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Ditch the Old Terminology (An Indica / Sativa Response)

I have been a student of cannabis since the first time I smoked a joint in 1979 while battling cancer and undergoing both chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The gracious herb was in many ways my savior and it caused me to become dedicated to learning as much as I could about it. One of my favorite teachers is Robert Clarke who wrote the books, The Botany and Ecology of Cannabis in 1977, Marijuana Botany in 1981, HASHISH! in 1998 and Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany released in 2013. We’ve been close friends since 1994, and in the 1990s Robert was teaching us that Indica and sativa were basically incorrect terminology, and that Afghan cannabis should be considered within its own classification.

In 2004 and after five long years, I got out of federal prison for growing cannabis after the passing of the 1996 California medical marijuana law. I picked up Rob for the first time in a long time to go smoke a joint, and he asked me if I remembered what he taught me about Indica, sativa and Afghan. I told him that I did remember, and he smiled and said to forget it because that’s not what researchers believe anymore.

Our understanding of the planet is changing daily, as science reveals more of life’s secrets, it causes us to look at the way we understand things differently.

Initially, we used Indica and sativa different ways, depending on if you were a grower or a consumer.

To a cultivator, Indica meant a short broad leaflet plant that grew tight and stocky, yielded well and finished flowering quickly. Sativa, meant the plant was tropical/equatorial with narrow leaflets and took next to forever to finish flowering.

To a consumer, Indica meant something that was a heavy high that was deep, relaxing and often not so energetic. On the other hand, sativa was translated to mean that it would be more energetics, almost like drinking coffee, in the way that it wakes you up and motivates you, and more psychedelic, with a buzz that leaves you daydreaming about the universe.

To science, it meant something else entirely.

When the cannabis taxonomy was first being written in 1753, Carl Linnaeus was essentially aware of only one type of cannabis: the European hemp variety of Cannabis that he added the suffix “sativa”, which at the time simply meant to grow or to sow. This type of cannabis was used industrially for ropes, cloth, paper, paints and varnishes, but surprisingly, not for the drug content.

Robert Clarke often jokes that scientifically speaking, nobody smokes “sativa” because all drug varieties are “Indica”.

In 1785, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck published a description of a second species of Cannabis from India which was used for it’s drug content and he named it “Cannabis Indica”.

Cannabis that was coming from India and many other items that originated from India used the term “Indica”. But what becomes more confusing to our modern use of the term is that there are all types of cannabis growing in India and leaf morphology does not tell the whole story.

In Northern India along the Hindu Kush mountains, you will find broadleaf drug cannabis and as you travel south to Goa, you will find very narrow leaflet drug plants that are all 100% Indica.

You can also find non-drug industrial hemp/cannabis varieties growing all over the world that have both narrow leaflets and broad leaflets. The flowers look amazing and make copious quantities of trichomes, but they will not get you high.

In 2013, Robert Clarke launched a new taxonomy in the world of cannabis, the problem is, it’s a bit complex. Robert breaks down the varieties as follows:

Broad Leaflet Drug = BLD

Narrow Leaflet Drug = NLD

Broad Leaf Hemp = BLH

Narrow Leaf Hemp = NLH

Robert also has another category for ancestors, as there are varieties of cannabis growing around the world that have escaped human cultivation and have become feral once again. For this he uses “PA” for punitive ancestor.

Robert’s 21st century cannabis taxonomy has been around for 10 years now and while it makes a lot of sense, it’s not catching on. I think this is mostly because it’s too complex for people to grasp easily, but that is to be expected considering Robert is a scientist and if you read any of his books, you will see that they are very detailed and well referenced.

The modern cannabis market is made up of hybrids which are incredibly hard to classify as Northern or tropical, Indica, or sativa, because they have attributes of both.

The effects we feel when we smoke or vaporize are controlled by the cannabinoids and terpenes which modulate the effects of the cannabinoids. The analogy I would use is that getting high is like getting on an airplane, the cannabinoids bring you up to altitude and the terpenes are the rudders that control the whole flight.

