How to Smoke Hash

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If you are wondering how to use hash, you are in the right place. Hash (aka hashish) is a cannabis concentrate that is one of the oldest known to man. During this time there have been many innovative ways of how to take hash. Let’s go over the standard methods on how to smoke hash.

How to Smoke Hash In A Joint

To smoke hash in a joint, simply break off a chunk of hash, break it up, and roll it in rolling paper as you would a normal joint. You can also mix in tobacco if you want. Adding hashish to your joint is an excellent way to enhance the therapeutic effects of cannabis.

How to Smoke Hash In A Pipe

To smoke hash in a pipe, break several pieces of hash off and place them in your pipe. A few small chunks are better than one large chunk when using a pipe to smoke hash because it facilitates better airflow. However, not everybody enjoys smoking hash in a pipe because since so much of the hash burns off before you can inhale it, some users feel this is too wasteful.

How to Smoke Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is an excellent hash for dabbing. To smoke bubble hash, simply get a glass banger and make sure it’s clean. That allows for a slow burn of the hash, which creates a smoother experience.

Hot-knifing Hash

You can heat a knife on the stove or over a fire in dire circumstances and put a piece of hash on the hot knife in a process known as hot-knifing. Use a paperclip to secure the hash in this process so that it doesn’t fall off. Next, inhale the smoke through a straw. That is not a very efficient method of smoking hash because a lot of the smoke will escape. 

Vaping Hash

Vaping is extremely popular these days. It’s crucial that you purchase a quality vape pen that is for vaping hash. You can even buy vape pens that are made explicitly for cannabis concentrates. Be sure to clean your vape pen in between uses.

Smoking Hash In A Bong

To smoke hash from a bong, break the hash into small bits for improved airflow. Add the hashish to the bong bowl, light it up and toke away. You want to make sure to keep your bong nice and clean before and after each use. 


Hash Guide to Dosages 

  • 1-2.5 mg of THC is best for minor pain relief, stress and anxiety relief, and beginner users. 
  • 2.5-15 mg of THC is best for relieving chronic pain and other medical conditions, including antisocial personality disorder or insomnia. This higher dosage of THC may cause a sense of altered reality and a lack of coordination. 
  • 15-30 mg of THC is used for chronic insomnia and recommended for experienced users only. 
  • 30-50 mg of THC is used for those whose bodies don’t metabolize cannabis well. A dose at this level will cause intense feelings of euphoria. 

Final Words on How to Smoke Hash

Now that we know many different ways of how to use hash, which one will you choose? Just remember to smoke hash responsibly and in appropriate doses. If you are looking to buy hash online in Canada you can visit our shop at Just Cannabis.

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