinced, hence doses of medical marijuana are being served to cancer patients.

7. Having Problems Concentrating? Light a Marijuana-filled Cigarette

Smoking a joint might help you manage a lot of your problems, including if you’re suffering from a lack of attention/focus (ADHD and ADD). People that are unable to focus on their daily tasks and/or having difficulties concentrating, this is the answer to your problem. Cannabis has shown promising results for the people that are facing the above-mentioned problems. It’s also considered a much safer substitute for Adderall and Ritalin.

8. Marijuana Shows Great Results as far as Hepatitis C is concerned

There are several side effects that one may face during the treatment of the disease, like fatigue, nausea, and muscle aches. For some hepatitis C patients, these side effects can last for months, and that can be a huge problem.

Marijuana can help the patients in reducing these side effects. Not only that, but it can also help the treatment in being more effective.

Final Word

All these factors prove that marijuana has a lot of potential health benefits, and we can do well to get benefitted from this gift of nature. Even if you’re not suffering from any of the above-mentioned conditions, it can still do wonders as it has been in human use for so many centuries. Even in ancient times, people used this plant to get tons of health-related benefits. It might be something new for us; it’s certainly not for them.

On the other hand, it’s equally essential for you to first consult your doctor about the use of marijuana. It’s always a better idea to consult a professional instead of starting on our own. So make sure to visit your doctor first.

Other than that, make sure that it’s legal to consume marijuana. Check out the local or state laws before you start thinking about starting the smoky habit. Try asking your friends first, and then do minor research on your own to determine the exact status of marijuana in your area/state.

Finally, if it’s all green flags for you, it’s always a good idea to take a slow start and then build up as you start getting used to it. It’s pretty standard that people start smoking marijuana and escalate very quickly, and it never ends up ideally for them. So take a really slow and steady start and feel what you notice. How do your body and your mind react to it? If it’s all good, start increasing the amount of marijuana but only slightly? Happy smoking!

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How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System?

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

Whether you are a regular cannabis user and have lately wondered how long does marijuana stay in your system or just planning to give weed a try, you have come to the right place. We have gathered all the information regarding weed and for how long does weed stay in your hair, urine, or blood. Go through the rest of the article to know more about the topic.

There are plenty of factors to look at before concluding as to how long weed stays in your system. Let’s have a look at the contributing factors.

Let’s start from the top – how Long THC stay in Blood

Weed stays in your body for 1-30 days, but of course, it depends on the amount of dose you have consumed. As in, it’s one of the reasons. If you have consumed only a small amount of it, you would probably not even feel it, and your body flushes it out sooner than usual. But in case you have consumed more than you should, way more, then due to obvious reasons, it might stay in your system for longer than usual.

How Long Does Cannabis Stay in your System? It Depends on How Often You Consume it

If you are someone who uses weed every day, there are fat chances that your body will accept that it’s habitual of weed. Likewise, if you don’t consume much of it and when you, it’s strictly occasionally, your body tells you don’t do it regularly. In other words, how often you smoke it, along with how much you smoke, are two of the main reasons that will decide how long it will last in your system.

Similarly, as far as the daily weed smokers are concerned, traces of amounts in their body may be detectable even after months. Even if they have recently stopped consuming it, the chances are that it can be detected in your urine, blood or hair.

Coming to the detection methods, there are a lot of options that are used to detect the presence of weed 

They are as follows:

The saliva test: 

Wondering how long does THC stay in saliva? If you have been consuming weed, there is a chance that your saliva will contain traces of the plant as the standard time duration for the weed to last in the saliva of a consumer is between 32-48 hours.

The Urine test: 

 The second type of test is perhaps the most common amongst them all that tells how long does weed stay in urine. It’s the urine test. A person that does not frequently consume weed may test positive for about 2-3 days. Similarly, a person that usually uses weed like serval times a week might test positive for between 1-3 weeks. In comparison, a heavy stoner’s urine can be detected for weed for about a month.

The people that orally consume weed (by eating it) might result positive for about 2-3 days. 

Next up is the hair test: 

This might catch you as a surprise that weed in hair can be detected for as long as 90 days – 3 months, that is. The other side of it is that this test is usually carried out for people that are either medium or heavy users as studies have found that this test isn’t so effective for the people that are occasional smokers (light consumers). 

Finally, the popular blood test: 

You might already hear about this test, but like most people, you won’t exactly be able to tell the duration by which the use of marijuana can be detected. So the use of weed can be detected on the blood test for as many as 36 hours.

