5 Reasons Everyone Should go to the Emerald Cup

This year, Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California will experience a green rush for the annual Emerald Cup — the largest and longest-running sun-grown cannabis contest in the world. From December 14 to 15, crowds of enthusiastic growers, tokers, and all manner of cannabis consumers will obtain knowledge, form community and celebrate the outdoor weed they have come to know and love.

Along with incredible cannabis, The Emerald Cup offers musical talents, a diverse farmer’s market, insightful guest speakers, and a plethora of special interest activities such as yoga and glass art demos. And not only will attendees have the ability to purchase cannabis products from a variety of vendors, but you are also welcome to bring your own weed and smoke onsite in designated areas.

This event pops up just once per year, and any aficionado or beginner consumer will benefit from attending. You don’t have to be a California medical patient or resident to go — the fairgrounds are open to all. Below, check out what we’re excited to see at the 2019 Emerald Cup.

Dates: Saturday & Sunday, December 14-15

Price: $90-$529

Where to Buy: eventbrite.com

Gain more knowledge across the cannabis community 

If you want to know just about anything about cannabis, there’s an expert for that. This year, the Emerald Cup organizers pulled out all the stops to deliver a lineup flushed with well-rounded speakers and passionate pillars in the cannabis world. Need advice in the bedroom? Show up for Ashley Manta — a confident sex-positive speaker who boosts cannabis and enthusiastic consent. Curious about the history of weed in music? Gain knowledge from Christopher Wallace as he walks you through multiple eras of artists and the War on Drugs.


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Cannabis technology and vaping, the future of agriculture, legalization and advocacy, wherever your interest lies, The Emerald Cup offers the opportunity of advanced knowledge on any subject under the sun.

Help feed local families this holiday season 

For decades — even centuries — cannabis has been about community. Rarely has a smoke circle not ended in expanded minds and thoughtful conversations. So, of course, The Emerald Cup is all about advancing their local community.

Organizers have teamed up with the Redwood Empire Food Bank and are sponsoring a food drive for those in need. Come prepared with a bag of non-perishable food to donate both days of the event. Tip: Understand expiration dates and sell-by dates for all foods before donating.

Stock up on your favorite products by the best brands 

When we said there will be a ton of vendors, we mean there will be a ton of vendors. Now is the time to load up on your favorite products and try some potentially new stand-outs — all in the safety of an inclusive cannabis community. Not only will you be able to try new products, but you also get the rare opportunity to speak directly to growers, creators, bakers, and more.


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There’s nothing quite like purchasing from a passionate and honest seller while gaining new knowledge and special insights.

Discover new music by cannabis-positive artists

For the full two days of The Emerald Cup, artists will be spinning tunes and delivering talent to the masses. And just like the diverse group of speakers touching down at the event, the musical guests deliver a little something for everyone.

Move to DJ Konnex, sing with The Polish Ambassador, or spark up to Santigold — artists will be performing their best throughout the weekend.

Connect with fellow cannabis enthusiasts from all walks of life 

The speakers, the artists, the vendors, the volunteers, The Emerald Cup does not disappoint when it comes to connecting cannabis enthusiasts. You’ll gain knowledge, discover new things, get an earful of wonderful music, but you’ll also have access to the greatest opportunity in the cannabis realm: the freedom to meet new people without judgment. 

The Emerald Cup attracts all kinds of consumers and interested communities. If you’ve ever felt a bit isolated or detached in your community due to your love of cannabis, you won’t find that here. This event isn’t just meant to hand out awards, it opens its arms to everyone regardless of class, gender, race, orientation — as long as you love cannabis, you’ll find a home in Santa Rosa. 

Feature image: Tim Blake, founder and producer of the Emerald Cup. Photo courtesy of Emerald Cup.

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