What is “loud” weed?

Cannabis lingo can sometimes be overwhelming and puzzling, especially for novice consumers. Strains in particular carry their fair share of confusion, in part because of their monikers, such as WTF strain names like Meat Breath and Alien Asshat, that offer no clues to their effects or what to expect from the experience. Add one more term to your weed lexicon, one that is both strain name and adjective: Loud. 

What exactly is “loud,” and how is the term being used in cannabis land? Let’s dig in. 

The origins of loud and the strains named after it

There are varying levels of cannabis quality that can affect aroma, taste, efficacy, and cost. At the bottom rung of the ladder are “reggies” — also known as brick weed. This type of weed is defined by its dull green or brown coloring, and may contain stems and seeds. Think of it as cannabis amateur hour, something you’d expect to find at a college party in the 90s.

Next are “beasters,” or middle-of the road cannabis that comes from Canada. Beasters should have fewer seeds and stems than brick weed, as well as a smoother toke and better taste. They are also more potent with a THC percentage that can range from 15 – 20 percent. 

After beasters is our word of the day: loud. Rumored to have emerged from Atlanta, if you or someone else refers to cannabis as “loud” it is to describe a powerfully aromatic, pungent, high quality, potent, and cerebral experience. 

The word loud also encompasses three strain names: Loud, Loud Dream, and Loud Scout. 

  • Loud is described as a balanced hybrid that may produce giggly, sleepy, or talkative effects and smells like citrus, pineapple, and skunk, with an herby taste reminiscent of eucalyptus and tropical fruit. 
  • Loud Scout is an indica-heavy hybrid from Loud Seeds in Barcelona, Spain. Their signature cultivar is a combination of GSC and Platinum OG and smells of berries, herbs, and pine with a taste of grapes, lemons, and tropical fruit. 
  • Loud Dream is frequently conflated with the Loud strain. This cerebral and potent sativa comes in with a THC range of 15 – 28 percent. From the folks at Loud Seeds, it is a backcross of the F1 phenotype and Blue Dream. It’s a smooth toking experience with a tropical and earthy taste combination, and a eucalyptus, herbal scent. Very heady, social, and energetic, Loud Dream is loved for its creative-boosting vibe which makes for a good pairing for daytime use. 

In addition to its energetic and cerebral effects, Loud Dream is known for its street value on the unlicensed market, at one time costing up to $800 an ounce

How loud is used in pop-culture

The term “loud” has also taken root in pop culture with other cannabis lingo terms like “zip” and “dub.” Here are a few examples: 

Gucci Mane in “Kush is My Cologne”:

“Damn it's really loud, smelling like a whole pound”

Waka Flocka Flame’s “Take a Wish”:

“In the club blowing loud, man that shit got me dizzy”

Lil Meta in “Who Got Da Loud”:

“I love the L-O-U-D, strong pack, fruity”

OJ DA Juiceman’s “Burr Beer”: 

“Loud stanky kush got me smelling like an onion booth”

Kid Cudi and King Chip in “Just What I Am”:

“Neighbors knockin' on the door, asking can we turn it down
I say, 'Ain't no music on,' she said, 'Naw, that weed is loud'”

Now we know. Loud refers to heady, cerebral, high quality and potent cannabis strains, and is also a general term for kick ass dank weed. 

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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