Some More Factors to Consider

So before we wrap it all up, let’s quickly have a look at the other factors that affect how long does THC stay in your system and will show up on the tests; they include:

  •  The THC levels in your weed: The higher the THC levels in your weed, the higher you’re going to feel, and the longer it would stay in your system.
  •  How often do you consume weed: The other factor is if you’re a frequent consumer or not. If you’re a regular consumer, it might well show up on the drug screen. If you’re not, you might get away with it.
  •  The last use: Another important factor is when you last used weed. If it’s some time recently, it’s going to pop up on the screen. And if it has been a while, you might get lucky.
  • It varies on a person’s system: There are some people whose bodies are quick in processing the THC. This means that their bodies get rid of the THC sooner than the rest of the people. So let’s hope you’re one of those people who have systems that quickly process marijuana.
  • The body’s hydration levels: It’s always good to have a hydrated body. There are chances that a good, hydrated body will get rid of marijuana far more quickly than the dehydrated ones. All the more reasons to start drinking more water. So if you haven’t been drinking much water, this is the time you should start drinking more water.

These are all the significant factors that can determine how long the weed stays in your system.

Also, this is an excellent reminder that we all should consume weed in moderation. The usage of weed in excess amounts is undoubtedly not going to help. So if you’re one of those people that frequently smoke and in large quantities, this is the time to slow down. Try reducing the amount of weed every time you are willing to have a joint session with your mates or by yourself. Another reason why you should stop using too much weed is the tolerance level. In case it increased, you might have to face difficulties in getting high in the first place.

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How to Smoke Hash

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

If you are wondering how to use hash, you are in the right place. Hash (aka hashish) is a cannabis concentrate that is one of the oldest known to man. During this time there have been many innovative ways of how to take hash. Let’s go over the standard methods on how to smoke hash.

How to Smoke Hash In A Joint

To smoke hash in a joint, simply break off a chunk of hash, break it up, and roll it in rolling paper as you would a normal joint. You can also mix in tobacco if you want. Adding hashish to your joint is an excellent way to enhance the therapeutic effects of cannabis.

How to Smoke Hash In A Pipe

To smoke hash in a pipe, break several pieces of hash off and place them in your pipe. A few small chunks are better than one large chunk when using a pipe to smoke hash because it facilitates better airflow. However, not everybody enjoys smoking hash in a pipe because since so much of the hash burns off before you can inhale it, some users feel this is too wasteful.

How to Smoke Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is an excellent hash for dabbing. To smoke bubble hash, simply get a glass banger and make sure it’s clean. That allows for a slow burn of the hash, which creates a smoother experience.

Hot-knifing Hash

You can heat a knife on the stove or over a fire in dire circumstances and put a piece of hash on the hot knife in a process known as hot-knifing. Use a paperclip to secure the hash in this process so that it doesn’t fall off. Next, inhale the smoke through a straw. That is not a very efficient method of smoking hash because a lot of the smoke will escape. 

Vaping Hash

Vaping is extremely popular these days. It’s crucial that you purchase a quality vape pen that is for vaping hash. You can even buy vape pens that are made explicitly for cannabis concentrates. Be sure to clean your vape pen in between uses.

Smoking Hash In A Bong

To smoke hash from a bong, break the hash into small bits for improved airflow. Add the hashish to the bong bowl, light it up and toke away. You want to make sure to keep your bong nice and clean before and after each use. 


Hash Guide to Dosages 

  • 1-2.5 mg of THC is best for minor pain relief, stress and anxiety relief, and beginner users. 
  • 2.5-15 mg of THC is best for relieving chronic pain and other medical conditions, including antisocial personality disorder or insomnia. This higher dosage of THC may cause a sense of altered reality and a lack of coordination. 
  • 15-30 mg of THC is used for chronic insomnia and recommended for experienced users only. 
  • 30-50 mg of THC is used for those whose bodies don’t metabolize cannabis well. A dose at this level will cause intense feelings of euphoria. 

Final Words on How to Smoke Hash

Now that we know many different ways of how to use hash, which one will you choose? Just remember to smoke hash responsibly and in appropriate doses. If you are looking to buy hash online in Canada you can visit our shop at Just Cannabis.

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What does Weed Smell Like?

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar  

Weed goes around by a lot of names. Whether it’s marijuana or weed, both are referred to as cannabis, a plant that’s popular due to its psychoactive properties. The plant is mainly used to make drugs that are meant for both medical and recreational purposes. Smoking weed usually has a short-term effect and is primarily recognized by the noses nearby. 

