WM Strains Madness 2021: Top 8

Wow. The 2nd round had some incredible matchups that ended in total blowouts. All 1st seeds continue to dominate and we lost some worthy competitors in Wedding Cake, Green Crack, Biscotti, and Super Lemon Haze. Roll one up for the dearly dominated.

But enough about the losers, let’s get to more madness. The field now looks like this: 

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And with that, let’s jump into our matchups.

Top Shelf

(#1) OG Kush vs (#3) Alien Kush

Is OG Kush the Duke of the weed world and at the beginning of a dynasty? Sure seems that way after the smackdown it gave to 2nd seed Wedding Cake for the second year in a row. Wedding Cake put up a respectable fight, but in the end it wasn’t all that close. Maybe next year, Wedding Cake. 

I’m going to be honest, I don’t feel great about Alien Kush‘s chances. It handled MAC with ease and was running through the bracket without breaking much of a sweat. But unless we see the biggest upset of the entire tournament, this is the end of the line for Alien Kush. Mark down OG Kush advancing to the next round.

Winner: TBD

Shelf 2

(#1) Gelato vs (#5) Sour Diesel

And another repeat from last year, Gelato and Sour Diesel are meeting up in the 3rd round. Both competitors breezed through the 2nd round, laying sizable beatdowns on AK-47 and Banjo, respectively. We all know how important Gelato has been to the Bay Area and California weed scene since the mid-2010s, but Sour Diesel goes back to 90s’ New York City. Will the Old School tokers give Sour Diesel the fuel it needs for an upset, or will the new generation ride Gelato into the next round? 

Winner: TBD

Shelf 3

(#1) Blue Dream vs (#6) Purple Haze

Last year Blue Dream had an unfortunate 1st round matchup with Gelato and went home early. This year, a more favorable matchup gave Blue Dream the chance to show the other strains that it’s here to compete. After notching another win against Green Crack to it’s belt, we have to wonder if Blue Dream has what it takes to go all the way. 

But don’t sleep on Purple Haze. After a competitive round with Super Lemon Haze in Hazebowl 2021, old PH left victorious and ready to take on one of the most-hated-yet-popular strains on the planet. I think the masses will back Blue Dream, but let’s hope for a competitive matchup at least. 

Winner: TBD

Shelf 4

(#1) Pineapple Express vs (#4) GG4

I wonder if Seth Rogen is giving Pineapple Express a timely boost with the announcement of his new weed brand? With all due respect to Tommy Chong and Snoop Dogg, Rogen is perhaps the most beloved stoner in pop culture today. But Pineapple Express probably doesn’t need any help. As 2020’s runner up, PE is a powerhouse all on it’s own and handily swept Biscotti to the side on it’s way to the 3rd round. 

GMO Cookies vs GG4 turned into a competitive rock fight, but GG4 emerged the winner if not a little worse for wear. After the nail-biter that Dante predicted, maybe GG4 got the wakeup call it needed to take on Hollywood.  

Winner: TBD

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