The terpenes are so important that the entire experience from the bud can be ruined if the bud is over dried, because when it is over dried, the terpenes evaporate and the bud does not taste or smell anywhere near as good as it did when it was fresh.

The Emerald Cup, which is one of the largest cannabis competitions in the world, recently started dividing the entries into six different terpene categories, which they call the love language of cannabis:

Myrcenethis is the most common terpene found in cannabis, varieties that have it are Skunk #1, Northern Lights, Blue Dream, and OG Kush

a Pineneis found in pine needles and is responsible for the piney scent in Northern Lights #5

Limoneneis found in lemons and other citrus-based fruit and gives a wonderfully uplifting energy that can also be quite medicinal with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Varieties that smell like a lemon dessert usually have high amounts of limonene, such as Wedding Cake, and Mac.

β Caryophylleneis found in black pepper and cloves and adds a spicy, herbal note to the cannabis. Varieties that have it are Cookies, Sherbet and UK Cheese.

Terpinoleneis one of my favorites. It is the dominant terpene responsible for the spicy smell in Haze. It is energetic and motivating and I’ve been smoking it as I write this. You will find it in Original Haze, Trainwreck, Jack Herer and Super Lemon Haze

Ocimeneis one of the exotics, it is often found in cannabis, but in lower quantities and is more of a complimentary rather than a dominant terpene. Varieties that have it are; Pineapple, Dream Queen, and Pink Lemonade.

As a grower, breeder and heavy user who has been selling seeds for years through my company Authentic Genetics, I recommend to all of the cultivators who grow my seeds that they stop selecting plants based upon high THC levels, fast flowering times, and heavy yield.

Unfortunately, for the past 30+ years, cannabis varieties have been selected and hybridized for the convenience of the grower and not for the overall quality of the end-user.

What I recommend is that we all start growing and selecting plants based on olfactory qualities such as flavor and scent. If food does not taste or smell good, no matter how nutritious it is, you’re probably not going to want to eat it and the same is true for cannabis. Too many varieties of cannabis in the commercial market look great, but don’t do the trick for many of my friends who smoke it.

As for effect, there is a cultivation technique that I’ve been teaching people, which is that you can dial the high of a cannabis variety by simply harvesting it at different times. Varieties that are harvested early will have a lighter and more psychedelic high, compared to the same variety harvested later into maturity, which will have a more sedated and relaxing high.

I think that we should ditch the old terminology and instead get a better understanding of what it is that we are consuming and what elements of cannabis make us feel the way we want to feel when we smoke, vape or eat our favorite flowers.

For more information on the subject, please visit my website: Authentic Genetics at

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Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #38: Y’ALL LOVE FLOWERS?

Hall of Flowers felt a little different this year. Widely regarded as the flagship trade show for the industry at this point, this was the first year that HOF felt a little BizCon-y, and I mean that in the absolute nicest way possible. With less flower than ever on display, and less rooms to view even, I wouldn’t blame this as much on the production team as I will the state of the industry right now. Shit’s tough out here, especially in California, and the only ones with real budget to spend are the picks & axes guys, like service and technology providers. Most of the brands simply can’t afford the booth price, and many that can believe they’ll find more ROI keeping their heads down on their various specialties. It’s a hard time to be outside, despite probably needing to be more than ever. I went on a little rant about this on my instagram yesterday, but let’s all try to remember that all our OG’s could really use our support right now, and every jar purchased or ticket acquired is voting with your dollar, and your attention. So while I’m about to list my favorites below, I would also encourage you think about who wasn’t able to make it out this year for whatever reason, and consider that your business makes all the difference to most of us. This goes double when times are tough, like right now.

It’s not all bad though! I actually want to call out a very smart move by the HOF team, something that shows where their head’s at and illustrates the helping hand they’re trying to offer to the little guy, and that was that small business section that topped off the big room. Not only was that incredibly valuable for all of the participants, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how well trafficked they were both days. You’ll see a few of those names below, but I was impressed by (almost) the entire section. (I didn’t feel comfortable pulling up to the lube kissing booth – let’s just call it out of my coverage area. Sorry guys!)

