What's new in weed: products and news from Cheeba Chews, Kin Slips, and more

With so many great cannabis brands releasing exciting new products in new markets, it can be hard to keep track of every release. So we’re rounding up a few significant releases. This week, we look at releases by 5to9 Wellness, Glass House Farms, and more. 

5to9 Wellness: New CBD tincture

CBD brand 5to9 Wellness released its new Mind Unwind CBD tincture. Each 1-milliliter serving contains 10 milligrams CBD, 200 milligrams of lion’s mane mushroom extract, and 100 milligrams of l-theanine for a calming effect. 

Available: Nationwide

Glass House Farms: New strains by The Casitas Project

Glass House Farms launched The Casitas Project this week, which is a small collection of limited-edition strains — grown on the company’s Casitas-based farm — only available at Glass House dispensaries

Available: California

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Cheeba Chews: Launch of THCV edible

Known for its infused candies, Cheeba Chews just launched a new THCV chocolate taffy. Only available in Colorado, the taffy contains a 2:1 ratio of THC (5 milligrams) to THCV (2.5 milligrams). With a punch of caffeine in every serving, this edible is meant to offer a boost of energy in its mix of cannabinoids. 

Available: Colorado

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Kin Slips: New limited-edition slips

Kin Slips has partnered with California-based artists for its limited-edition release of sublingual strips. Dubbed “Flowerful,” the line comes in packaging designed by three artists: Chonto, Poppy Dodge, and Sasha Vu, and three strains: Wedding Cake, Forbidden Zkittlez, and Sour Berry.

Available: California

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Kaneh Co.: New limited-edition holiday edibles

To celebrate the season, Kaneh Co. has released limited-edition holiday-inspired edibles. 

New to the lineup: 

  • Silent Night Brownie — 10 milligrams THC, 2 milligrams CBN
  • Sugar and Spice Blondie — 5 milligrams THC, 5 Milligrams CBD
  • Winter Wonderland Cookie — 10 milligrams THC
  • Oatmeal Toffee Cookie —  10 milligrams THC, 5 milligrams CBN
  • Concord Grape Fruit Gummy — 10 milligrams THC
  • Honey Tahini Dark Chocolate — 5 milligrams THC, 5 milligrams CBD, 5 milligrams CBN 

Available: California and select dispensaries in Arizona, Michigan, and Oklahoma

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Tsumo: New savory edibles

Tsumo just launched in California, offering salty and savory edibles in an otherwise sweets-saturated market. Each bag of snacks contains 10 milligrams of THC. 

Offerings include:

  • Classic Cheese Puffs
  • Fiery Hot Cheese Crunchers 
  • Zesty Ranch
  • Hint of Lime
  • Salsa Verde Mini Tortilla Rounds

Available: California

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