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Presenting the High Times Cannabis Cup Oregon: People’s Choice Edition 2023

In one of the most beautiful states in the U.S., the High Times Cannabis Cup Oregon: People’s Choice Edition returns for the first time since 2020. Oregonians, get ready to see what cannabis business owners in your state are made of!

Back in 2020 during the height of the pandemic, High Times endeavored to bring its People’s Choice Edition to Oregon. In January 2021, the winners list showed heavy hitters like Strawberry Guava, Mimosa, Platinum Candy Mintz, and Blueberry Muffins take first prize. Pre-rolls and concentrates made from Banana Punch Live Rosin, while Tropicanna Cookies Solventless Rosin Vapes and a variety of delicious infused chocolates from brands like Crop Circle Chocolate, Alchemy Naturals (previously known as Lunchbox Alchemy) and baked foods from Hapy Kitchen, and Koala Edibles took the cake.

Now two years later, things have changed for the better. The World Health Organization officially announced that COVID-19 is no longer a global health emergency. The cannabis industry has continued to thrive, and Oregon is a hotbed for cannabis growth and innovation (not to mention a home to psilocybin too!) This time around, our High Times Cannabis Cup Oregon: People’s Choice Edition 2023 has been expanded to include categories such as infused pre-rolls, solvent and non-solvent concentrates, and sublinguals, capsules, tinctures and topicals as well:

Entry Categories:

  1. Indica Flower (3 entries max per company)
  2. Sativa Flower (3 entries max per company)  
  3. Hybrid Flower (3 entries max per company)
  4. Pre-Rolls (2 entries max per company)
  5. Infused Pre-Rolls (1 entry max per company)
  6. Solvent Concentrates (2 entries max per company)
  7. Non-Solvent Concentrates (2 entries max per company)
  8. Vape Pens & Cartridges (2 entries max per company) (category may split)
  9. Edibles: Gummies & Fruit Chews (3 entries max per company)
  10. Edibles: Chocolates & Non-Gummies (3 entries max per company)
  11. Sublinguals, Capsules, Tinctures + Topicals (3 entries max per company)

This summer between July 17-19, products will be submitted for intake at Shadowbox, our intake partner, located in Portland. Our team will carefully curate the judge kits, which will become available for purchase on July 29. From there, Oregonians will have the opportunity to pick up a kit to judge products for nearly two months, with a deadline set for September 24. Finally, we invite everyone to tune into our digital awards show to be held later this year on October 9.

If you’re an interested competitor, we’ve got plenty of options to help get your products into the hands of the people! Pricing depends on the number of products being submitted, with one entry set at $250 (non-refundable), two entries at $100 each (non-refundable), and three entries or more at $100 each (deposit per entry held, refunded when all entries are successfully submitted). There are also a limited number of sponsorships available, and entry fees are waived for those who choose to sponsor the event. Please keep the following in mind for entries:

Entry Requirements:

  • Flower: (228) 1-gram samples. We will not accept any 3.5-gram entries.
  • Pre-Rolls & Infused Pre-Rolls: (228) samples: Pre-Rolls will be capped at 2g flower-only each; Infused Pre-Rolls are capped at 1g total net weight each as the combination of flower and concentrates is then only considered a full weight of concentrates. 
  • Concentrates & Vape Pens: (228) .5-gram samples. We will not accept any 1-gram entries. Batteries required for carts.
  • Edibles: (100) samples with 100mg THC max.
  • Sublinguals, Capsules, Tinctures + Topicals: (60) samples with 500mg THC max.

Each of our People’s Choice Cups showcase such a unique selection of products available to consumers in each state, from Massachusetts and Michigan to New Mexico and Southern California. We can’t wait to see what Oregon has in store for everyone.

A special thank you to our Official Intake Partner, Shadowbox!

Exclusive dispensaries coming soon!

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How To Make Weed Cookies

Cannabis-infused baked goods are some of today’s most popular cannabis edibles and for good reasons! Special brownies, cookies, cakes, and other baked treats are delicious and offer powerful, long-lasting effects. You’ll find a fantastic range of sweet edibles at Just Cannabis. If you love baking as you love cannabis, you might enjoy learning how to make weed cookies at home. Baking cannabis cookies is simple and rewarding, mainly when using our no-fuss THC cookies recipe. Learn everything you need and start making weed cookies whenever the urge strikes!