It’s also worth mentioning that there were some staples to my consumption diet, like CAM and Fig Farms, in attendance, who while I won’t mention below are always stars of every show. I’m trying to cycle in new names and there are always too many dope people to mention, and I just can’t be here all day. But I’m trying! If you don’t see your name below that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. Just… maybe next time! It’s going to be a long summer.

For everyone else, if you’re not texting to say ‘why not me?’, blow me up on social and let me know what gear I missed, or what I should heat-check next! Until next time, I DO love you. 


Wood Wide

Courtesy Wood Wide

I’ve written about these guys before, and while you already know that I’m a big fan of their flower, it’s worth noting that this was the very first brand I mentioned to anyone that asked about what to check out on the floor after I did my first run through. In fact, I walked several people over to their booth, and the secondhand joy I got watching my friends discover these guys in real-time filled my soul with warmth. But I’m not just here to relish in good feelings. While I’ve told you about the Cowgirl Cookies before, today I’ve got to mention its sister plant, Grumpy Tiger. This one’s got a more complex profile, and almost reminds me of mendo breath in terms of the nose and flavor, but it was the high that was worth shouting from the rooftops about – which is, realistically, the most important part of cannabis. This one had my eyes red and heavy from the first puff, and transported my attitude back to how I used to feel smoking bones after class. I can’t recommend this one enough.

Rosin Tech’s Hash Holes

Photo by @heyitsalexx757

These guys are old friends at this point. I’ve seen their growth since basically the first cannabis event I went to in California, and they’re due their shine for the work they’ve done just proliferating squish culture alone – shouts out to Vinny, one of my first real friends in the scene. That said, as someone who’s not a huge hash guy myself, there hasn’t been a ton of times I’ve really consumed their products, just cheered them on from afar. That is, until now. Their new product is probably the most flavorful hash hole I’ve smoked to date, and while I’m not sure what sorcery is producing such potent flavor in their roll, it’s an absolute showstopper. These immediately stand up next to the most well-known rolls in the space, and they’ve only dropped like two styles so far. Really excited to see where they take this.

A Golden State

Courtesy A Golden State

You might have seen this on Jimi’s story already, and while I do my best to avoid too much overlap between the two of us, some things are just too fun to leave out. This year A Golden State brought some still unnamed R&D batches for a few of the journalists in attendance, and while I will say upfront I’ve never *not liked* their flower, what they’ve got coming is actually *exciting*, and it’s pretty hard to excite me anymore. Sure I’m partially biased because instead of strain info my name was on the packaging, but I’m a rather big fan of ‘Cappetta C’ – it’s got an almost spicy musk to it, and it transfers well. They’ll have to let you know what that actually is in the future, but for now I’m not mad at the working title. Also, wouldn’t it be funny if both Jimi & Lindsey pick different favs? I vote you just run with ‘em like that. I’d smoke on some Bartlett B & Devine A any day!

Oakfruitland’s R&D Batches

Courtesy Oakfruitland

Another R&D run I’ve got to shout out is Oakfruitland’s. Although they were arbitrarily labeled so I can’t give you the specifics on the details of either, it’s nice to see some people working on bringing more diverse profiles to market. While one of these has an almost stew-y nose and taste to it, the other, greener of the pair, presents more cheese-y – but like those cheeses that they make mold a little for whatever reason. Both have a funk to ‘em that you’ll remember, and are pretty significantly different from what’s popular right now. Here’s to hoping this encourages a trend towards new profiles!

