5 new weed products you should try from Monogram, Papa & Barkley, and more

With so many great cannabis brands releasing exciting new products in new markets, it can be hard to keep track of every release. So we’re rounding up a few significant releases. This week, we look at releases by Monogram, Papa & Barkley, Fun Uncle, Raw Garden, and Select. 

Monogram: No. 01 Heavy OG Handroll

In the era of celebrity weed brands, Jay-Z is still a big deal. I mean, c’mon, he’s Jay-Z. This makes Jay-Z’s luxury weed brand Monogram one to keep an eye on over the coming years. 

Today, Monogram is releasing No. 01 Heavy OG Handroll (pictured above), a huge preroll meant to replicate the experience of smoking an expensive cigar. Hand-rolled with Monogram’s No. 01 strain, which Monogram’s Culture & Cultivation Ambassador DeAndre Watson calls a “great strain if you want to chill and focus on the task at hand.” I was lucky enough to try it myself and found it does make for a nice, long smoking session. The No. 01 Heavy is typically sold in 2-gram and 4-gram jars under a “Medium” label, but this new batch was more potent so it’s labeled “Heavy” for the handroll.  

“The more potent buds combined with our proprietary rolling method creates a superior smoking experience with a product that will last for multiple sessions, burning slowly and evenly every time,” Watson said. “We hope the Weedmaps audience is able to experience this product for what it is – the first of its kind.” 

Available: California

Fun Uncle: Cruisers Vapes

Earlier this week, Fun Uncle announced its new vape product, Cruisers Vapes. Fun Uncle is known for its playful retro-style and approachable branding, products, and prices, and the new 510 threaded cartridges are no exception with a full gram of concentrate for $25, according to the press release. Available in five flavors: Lemon Jack, Strawberry Cough, SFV OG, GG4, and Berry Gelato.

Available: California

Papa & Barkley x El Blunto: Limited Edition 420 Cannabis Cigars

A collaboration between Papa & Barkley and El Blunto collaboration brings a limited edition cannabis cigar just in time for 4/20. These extremely potent blunts are rolled with full-flower along with Papa & Barkley’s live ice water hash. Available in two flavors, Gelato OG flower infused with Fatso live ice water hash and Dozizoz #3 flower infused with Dozizoz #3 live ice water hash. 

It will be a limited run and sales will be on a “first-come, first-serve basis” according to the press release. Check out either the Papa Select (Papa & Barkley’s extract sub-brand) or El Blunto websites.  

Available: California

Select: Squeeze

Earlier this week, Select, one of the most popular cannabis oil brands in the U.S., announced Select Squeeze, a THC-beverage enhancer that makes any drink THC-infused. These Squeezes are easy to use (you squeeze it, hence the name) and supposed to have rapid effects in 15-30 minutes. Like other cannabis-infused drinks, Squeeze utilizes Nanotechnology which is supposed to be absorbed into the bloodstream and provide the effects of THC faster than a traditional edible. Available in four flavors — Watermelon, Strawberry Lemonade, Hint of Sweet, and Lemon Lime. 

Available: Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, California, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, and Ohio.

Raw Garden: Crushed Diamond 

Every week, Raw Garden releases new flavors of Crushed Diamonds, THCA crystalline crumble. This concentrate product consists of ultra-fine cannabinoid crystals that are seriously potent, whether sprinkled, smoked, dabbed, or vaped, it will add a whomping amount of potency to any session. 

Available: California

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