WM Strains Madness 2021: Championship Match

How did Purple Haze pull off this incredible upset against Pineapple Express? I’m not sure, but I’m glad it did because a repeat of 2020’s championship match between OG Kush and Pineapple Express was all but inevitable. But a little more than half of you wanted Purple Haze in the mix and made it happen. Kudos to you. 

The field now looks like this: 

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And with that, let’s jump into our matchups.

Championship matchup

(#1) OG Kush vs (#6) Purple Haze

OG Kush entered the tournament focused on one thing only: total domination. 

And it proved it by destroying Gelato, 63% to 37%. Gelato is considered one of the best strains in the game, and OG Kush made quick work of it by gaining an early lead and never letting it go. OG Kush is one step closer to repeating and becoming the back-to-back champion. Whether OG Kush is OP or destined to be the champ is still up for debate, but you can bet that OG Kush is looking to close out. 

But we all love an underdog, and Purple Haze is the definition of an underdog in this matchup. Purple Haze wasn’t even in the bracket last year, so its 2021 performance is truly a Cinderella story worthy of bandwagoning on. A true David vs. Goliath matchup if there ever was one, but there is precedent for a 6th seed taking down a 1st seed: in 1988 the 6th seeded Kansas Jayhawks upset the 1st seeded Oklahoma Sooners. 

Let’s go! 

Winner: TBD

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