Talking Trees & Space Gem

Courtesy Space Gem

Two for one because if they’re not actually a team they sure act like one, but these guys are a staple every year. That said, the display they put together for this year’s event was pretty show-stopping. As sparkly as Wendy’s spirit, you couldn’t walk into the big room without being in awe of their razzle-dazzle, and it had people fixated, with a line waiting to chat that lasted basically the whole show. Talking Trees was premiering a new infused shorty, but perhaps more interesting to my readers, on display Craig had some of the most impressive freeze-dried flower I’ve seen yet. Although I know it’s early for this tech, and that even Craig wasn’t sure of the shelf-life yet as this was still in early testing for him, it’s hard to complain about the look or smell of those nugs. It’s also worth mentioning, in a piece that leans so heavily into supporting the real OG’s, that both Wendy and Craig couldn’t be nicer people (Obe is also the man) and if there were ever people who I wanted to say ‘shut up and take my money’ based on energy and personality alone, it would surely be these two.

Real Deal Resin’s Hasher Snacks

Courtesy Real Deal Rosin

I feel like every time I see these guys I want to write about them. From the wrestling aesthetic to their frankly world class staff, there’s not much I don’t love about these guys. However, even I wasn’t expecting the Hasher Snacks, RDR’s flip on crackerjacks. These medicated honey roasted chipotle peanuts are made with the brand’s hash rosin, and while the pack holds 100mg, they’re dosed appropriately so no one has to eat just one. In a world that’s seen a million gummies and chocolate bars, RDR is once again refreshing the landscape with a tasty, savory snack. It even comes with a prize inside!


Courtesy Traditional

Another brand that’s been on my radar awhile, I have got to call attention to the fact that Traditional is absolutely showing out at every event I see them at. And while being the most visible in the show always helps, it’s clear they’ve got a great culture over there. Their marketing team is amazing, they have a grazillion merch items and canna SKU’s, they’re tapped in with every level of celebrity, but my favorite part? I told them to be careful sampling at the event bc both the DCC and the cops are walking around and homie grabs a jar and goes to find the cops to show them what good weed looks like. If that’s not standing on it I don’t know what is.

High 90’s

Courtesy High 90’s

I remember when these guys launched, and while I remember thinking that ‘the kids will love this’ back when I mentioned them in the 3rd edition, I’ll admit I kind of tuned them out from there. I didn’t expect to consume much of their products in the future given how much I actually like the taste of the plant, but with bubblegum nicsticks taking off the way they were it was pretty clear a certain demographic would pick up on ‘em. That said, I also didn’t expect them to pivot towards quality the way they have. Flash forward to today and I’m pleased to report that High 90’s isn’t just that flavored noise anymore, these guys are actually bringing impressive flower to market, too! While they haven’t turned off the Tropical Punch prerolls, and they HAVE turned on a vape that looks an awful lot like an elf bar, there’s more to this brand than you’d initially expect, and I’m not afraid to stand corrected.

Errl Hill

Courtesy Errl Hill

The funny thing about this one is I’m actually the one that’s late here. These guys aren’t new, and their work has always hit, but sometimes things slip through the cracks and unfortunately, these have been one of those things in my coverage thus far. Well that ends today, because if you’re consuming concentrates and don’t want to break the bank in the process, this is one you should have been known about. Their Blueberry Muffin has already won a bunch of awards, and is one of the only things I will actually take a dab of while working the floor of an event. It’s also worth noting that this live rosin I just saw for the first time, Banana Bob, absolutely smacks as well.

Ice Box Flat Farms

Courtesy Ice Box Flat Farms

Another from the high tops, Ice Box Flat Farms was pointed out to me by my friend and former colleague Daniella. She mentioned that these guys were messing with their preroll machine and realized they could fit another gram inside their traditionally one gram cone, so of course I had to see what this business was about. I’m pleased to report that these things were actually smoking, and in a world where everyone wants to over-infuse for the sake of fooling their consumers into believing the listed THC percentage, it’s nice to see someone bringing a straight flower roll to market as their pilot offering.