So What does weed Smell Like?

Although the exact smell of weed can’t be described in a single word, different scents can help detect that someone around you is having a good time. Marijuana consumers define the smell of weed as something earthy and herbal at the same time. Some of them even describe that the smell is sometimes woody with a slight touch of some fruits like lemon, plum, or apple. There are a few people that also think that the smell resembles that of diesels.

On the other hand, sometimes there’s a scent of piney, skunky grass after you’ve smoked weed. That’s because of the cannabis leaves that are left behind. You might have also watched the news seeing police search suspects and their vehicles by simply claiming that they smell weed. This means that there is the peculiar smell of weed, but figuring out the exact smell of weed might well be tricky – so tricky that an average person that doesn’t consume weed would not be able to recognize it precisely. The people who aren’t attuned to the scent would have a hard time knowing what the exact smell of weed is like.

Of course, there are different factors behind why weed smells like it does. The smell also seems to be different in the various stages of use or consumption. Furthermore, a handful of them carries their unique properties, and hence, they have their scent.

Perhaps the most significant factor behind the way weed smells is regarding the age of the plant. The cannabis plant harvested in its earlier life cycle would tend to have a less skunky smell. Similarly, it would probably have a much milder scent, and when it’s smoked, the smell would be less strong.

Terpenes have a Big Role to Play in How Weed Smells

The cannabis plant also contains organic compounds called terpenes. Myrcene, found in mangoes, pinene in pine, and limonene in lemon, are terpenes that are present in some strains of the cannabis plant. Various terpenes in different marijuana strains tend to change the smell of the weed. This means that the cannabis strain with pinene would smell more like pine and less like a lemon.

While smoking weed, different odours add to the original smell of weed. For example, when a joint is smoked, it would indeed contain the smell of weed, but it would also contain other smells like fire, smoke, and ash itself, and also the rolling paper. These scents add to the overall odour while the weed smell is amplified as the joint is burnt, puffed, and smoked.

How does a Person Smell like after Smoking Weed? 

The smell of weed tends to stick to the smoker. It can also cling to the people sitting around you, even if they weren’t smoking. The smell can hang on to you for a while. It can and will stick to your hands, hair, skin, and clothes. And as we already know that the smell of weed is amplified after it’s smoked, so the skunk odour will further mix up with the smell of the sweat and other natural body odours that we all produce.

On the other hand, there’s synthetic weed. How does it smell like?

The synthetic weed is prepared in laboratories and is often mixed up with other chemicals. These chemicals are gently sprayed upon plant-like materials before they can be smoked like the typical weed. With that said, it’s important to remember that the synthetic weed is not related to the actual cannabis plant, and therefore there’s no smell of it. Weeds like spice, mamba, and K2 are some of the examples of synthetic weed.

Sometimes, how we process our weed or how we store it plays a role as well. 

What to do If the Weed Doesn’t Smell Right?

In case you notice that your weed smells like there’s something off about it, the thought might be right as the nose knows. So the next time your stash smells funny, like a long-closed closet or a sweaty locker room, you shouldn’t proceed to smoke it. The stored weed might have gotten spoiled, and you would not want to consume that because the rotten weed is not safe to use. The fungus may be growing over your current stash without you knowing it. So consuming it might be dangerous as nobody would recommend you to use mouldy weed. If such lousy weed is inhaled, it can lead to potential damage to your lungs and cause infections. Knowing all is good is the only sign to go ahead and smoke, and if it smells terrible, it means that it might be bad for us as well.


The bottom line is that weed sure has a smell of its own, and sometimes the scent varies from strain to strain. Also, the kind of strain that you’re smoking and the potency of the strain matter. So it might be hard to identify the smell at first. But once you start smoking weed or having friends over for a smoky session, you will be able to identify the unique aroma of this fantastic plant. And when you start recognizing the smell of weed, you won’t be able to undo it.

In other words, later on, when you know what weed smells like, you will be able to know what weed smells like all the time. Even if you wake up after taking the nap of your life, you will be able to tell if someone around you was smoking weed all by themselves without even you knowing.

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What is Skunk Weed?

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar  

If you have traveled, you must be aware that in different areas, words change their meanings. As time passes by, the slangs become so popular that the younger generation has no clue why something is called whatever it’s called. Similar is the case with the word Skunk.

