How Cannabis is Helping to Treat Patients of Neurodegenerative Diseases

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Neurodegenerative conditions are a significant cause of many fatalities all around the world. These conditions have no specific treatment plan, and sometimes, individuals survive by managing it. Managing a medical condition means living your life sheltered from the natural world. If you gain exposure to the world, you might end up feeling much worse than you initially were, which in some cases can be fatal.

Since cannabis studies are advancing
with time, people are increasingly looking for a way to provide people with
neurodegenerative conditions a sign of relief, if not a cure. Neurodegenerative
diseases often cause extensive periods in which one experiences chronic pain or
severe inflammation. CBD, according to many studies, can help provide you with
essential relief from pain and inflammation.

What is a neurodegenerative disease? 

It is a medical condition that causes excessive deterioration in the health and immunity of the nerve cells. They create incurable conditions that further debilitate the health of an individual to unmanageable levels. Different types of dementia contribute the most to neurodegenerative diseases.

Some of the symptoms of
neurodegenerative diseases include:

  • Weak heart such that one needs life support to live.
  • Memory lapses and low cognition capabilities.
  • Increased chances of becoming paralyzed.
  • Muscle weakness and fatigue that profoundly impacts your
    mobility levels.

Some of the conditions that arise as
a result of this condition include:

  • Parkinson’s’ disease- causes abnormal gait, continuous
    rigidity, and tremors.
  • Alzheimer’s- affects the brain and leads to loss of memory
    and other cognitive capabilities.
  • Multiple sclerosis- causes muscle lapse such that there is
    no more strength preventing mobility.
  • Cancer- causes an overgrowth of specific body cells.
  • Prion disease- affects the brain and can result in brain
    cell death, impairments, and changes in individual personalities, among others.
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis- affects different nerves
    located both in the brain and in the spinal cord. It is very disruptive, and
    managing it is quite costly.

How can CBD help in such medical cases?       

Can help fight immobility issues 

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Motor or mobility issues is a condition affecting many individuals. Among these are young children suffering from conditions such as dystonia and spasticity. Their motor skills are inferior and often surfer from posture abnormalities. A study conducted had these young children as participants, and the medical treatment administered for them included: 20:1 CBD to THC ratio and another 6:1 CBD to THC ratio.

The results of the study indicated
better cognitive capabilities after five months of education and evaluations
for children who have cerebral palsy. Better mood and social behavior improved
extensively with high alert levels and better movement. Also, it activates
different body receptors such as CB1 and CB2 receptors, which help fight and
prevent motor challenges.

Can help promote brain function 

The brain is a sensitive organ that
requires proper attention to work efficiently. Neurodegenerative medical
conditions attack the brain preventing any form of brain cell regeneration and,
thus, the death of different nerve cells. Taking CBD in low dosages might help
fight brain injuries that may occur.

CBD contains a wide range of
terpenes. Hemp seeds contain high amounts of fatty acids, including omega group
of fatty acids. These promote brain growth and cell regeneration. Besides, they
build a protective barrier for the neurons by enhancing an individual’s body
health. Using the best sativa strains can help people with
neurodegenerative diseases manage related pain and symptoms.

Can help keep the muscles healthy 

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The autoimmune medical condition that affects the muscles is difficult to control. The muscle spasms’ individual experiences are not only painful but also very disturbing. One cannot have a proper rest because of fatigue. Once concentration dwindles, health status deteriorates gradually.

Cannabis can help in revamping an
individual’s energy levels. It promotes nerve cell regeneration and health,
reducing the rate at which muscle spasms occur. The cannabinoids present in
cannabis cause a relaxing and almost therapeutic environment that helps
patients drift to sleep. They awake refreshed, and the fatigue disappears.
Also, they become much friendlier, and the nutritional elements in the cannabis
promote immunity, and better health slowly starts to manifest over time. You
can even start with your cannabis cultivation to ensure a constant supply of
this magical herb. One can get supplies for a cannabis garden from a cannabis store or dispensary available around

Interactions with the endocannabinoid system 

The endogenous cannabinoid system
prevails in every cell and organ in the body. As a result, it is responsible
for many different functions that enable you to maintain a healthy balance.
However, neurodegenerative conditions attack the endocannabinoid system causing
an imbalance. This disrupts functions creating diseases such as weak metabolic
system, hormonal imbalances, low or high blood, and sugar levels, among others.

CBD can help mitigate the rate at
which the neurons in the body degenerate. The cannabinoids in CBD attach
themselves to the body’s endocannabinoid receptors in the body. The interaction
reduces the degeneration and helps in regulating the body functions, and
homeostasis becomes normal once again.

Cannabis can help fight inflammation

Some of the medical conditions,
including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, share some symptoms. These include
over-inflammation of the neurons in the body and especially the brain. They
cause low oxygen transportation to the brain and other parts of the body
resulting in further inflammation and energy depletion.

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Cannabinoids promote different cell activities, including energy production. They increase the flow of blood, ensuring oxygen reaches designated areas or cells. The anti-oxidant capabilities help reduces the rate at which degeneration occurs by eliminating any toxic chemicals present in the body. Taking a dose of CBD rich cannabis oil can help maintain your body from any form of inflammation.


Neurodegenerative diseases are
common, especially among older people and very young children. Since most have
no possible medical cure, finding a proper way to manage them is crucial to the
lives of many. Therefore, the likely chances that CBD can help in reducing the
symptoms and effects of neurodegenerative conditions from spreading are a huge

However, one has to make sure to
seek medical advice before administering cannabis-based solutions for your
medical conditions. It will prevent unforeseen challenges that may occur as a
result, which can either aggravate or help the situation, especially for
first-time users.

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