Bonus Off the Floor Finds:

Funk Farm

Courtesy Funk Farm

I’ll be honest, this is probably my favorite score of last week. And it’s less on the strength of the flower as it is the personality of the cultivator. I met Funk Farm while waiting to get a fried chicken sandwich. I wasn’t expecting to chat, I was checking my phone for maybe the first time all day, and here’s homie, talking about the scene out in Montana – or lack thereof. There wasn’t much going on out there, and while he is growing back at home, he felt foreign to the culture we have out here, and had to experience it for himself. I don’t know what it was specifically that made the flip switch for me, but the passion I could hear he had for this plant was clear, and hearing it coming from a state that I knew frankly nothing about – I don’t even know if they have mountains or flatlands there – was refreshing. It reminded me that we still have so much ground to cover here domestically, and I’d spent the front part of this year thinking about just about anywhere else to travel to. Well homie, now Montana’s on the list, and it’s on the strength of your farm. I don’t know wtf we’re going to do there, but I’m coming to hang just as soon as possible.

MK Mints

Courtesy MK Mints

Now these little guys were a great surprise last week. I’d been spritz’ing heavy all week (more to come on that later) and I needed to change my perspective in a new way. Enter MK’s Mints – delightfully flavored mushroom microdose mints. Aptly shaped like lil’ toadstools, and leaning into a certain happiest place in the world aesthetic, these guys are my favorite new fungi product I’ve seen in months. It’s also worth noting this was much more powerful than the typical ‘micro’dose. You’ll feel the first one. They say with 8 you’re flying, which is approximately half the package, and while I haven’t gotten there quite yet, i’m excited for the next night off to see how far down this rabbit hole really goes…

Cadre Verde

Courtesy Cadre Verde

This was a new name for me, but they came highly recommended by my friend Carter of CAD, and he has a particularly distinguished palate, so when he tells me to check something out I listen. I’m glad I did, because not only was it a pleasure to smoke with HB, but the Georgia Pie Z she broke me off with was one of my favorite take homes from the show. Although they were playing the traditional game of showing up with a backpack, it just goes to show that with really good flower it doesn’t matter how flashy your display is. We’re here for the heat!

Surefire Selections

Courtesy Surefire Selections

This kind of feels like my anniversary with Surefire. We met like three May Santa Rosa halls back, and everytime I’ve pulled up since he’s had some new gear to knock my socks off. This time we met before the show started, and I got my favorite score of the week before even entering the showrooms. I’ve raved about his Candy Fumez in the past, and while they are still just as on point as I remember, his Sureberry is the ONE man. A sister pheno of Sherbanger, this one’s got a bit more of an ocimene taste – that is to say that almost apple-y flavor. But the one thing that’s important to remember when that terp shows up is that it’s going to transfer heavily to the flavor, and this is a particularly lip smacking experience. Also worth noting the Larry Z he showed me, which was less Z and more cake than I expected, was a hit with every typically gas focused connoisseur I showed it to.

Green Dawg’s D1

Courtesy Green Dawg

One of my favorite parts about going to Santa Rosa every year is pulling up to Sazon to eat a quality Peruvian meal with the homies. This year Barney and I got there early to have a nice pseudo-romantic dinner before the Rosin Tech afterparty so we could actually relax and talk for a change, and he broke out some of Green Dawg’s new D1 – a cross of Sour Dubb and a Dosido / Face on Fire cut from Always be Flowering. After we smoked it, the relaxing definitely happened, but I’m not sure if I was making any sense because I got insanely lit. Drew’s calling this Sour 2.0, and however I tell you this weed brought me back to my teens would not be doing justice to the time traveling that took place there at the table. Not only are we talking real green weed, but the nose and flavor are so strangely close to that elusive profile we all loved back then, with a new gas focus that makes it a sure favorite for today’s smokers.

Heritage Hash Co

Courtesy Heritage Hash Co

Finally, I want to give a shout to Mendo’s own, Heritage. These guys have won a bunch of awards in the past, including 1st place for Rosin at Ego Clash, and 1st place for Ice Water Hash in the Emerald Cup in the past year alone, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that they know what they’re doing. That said, I had never met any of the team over there, and I’m happy to report they’re just as delightful as their hash is delicious. Of their selection my favorites were the Sour Diesel and ‘Mom’s Terps’, though the Amarello was a close third. I haven’t gotten to the infused prerolls yet, but I’m confident they’ll be smokin’ too!

