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Does weed expire?

Does Cannabis Expire?

Cannabis can certainly degrade or go stale, so its effectiveness will fade. The quality and cannabinoid content of cannabis start to decrease significantly after a year. If properly harvested and stored, cannabis can stay fresh and smokable for up to 6 months. However, after the 1-year point, it will not taste as good as it did when it was newly acquired.

Not all forms of cannabis expire at the same time. CBD Tinctures and some oils for instance that are infused with high-proof alcohol can stay fresh for up to ten years.

How You Tell When Your Weed Has Gone Bad

Cannabis is perishable, and depending on the way you store it, its form, and what other ingredients are present, it can go bad sooner rather than later. How can you tell? Use your senses.

Smell: Aging cannabis will not have maintained the same strong distinct scent it did when you first acquired it. Passing the smell test is one of the first signs of degrading cannabis. Although strains of cannabis differ in aroma, there are certain unfamiliar smells, like rotten eggs, that will signal that it has gone bad.

Sight: Give it a close look. If the colours aren’t vivid and instead look washed out, then your cannabis is fading. Sometimes though, the colour can look faded because of trichome coverage. Sometimes those valuable beads of resin covering your weed make the colours look faded, but that certainly does not mean the weed is past its peak. Look closely, to make sure your weed is still in good shape. Also, look closely for mould (a white powdery, or fuzzy spot), because that can make you sick. Even if your stash isn’t that old, it is good to check for mould just to make sure you are storing it properly.

Touch: If your cannabis has become brittle and crumbly, it is likely that it has passed its freshness. It is important to take note of what it felt like when you first acquired it, so you have something to compare to.

Taste: Taste and smell are closely linked. Terpenes and flavonoids provide a unique aroma and flavour to all cannabis strains. If your cannabis has little smell, then it probably has little taste. Also, as terpenes degrade quickly, an old weed may not deliver an entourage effect.

Effects of Expired Cannabis

Although some strains are better suited for relaxing and even helping you to sleep, old weed independent of the strain will make you drowsy. Cannabinoid potency decreases as it ages, in one year, as much as 16% is lost. Over time, THC turns to CBN, a less psychoactive compound that makes you sleepy. You will also notice a significant drop in potency.

How to Properly Store Cannabis

The shelf life of cannabis can be maximized if done properly. The biggest effect on your stash will be light and temperature.

Light and Temperature: The sun’s UV rays have the most effect on the degradation of cannabinoids and terpenes than anything. Keep your cannabis cool, and never store it near appliances that emit heat such as computers or stoves.

Other Factors: Exposure to air and moisture content are also factors that can shorten the life of your stash. Vacuum sealing is optimum, but a jar with a rubber seal is good. Brief moments of air exposure are okay, but you don’t want air leaking into your container, the cannabis will go stale quickly.

It is important to note that although freezing preserves many things longer, this is not true for cannabis. Freezing can cause trichomes to turn brittle and fall off.

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Cherry weed strains: 6 cherry-flavored weed strains for a mouth-watering smoke

What is it about cherries that are so charming? From cherry pies to cherry slushies to cherry blossoms blooming in the springtime, cherries are a bit of botanical magic. In cannabis culture, cherries are a common taste and aroma note associated with beta-myrcene and limonene. Many of the strains that carry the cherry mantle feature Cherry OGCherry Pie, or Cherry Bomb genetics. They might not be directly related, but cannabis and cherries sure do seem like spiritual cousins. 

Strains with “Cherry” genetics have spawned some seriously exceptional cultivars. Cherry OG’s distinct DNA is prized for its substantial yields and easy tolerance for both indoor and outdoor grows; Cherry Pie boasts effects that include smooth cognitive energy balanced with syrupy relaxation; and Cherry Bomb’s therapeutic potential may include relief from arthritis, depression, gastrointestinal disorder, appetite loss, and chronic pain according to some consumers.

The best Cherry strains

These Cherry genetics are laced through many iconic strains, both common and rare, and considering the prolific parentage, there is potentially a Cherry strain for everybody. If you’ve yet to travel the rabbit hole of Cherry strains — and we wholeheartedly suggest you do — here are six of our favorites to get you started.

Find Cherry strains near you on the Weedmaps app

Cherry Diesel

This cross of Cherry and Turbo Diesel is reportedly a top-shelf wake and bake strain. Consumers appreciate it for its tempered cool that softens otherwise jazzy effects and a creative head high perfect for type-A potheads. Executive stoners who prefer to medicate with a more zippy breed of cannabis should consider this sweet, gassy hybrid when they’re dabbing at dawn, vaping at daybreak, or just waking and baking with the rest of us.

Expect a diesel, berry-cherry nose and a gassy, herbaceous exhale.

Cherry Burst

Cherry Burst might be the panacea for consumers who rely on cannabis for calming effects but who prefer to avoid sedation and/or couch lock. Reports of creative, galaxy-brain highs that are also cashmere-cozy in the body make for an all-around comfortable experience.