Ingredients For Making Weed Cookies From Scratch

1 1/2 cups sugar
2 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
1 large egg
1/2 cup softened cannabutter
1/2 cup softened standard butter
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
2 tsp vanilla extract

Optional: 2 cups of add-ins like chocolate chips, nuts, raisins, etc.

Cannabutter refers to butter or oil that’s been infused with cannabis. Cannabutter is a vital part of learning how to make weed cookies! Look for cannabutter online in Canada at digital dispensaries like Just Cannabis. Just make sure to buy edibles online in Canada from a trusted weed shop. You can find listings on platforms such as You can also make your own using 3.5 grams of your favourite cannabis buds and 1 cup of butter or coconut oil.

Equipment For Baking Cannabis Cookies

You’ll need the following standard kitchen supplies when you’re baking cannabis cookies:

  • Large and small mixing bowls
  • Whisk, large spoon, or electric mixer
  • Baking sheet
  • Parchment paper or foil (optional)
  • Oven

You’ll also need a pan, stove or hotplate, and strainer or cheesecloth if you’re making cannabutter.

Step By Step THC Cookies Recipe

1. Decarboxylation

The first step in making weed cookies is to decarboxylate your cannabis. Decarbing involves gently heating marijuana buds to activate their chemical compounds. If you don’t decarb your weed before baking cannabis cookies, nothing “special” about your bake won’t be anything. You can skip to step 3 if you’re using cannabutter that’s already prepared.

Start by grinding your cannabis buds to a fine, even texture. Next, spread the ground flower over your baking sheet and put them in the oven at low heat. Around 220-245°F, for 30 to 45 minutes, is ideal. Keep an eye on the oven, so your buds don’t burn.

2. Make The Cannabutter

Next, make your cannabutter. Melt a cup of butter or coconut oil in a pan over low heat on the stove or hot plate. Once the fat is fully melted, carefully add a cup of water and your decarbed cannabis to the pan. Stir the mixture to combine and let it simmer for around 3 hours. Stir the mix regularly, so it doesn’t burn on the bottom.

After 3 hours, take the pan off the heat and let it cool. Pour the mixture through the strainer or cheesecloth to remove the used cannabis flowers and any remaining water. Put your new batch of cannabutter in a glass jar until you’re ready to use it.

3. Heat Your Oven

Preheat your oven to 190°C before making weed cookies.

4. Combine Dry Ingredients

Mix flour, baking powder, and salt in the small mixing bowl, then set it aside.

5. Combine Wet Ingredients

When your cannabutter and your standard butter are at room temperature, mix them in your large bowl. Then add the sugar and vanilla extract and mix until creamy. The butter should be evenly combined in a smooth, fluffy texture. This step is easiest with an electric mixer, but you can also use a spoon. Once the sugar is creamy, beat in the egg.

6. Mix Ingredients

Add small amounts of your dry ingredients to your wet ingredients. Stir the batter without over-stirring it. If you’re adding chocolate chips, nuts, or other additions, mix them in now.

7. Shape The Cookies

Scoop your cookie dough into balls about the size of a tablespoon and arrange them on a baking sheet covered in parchment paper or foil. Gently press each ball with the bottom of a glass to flatten them. Thinner cookies will be crispier, and thicker cookies will stay soft and chewy.

8. Baking Cannabis Cookies

Place your cookies in the oven just until they’re golden brown. This should take around 8-10 minutes. Then, remove the batch from the oven and let cool. You can start enjoying your cookies just a few minutes after they come out of the oven!

Enjoying Your THC Cookies

Learning how to make weed cookies is an excellent skill for cannabis-minded bakers and sweets-loving marijuana fans. So try out this easy THC cookies recipe the next time you’re craving edibles. Don’t feel like baking? Just Cannabis offers a range of tasty weed cookies that are ready to enjoy! Buy edibles online or get them locally brought to you from places such as weed edibles delivery in Vancouver.




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How Long Do Edibles Last?

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

Cannabis edibles are a range of food products that contain either THC or CBD. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, while CBD stands for cannabidiol. These two are the most researched chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. While there has been much demonization of the plant over the years, an extensive amount of research has been conducted on their health benefits as well as recreational value. 

