How To Smoke Weed

When you’re just discovering the magic of marijuana, you might think that joints are your only option for how to smoke weed. There are many different methods to explore! Learn how to smoke weed properly and discover how to get high at home using these classic and popular techniques.


Joints are marijuana buds that are broken up and rolled to smoke, similar to a traditional tobacco cigarette. Rolling joints might seem complicated, but it’s pretty simple once you learn the proper technique. 


Learn how to smoke weed whenever you like by rolling your own joints.

  1. Start with your bud and a pack of your favourite rolling papers.
  2. Break up the weed with your fingers, a knife, or a weed grinder.
  3. Place a small amount of pot onto the rolling paper’s sticky side.
  4. Hold down the paper ends with your index fingers, then tap the weed with your thumbs to compact it.
  5. Use your thumb to start to roll the side closest to you. Keeping the paper tight will make it easier for you to learn how to smoke pot.
  6. Make sure that the tip of the paper is secure on the bottom of your joint.
  7. Finish rolling, then lick the paper to help it close well.
  8. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. How to get high at home is simple now that you can roll your own joints!


You can find lots of video tutorials if you want to see how to smoke weed in moving colour. Many pot dispensaries such as also offer pre-rolled joints if you’d instead not roll yourself.


Think of blunts as giant versions of joints. Blunts are made with cigar papers instead of rolling papers, so you’ll usually absorb some nicotine along with your marijuana. Many people learn how to smoke weed with blunts. Look for pre-made blunts at your local dispensary or favourite online pot shop. You can also make your own blunts by following these steps.


  1. Gather your weed and some cigar paper. You can also purchase unique blunt wraps.
  2. Use your fingers to break up your weed. A knife, scissors, or weed grinder will also work.
  3. Place a small amount of pot onto the wrap.
  4. Hold the wrap underneath with your extended index fingers. Tap the bud down with your thumbs, so nothing spills out.
  5. Roll the wrap up using your thumbs. Make sure the tip of the wrap is safely secured on the opposite edge.
  6. Finish rolling your blunt and finally wet the paper with your tongue. That helps it close securely.
  7. Your blunt is ready to enjoy!


If you’re curious about how to smoke weed without papers, a bong can be a great addition to your lifestyle. Bongs contain a bowl where you place your pot, a chamber where smoke builds up, and a tube the smoke passes through before you breathe it in. Learning how to inhale weed from a bong can be a process, but one that’s worth it!

A variety of bong styles are available. When you’re asking yourself what can I smoke weed out of, consider bongs a different option. Water bongs counteract dry heat from the smoke and give you a smooth experience when you’re learning how to smoke marijuana.

Keeping your bong clean is a significant consideration in how to smoke weed properly. Some easy maintenance will prevent bacteria build-up and make sure your cannabis always tastes fresh. Learn how to inhale weed safely with bong maintenance and cleaning basics.

Weed Pipes

Weed pipes offer a similar experience to bongs, but because they’re smaller, they’re easier to carry with you. Using a pipe is one way how to smoke pot wherever you go. Just like bongs, remember that pipes require regular cleaning to avoid build-up.

Weed Vaporizer

Today’s pot users who don’t want to smoke can still learn how to inhale weed with weed vaporizers or vapes. Vaporizers heat marijuana to create a vapour, which is inhaled. The process is similar to smoking, but many users prefer vaping since there’s no smoke to irritate airways potentially.

Dry herb vaporizers and battery-powered vape pens are the two most common types of vaporizers. There’s no need to worry about how to smoke weed without papers when you use a vape. 

Vape pens are becoming increasingly popular across Canada ever since weed legalization, with shatter, THC distillate, and vape juice options. Vaporizers produce low odour, are easy to use, and don’t require much maintenance, so you can expect to see vapes on the market for years to come.


If you’re caught without any other options and want to smoke up, you’re probably wondering, what can I smoke weed using? You can hot-knife your pot by heating two butter knives. Press your buds between the hot blades to create a vapour you can inhale. You can try this method with any two pieces of metal, so get creative.


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