Now, thanks to Pepé Le Pew we all know what skunk means and what it is popular for – stink bombs. When alarmed or attacked, the squirrel-like animal sprays a liquid as one of its defence mechanisms, leaving an eye-watering and nose-wrinkling odour, to chase the predator away.

But that is not the sort of Skunk we will be Talking About

In the US, skunk means something that stinks, and it’s a term that has been used to refer to old-school cannabis (or marijuana). The smell that is referred to as ‘stinky’ is the most common smell of cannabis.

However, in the UK, ‘skunk’ has a pretty different meaning. Whenever someone mentions skunk in the United Kingdom, they are talking about the high THC contents of their cannabis. It’s one of the most commonly used generic terms for seedless, non-pollinated, and potent cannabis flowers that are meant to grow for recreational use of the plant, i.e. smoking.

Generally, smokers around the world would know that skunk simply means cannabis. However, not only is the name inaccurate for the plant, but it’s also slightly disrespectful to the true identity of this wonderful plant.

The original skunk dates back to the 1970s where, in the US, it was cultivated. The crossbreed of short mountain hashish strains from Afghanistan and Pakistan with the potent Sativa cannabis strains that were much taller and mostly found in Central and South America. It was later named Skunk#1; the breeders were able to produce such a pretty potent plant, were very adaptable, and had a shorter flowering period. And that was considered a great breeding variety. Even today, it’s considered one of the most consistent strains.

The old cannabis strain was said to have an extremely pungent smell. Cannabis smokers of that time say that the smell of this strain reminded them of some dead animal. Hence, the name “Skunk” was given. 

Well, if that’s how the cannabis is going to smell like, that’s the name it deserves.

On the other hand, the original Skunk weed also had great effects like the euphoric feeling as well as feeling relaxed and high at the same time. The other reason behind the popularity of it was that it gives consumers the best of both worlds. They get to have the effects of both Indica and Sativa. Some people even believe that the original strain didn’t have that bad of a smell, but it was sweeter skunky than pure skunky.

Although Skunk#1 represents members of the skunk family as it was the first of its type back then, the name still creates confusion. Today, it means a couple of things. 

  • First, it’s the name of the famous cannabis strain that dates back to the ’70s.
  • Secondly, it’s a term that’s informally used on the streets for a pretty strong weed. 

So make sure to have no confusion about it because now you know what skunk weed is and why it is called skunk in the first place.

Skunk#1 gave birth to a lot of different skunk strains 

Bred from the original Skunk, Super Skunk was yet another potent strain of Afghan hash. The strain was so good that it was awarded Cannabis Cup in the 1990’s right after it was bred. The strain had thick and dense buds and was quite pungent. The effects were mild, physical, and relaxing. It flavors sweet.

Early Skunk is yet another award-winning member of the Skunk family. It was bred by Sensi Seeds using Skunk#1 and Early Pearl, hence the name. This particular strain was an Indica-dominant hybrid and pretty easy to grow. It’s praised for its short flowering time while the users feel happy, relaxed, and more focused after consuming it.

Skunk Kush was made using the Skunk#1 of course and Kush that naturally grows in the Hindu Kush regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Thus the name Skunk Kush. This strain is Sativa/Indica hybrid and gives a dreamy high along with red eyes and giggles.

White Skunk was made by White Label Seed Company which is also a sister company of Sensi Seeds. It had the classic Skunk smell while the big and open buds reflect that its Sativa gives the same relaxed feel but with more concentration and focus.

Sensi Skunk is different as it has a bit of a citrus flavour and not the classic pungent aroma. The Indica dominant strain gives relaxing effects and is suggested amongst consumers as something that’s going to help them with their sleep and muscle relaxation.

Shiva Skunk is considered the strongest skunk family member that was created by Sensi Seeds. It was bred with Northern Lights #5 and Skunk#1, and the strain gets its usual skunk aroma by its skunk parent while the Northern Lights’ heavy yield is responsible for its yield. It’s often consumed by people in the evenings, especially when they are looking forward to having a deep night’s sleep.

All these strains that were bred using the great old Skunk#1 give us a clear idea about the potential of these strains in the future. It also tells us that it remains one of the most stable strains that are available.

Final Word

Now that you are entirely aware of what Skunk weed is, if you’re looking to have fun and mix things up a bit, you might want to give the Skunks a try. Have like-minded friends over and see how you and your friends like and react to these strains. Give them all a try before you find out what’s your favorite of them all and what makes that strain the best of you and the people around you. Have fun smoking the Skunks weed.

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