While smoking is still the most popular form of consuming marijuana, the desire for consuming edibles has increased greatly over the last few years. However, of the two chemical compounds, THC edibles seem to be well loved by the cannabis community due to their high sensation — on the other hand, many who don’t wish to experience any psychoactivity might enjoy consuming CBD-infused edibles for their calming effects. No matter which kind of edible you choose, if you’ve never tried them, in this article, we will discuss edibles in detail — the primary question that we hope to answer is perhaps the most important among stoners and cannabis connoisseurs alike — just exactly how long do edibles last?

Reviewing the Product Range

When it comes to cannabis consumption, the emphasis so far has been on smoking. But, as public acceptance and cannabis innovation continues to grow, we are starting to see people use cannabis in a variety of ways — we’re talking about eating your cannabis.

Many are not aware of the wide range of cannabis-based edible products available on the market but with time and increased legalization, people, particularly young adults, are becoming more and more interested in these kinds of cannabis products. So, what kinds of edibles are we talking about? There are many, yet the most common include sweet candies, brownies, gummies, and many others. How does cheering up your dull day with a cannabis-based gummy, gum, lozenge, or even a lollipop sound? We think, therapeutically delicious.

When Will You Start Feeling Effects After Consuming An Edible?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about cannabis edibles. Well, there are several factors on which the exact kick in time depends. However, a careful estimate tells us that you will start feeling the effects of a cannabis edible between 30-60 minutes. Factors that can influence this time include the nature of the active ingredient (THC or CBD), the metabolic system of the consumer, and how quickly the active ingredient is absorbed in the user’s bloodstream. So how long do edibles last? 

Surprisingly, the high induced by the consumption of cannabis edibles lasts a lot longer than smoking/vaping. It is believed that these effects can last for as much as 6-8 hours. For edibles that contain THC, the highest levels of the active ingredient in the bloodstream are seen at least three hours post-consumption. In fact researchers have been struggling to come up with a definitive number so far. Take the example of a study that evaluated the effects of cannabis-based edibles, as described in 10,0000 tweets on the popular social media platform, Twitter. 

Despite such a large sample size, no standard duration has been established — just a range.

Edibles Have An Edge Over Smoking

Let us now examine the multiple benefits that make cannabis edibles even a better choice than smoking your weed. Because cannabis smoke contains carcinogens, it may not be hard to understand why some people might opt for cannabis edibles due to health concerns. With edibles, we should also mention. that there is also the factor of better accessibility. Eating cannabis infused goodies in the same room with non-cannabis lovers is hardly an issue, is it? Smoking, on the other hand, requires you to leave the room so that non-smokers don’t have to experience inconvenience of any kind.

Also, there are some cannabis consumers who would rather keep their cannabis consumption a discreet manner while out and about or in public places — oh and due to slower onset of effects in cannabis edibles, the longer duration factor trumps smoking as well for those looking for a long lasting high.

Beware: Things Can Get Terrible With Edibles As Well

So far, so good. It seems as if things can hardly go wrong as far as the cannabis edibles are concerned. 

But as is the case with every THC-infused product, the risk of side effects can never be ignored. Indeed, some very serious side effects have been reported by consumers who perhaps had a little too much of the cannabis edibles. It is pertinent to mention here that the side effects vary depending upon the nature of the active ingredient used in the edible. In the case of THC edibles, some commonly reported side effects include anxiety, cardiac stress, delusions, nausea, and vomiting. 

A more serious list of side effects includes cognitive impairment and extreme sedation. On the other hand, due to its lack of psychoactivity or none at all, as you can imagine, the side effects associated with CBD-containing edibles are perhaps not as serious as the THC edibles. However, a causal approach is still not advisable. Some of these side effects include fatigue, diarrhea, and anomalous patterns in appetite, and weight gain as well weight loss. In the end, it’s important to be sensible to avoid becoming obsessional with your cannabis consumption.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how you can avoid and thwart these risks and side effects associated with cannabis edibles. All that you have to do is never ditch the element of moderation when it comes down to cannabis edibles consumption. Understandably, these kinds of food items will always make you crave for more, that high is really peaceful! However, this is where you have to be most careful. Also, it might be a good idea to keep these edibles separate from food items that your friends and family members eat regularly. Don’t want them to get accidentally high, do we? 

Final Thoughts 

In the end, it’s always better to start with a small dose and see how your body reacts to CBD or THC. This is especially important for first-timers who have never smoked or consumed cannabis in any other form. Well, we hope that you learned something new about cannabis edibles from this article — we bid you a safe, effective cannabis journey!


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