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Study says cannabis smokers ‘fail to grasp health risks of smoking’

A new study claims that many people who smoke cannabis consider themselves non-smokers, leading to hand-wringing from experts who say weed consumers may not be aware that inhaling the substance carries risks, especially when mixed with tobacco, reports The Guardian. Read More
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Kiwi musician Tiki Taane claims to be “a really good driver stoned,” saying bud makes him courteous and chill

It’s unlikely a message any parent wants to hear, but Kiwi musician and staunch cannabis supporter Tiki Taane argues he’s “a really good driver” after having a few puffs. Read More
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CBD Body Butter: Make this pain-relieving, fluffy balm to ease muscle ache and period cramps

In this three-part CBD skincare series, Brooklyn-based author Leah Vanderveldt shares how cannabidiol — the non-impairing, anti-inflammatory cannabis compound — can be used to elevate your skincare game during this anxiety-inducing holiday season. Read More
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