It’s especially lovely for crafternoons or low-stakes hangouts that require minimum festivity. Expect a cherry-wine nose and a funky, sweet exhale.

Cherry Cookies

This cross of Cherry Pie and GSC delivers effects in line with other descendants of the GSC franchise — it’s mood-lifting, creative, and physically soothing. What sets this iteration apart is its creamy exhale, which tastes like a sweet, woody mashup of doughy cookies, juicy cherries, and sour skunk.

Adult-use consumers report a buzzy euphoric onset and a relaxing high. Expect a connoisseur’s perfume of cherries, earth, cookies, and funk — and a complex exhale to match.

Cherry Haze

Haze aficionados will almost certainly want to add a few nugs of Cherry Haze to their stash boxes. This phenotype reportedly delivers a thick, cottony head high reminiscent of a sleepier strain and an effervescent relaxation that tempers the more manic qualities of a classic Haze.

Depending on the consumer’s resting state, Cherry Haze could fuel a mellow adventure or an intense meditation. Expect a spicy, grassy, cherry perfume and a flowery, sweet exhale.

Cherry Lion

Cherry Lion reportedly delivers a social smoke that’s chatty, giggly, and mildly energetic. Bred from a cross of Voltron and Glazed Cherries (another phenotype of Cherry OG), this cultivar is reportedly both upbeat and as soothing as a warm bath.

Consumers can anticipate a gregarious, ice-breaking buzz that might be of particular value to introverts looking to quell anxiety when meeting new people without spiraling into couch lock. 

Expect a vanilla, sour-earth nose and a woody, cherry-sweet exhale.

Cherry Zkittlez

Consumers who rely on a balance of both cerebral effects and soothing body effects might appreciate Cherry Zkittlez for its easy, long-lasting highs. This cross of Cherry Pie and Zkittlez reportedly delivers euphoric head highs and elastic body effects that may soothe slight aches and pains.

Expect a tropical cherry funk fragrance and a berry funk exhale.

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Best places to get high in vancouver

The Best Places to Get High and Be High in Vancouver

Vancouver is one beautiful place to live or visit. This jewel is made even better with its world-class British Columbia bud. Few places have this combination of great bud and great beauty.

Some of the highest quality cannabis in the world with some of the world’s most impressive scenery is a match made in heaven. You might be looking for a tranquil spot by the water or an ideal party location. Either way, it’s all here. Vancouver has the best locations and the best strains for everyone.

Perfect Places to Get High, or Be High

If there is one way to may your high even better, it’s your surroundings. Remember to be discrete when you choose your spot, this will make it better for you and better for others. Sometimes it is simply a matter of the time of day.

Cannabis Culture Lounge

This is a place where you can come and enjoy everything cannabis related. They have a historical collection of cannabis paraphernalia and offer two floors of relaxing pleasure for only a $5 entry fee. There are volcano vaporizers at every table, with internet access, and a view of Victory Square Park. They also offer a variety of drinks and snacks. As Vancouver’s original lounge, they are proud to offer an amazing experience for all guests.

The Cannabis Culture Vapour Lounge and New Amsterdam Cafe

No doubt this is at or near the top of the best Vancouver Smoke Spots. Side by side on Hastings Street in downtown Vancouver this is sure to become one of your favourite smoke spots. The Amsterdam Café has no shortage of tasty munchies and harkens to the best Dutch coffee traditions. These are not dispensaries, although there are several nearby, so be sure to bring your own bud.

Granville Island

There is plenty to see and experience on Granville Island. From street entertainers to restaurants, the marina, and a marketplace, there is no shortage of attractions. If you do find yourself stoned and appreciate a good laugh, check out Vancouver’s only professional improv theatre company. The best place to partake ahead of time is the lumpy green hill on the southeastern corner of the island.

Cypress Mountain Viewpoint

This is a great destination, especially before the winter weather requires chains or snow tires. Here you get spectacular vistas of Vancouver, Lion’s Gate Bridge, and the North Shore. It is a great place to raise your elevation and enjoy the world around you.

Stanley Park

Positioning itself as a “magnificent, green oasis in the midst of the urban landscape of Vancouver,” Stanley Park is treasured by both locals and tourists alike. There are plenty of spots to enjoy cannabis. Some of these locations include the Vancouver Aquarium, Lost Lagoon, Second and Third Beach, Prospect Point, and the Sea Wall.

Wreck Beach

Find yourself in the ultimate au naturel setting. This famous clothing-optional beach is perfect for getting baked. Minutes away from the UBC Museum of Anthropology, on the westernmost tip of Vancouver, it is one of the local favourites for Vancouverites to kick back and enjoy top-quality cannabis. It also holds a place in history as Jean Dundson (Watermelon) sold watermelon and cannabis-infused edibles for over two decades.

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