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Pot & Perfume

Exhausted, with greasy hair from neglecting hygiene for the sake of deadlines, I pluck my Birthday Cake cannabis flower from my prized apothecary. I open the stash jar and inhale. My nose fills with a comforting vanilla scent. Yup, this is the weed I need. “Smelling your flower or cannabis product is a critical component of the cannabis experience. As a budtender early in my career, I learned that the ‘nose knows’ — meaning that there is no better way of choosing the right flower for you than by smelling it,” Veronica Paz Booth, director of education for Item 9 Labs Corp says.

The Indica-dominant hybrid Birthday Cake is known for its relaxing effects, ideal for unwinding after a long workday. After a few puffs, my home office smells like an infused cake dripping in honey. And, in a few minutes, my stress levels lower. While, let’s be honest, the THC does the heavy lifting, the strain Birthday Cake is rich in caryophyllene — a spicy terpene that acts as a cannabinoid — which is also found in cinnamon and cloves. Caryophyllene may have anti-inflammatory and stress-reducing properties.

Terpenes are naturally occurring chemical compounds found in plants, such as cannabis, and even in some animals. They’re responsible for the aromas, flavors, and even colors associated with various vegetation. Terpenes help make certain strains smell or taste different from others. However, that’s just part of what makes pot also perfume. “The essential oils of cannabis give it the signature scent. There are different chemical components to essential oils; I believe over 200 have been discovered,” according to traditional naturopath and registered clinical herbalist Dr. Lakisha Jenkins. “These compounds are associated with creating the scent profile and are primarily found in the plant’s trichomes. Historically, the credit has been given to the terpenes; however, new research is crediting newly identified chemical components called volatile sulfur compounds with actually giving cannabis the ‘skunk’ like smell familiar to most people.”

While the science of cannabis scent is more complicated than terpenes, the aromatic compounds do lend a hand in fragrance — and not just in pot. For example, limonene, a citrus-y terpene found in strains such as the Sativa-dominant Lemon Cake, has a lemon-like odor found in the rind of citrus fruits. Perfumers use limonene to infuse scents with the uplifting spirit.

As someone who writes about beauty in addition to cannabis, I understand that costume, makeup, and perfume can boost one’s mood just like the right strain of cannabis can. So, after I enjoyed my Birthday Cake from my apothecary, I turned to my perfume altar. On top of my apothecary, which is filled with essential oils, cannabis, and more, sit rows of perfume. Of course, there’s Byredo Rose Noir, a sultry and musky rose option, but I needed something more uplifting than intimidating. So, I opted for Annabel’s Birthday Cake, a sweet, decadent, and ethereal fragrance. The Eau de Parfum was created by perfumer Marissa Zappas and designed in collaboration with author and astrologer Annabel Gat. “A common phrase fans of the perfume use to describe it is ‘comforting,’” Gat says. “The perfume is technically what’s known in the perfume world as a gourmand; however, it’s not overly sweet. While the packaging may look like you’re about to indulge in a sugar rush, there’s something extremely playful about it, and it evokes the feeling of being at a fairytale birthday party.”

I sprayed it on, across my décolletage, wrists, and even between my thighs. The notes of lemon sugar, cake fresh-out-of-the-oven, and candied rose petals filled my nose and rolled through my body just like the cannabis strain Birthday Cake did. Research suggests that pot can enhance the senses, especially taste. Could the same be true for smell? “Cannabis has been proven to intensify the taste of food. More research is needed to say for certain that cannabis enhances smell. However, marijuana does have psychoactive properties, meaning that it alters how we perceive the world around us and how we relate to it. So your cognition and mood will shift, in addition to your perception of your five senses,” says board-certified physician and CEO of The Sanctuary, Dr. Pejman Bady, who has shifted to alternative medicine practices. However, I can personally attest that stoned perfume sampling is much more fun (and, in my experience, effective) than testing fragrances without an elevated state of mind.

