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Study says cannabis smokers ‘fail to grasp health risks of smoking’

A new study claims that many people who smoke cannabis consider themselves non-smokers, leading to hand-wringing from experts who say weed consumers may not be aware that inhaling the substance carries risks, especially when mixed with tobacco, reports The Guardian. Read More
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Doctors seeking access to psilocybin mushrooms for training purposes get a boost from the Green Party

Seventeen healthcare professionals who have been waiting more than 100 days to learn whether or not they will be able to access psilocybin mushrooms for training purposes have received the support of three members of Parliament, including Elizabeth May. Read More
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A quarter of menopausal women have used weed to tackle symptoms, but more are open to trying it

More than a quarter of U.S. women taking part in the Midlife Women Veterans Health Survey report they have used or are using cannabis to manage their symptoms, but another 10 per cent say they’d be open to giving weed a try. Read More
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Here’s how cannabis can help fight chronic gut problems

A primary reason that many patients turn to medicinal cannabis is to treat chronic pain. In fact, a 2019 study published in the journal Health Affairs found that more than 62 per cent of medical marijuana patients were using the plant to relieve pain symptoms. Read More
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