Bored in Quarantine? What to do While High

With everything going on at the moment, daily life can feel overwhelming — even when bored. Even the act of consuming cannabis can feel different and can prompt some to ask themselves: How can I enjoy being high?

To be bored and get high with a good weed product is a luxury in today’s society, so if you find yourself with a handful of time and nothing to do and no one to hang with, it’s really up to you to take full advantage of the situation. And with shelter-in-place restrictions currently happening across the United States and most of the world, easing boredom can be the best way to quell day-to-day monotony when it comes to deciding what to do when high. 

Copping a little buzz in of itself is a fantastic way to stave off boredom, and whether you’re consuming a low-dose edible or taking a massive dab to the face, you will feel it. But what you do with this good time is up to you, though we do have a few recommendations for things to do while high if you need a little boost and a good time. 

Get out in nature or workout 

Looking for an active experience?  Avoid indica-leaning cultivars, as well as sedating terpenes like beta-caryophyllene and linalool. Instead, check your favorite dispensary menus for the strains that are known as mega-energizers like Sour Diesel or Jack Herer. With proper social-distancing etiquette, do something outdoorsy, like going for a hike, a climb or even just a brisk walk around your neighborhood. Whether you’re urban or in the backwoods — no matter the season — even just five minutes outside can enhance your sesh.

Some people enjoy consuming cannabis before exercise, and with a multitude of at-home workout videos across YouTube and other video-sharing websites, completing a routine without breaking quarantine protocol has never been easier. The best strains before breaking a sweat may be a sativa-heavy hybrid like Maui Wowie or anything you personally find perky — the boost helps you log extra minutes, miles, reps and more while you zone out of your head and zoom into your body. 

Additionally, being in nature in of itself is relaxing. Many find it helpful when feeling too high or coming down with a case of couch-lock. If you feel like you’re uncomfortable with those “being high symptoms,” some find it helpful to take a walk.

Tune out the noise and tune in with cannabis

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to tune out everything happening in the world right now, but cannabis can help you tune in without the nagging restlessness that some people get when trying to relax. Sometimes following current events can feel like being on an emotional roller coaster and the world has us working ourselves into pretzels, but some of the best things may be engaging in some Netflix, hits and chill or diving into board games or a book can be a way to celebrate the creative arts and enrich your own happiness without sacrificing the bigger picture. 

Recommending a particular variety of cannabis is tricky here — one size does not fit all — but you can decide just how zonked you want to get. For some, consuming heavier strains will keep them parked on the sectional, while others will need controlled doses of specific terpenes to keep from panicking. Strains with classically cerebral effects, like Pineapple Express, LSD, or Tangerine Kush may be good options to drift into daydreams. 

Get messy

It’s cliché to recommend that you clean while stoned, but it’s a great way to focus the superpowers that cannabinoids give some people. And if you have it in you, now’s the perfect time to sanitize your cannabis gear

But it’s not all about focus and cleanliness to get you out of your head, for some, we recommend the opposite: make a mess. Getting high and getting in the kitchen, starting an art project, changing your oil or something that feels a bit too disorganized for a regular day is precisely the way to enjoy the effects of cannabis. 

A slightly lowered inhibition can also help you tap into your creative side, risk getting smeared with something that stains, or open you up to new tastes and techniques. Strains like Laughing Buddha, which tend to have mind-opening qualities, may be your perfect companion to messy tasks.

No matter how you choose to spend your high time, remember that it belongs to you—and you should make the most of it no matter what you’re into.

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