It’s worth noting that while pot and perfume are comparable in mood and scent, most modern fragrances are not made with plant medicine in mind. “I would say in commercial perfumery, the idea of plants as medicine is not so much taken into account, but I do frequently choose specific raw materials based on their more esoteric qualities rather than olfactive qualities,” Zappas says.

However, perhaps because Zappas made it, my mood did shift after applying Annabel’s Birthday Cake. I felt calm and pretty rather than frazzled and in desperate need of a shower. Of course, getting high certainly helped, but I couldn’t help but wonder, did the perfume, Annabel’s Birthday Cake, help amplify the effects of a comparable cannabis strain? Beauty entrepreneurs within the cannabis space certainly think so and consider perfume pairing when creating new products. “Our Keep Calm bath bomb dropped into a hot soak is a decompressing reward at the end of a whirlwind kind of day. We chose specific scents that, when combined with CBD, induce therapeutic benefits, says Laura Eisman, co-founder of Her Highness, a New York City-based glamorous cannabis brand. “Lavender, jasmine, rose, and chamomile all promote anti-anxiety, helping you to relax and calm down… Plus, they’re all flowers,” she adds.

Of course, we don’t always want to relax. There’s a reason why busy New York City’s favorite cannabis strains tend to be Sour Diesel and the aptly named NYC Diesel. “Similar to essential oils, different cannabis strains invoke different feelings. For example, a strain high in limonene would give off a pungent tangy, citrusy smell, producing an uplifted, energized effect, while a strain high in the terpene linalool would smell more flowery and herbal, producing a calming effect. Linalool is found in plants such as coriander, lavender, and rosewood,” says Dr. Bady.

When I ask Zappas to recommend an activating perfume to provide a boost similar, or in conjunction with, an energetic strain, she recommends The Sun Card (named after the tarot card, of course). With floral and spicy notes of sweet orange, a spritz with the spliff will take you right back to your last beach vacation. “Certain smells, like certain memories, have the power to really influence our moods,” Zappas says. There is, after all, science that suggests that smell is connected to memory.

While some Sour Diesel in your lungs and a citrus perfume between the thighs might automatically direct your brain back to sandy beach sex with an ex, if you approach both pot and perfume like a witch and connoisseur, you can use this to your advantage. “If you smell a perfume that reminds you of an ex-lover or an old friend, it might make you feel sad or pleasantly wistful depending on your relationship with them. We all have smells we associate with happy memories, or with feelings of romance, or of confidence, or even of spirituality. Perfume is so exciting because as you explore scents, you learn more about yourself,” Gat says. “You have this extra tool you can use to cultivate a vibe around you to cheer up, relax, feel romantic, or whatever it is you’re seeking.” Think of it as lucid dreaming while conscious.

Because we all have different dreams and react differently to pot, one person’s spliff might work like a cup of coffee, but give it to someone else and it could ruin their entire workday. And, like pot, perfume is a personal experience. “I wear [Annabel’s Birthday Cake] every day, but for some, it might be a date perfume since it has a flirtatious quality to it, and for others, it might be something they wear out with friends because the perfume does have such a fun personality,” Gat says.

And, if you really want to get straight to the point, you can always use pot as perfume. “For a social, giggly time, I enjoy a floral strain like XJ-13. For a sleep aid, it’s berry-scented Blue Dream. And for euphoria (and amazing sex), lemony Trainwreck is my absolute favorite,” Eisman says. So whether you’re pairing an uplifting citrus perfume, such as Maison Margiela’s ‘REPLICA’ Under the Lemon Trees, with the Hybrid strain Tangerine, or calming down with cannabis as a perfume itself, remember that putting on perfume is a ritual, and so is consuming cannabis. “Appreciate the aroma and take in the bouquet of that beautiful plant. Much like the appreciation of fragrance when grinding coffee beans in the morning or opening a bottle of wine on a relaxing evening, opening a jar of cannabis flower and grinding that flower should be an aromatic experience,” Booth says. As a weed and glamour witch, my ritual, whether ready for a date or to write, begins with consuming cannabis and ends with selecting and then applying a complementary scent. 

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