Weedmaps' 2023 holiday gift guide 

Searching for that perfect gift for the special stoner in your life? Look no further. Weedmaps’ cannabis aficionados have compiled a list of unique gift ideas that will melt your loved one’s heart quicker than a jar of six-star bubble hash on a warm day. 

Load up a bowl and check out the complete gift guide for every budget.

For the flower lover

Flower products on rolling trayGina Coleman/Weedmaps

ONGROK Toothless Grinder 

While most grinders have sharp teeth that tear apart nugs, the ONGROK Toothless Grinder uses a flower-shaped pattern to mill the cannabis. This helps preserve the trichomes on the flower while giving the user more control over how coarse or fine they want their material. 

Price: $54.99

G Pen Dash+ Vaporizer 

While there’s been plenty of innovation in portable dab rigs, there haven’t been many new entries in the portable flower vape category that have caught our attention. That is until we tried the G Pen Dash+

GPen dash deviceGina Coleman/Weedmaps

The sleek design, precise temperature control, and full-color LED display make this one of our favorite ways to vape cannabis flower on the go. 

Price: $149.95

Vector KGM Urbano Triple Flame Torch Lighter

Does your loved one like to take fat, milky bong rips? This lighter is made for them. The torch design provides a hot and even light that can quickly ignite an entire bowl, making it perfect for bong snaps (smoking an entire bowl in a single inhale).

Price: $35

Rolling Trays 

Depending on whether we’re rolling at home or on the go, we have a couple of favorite rolling trays: 

HousePlant rolling trayCourtesy of HousePlant

For at-home Js: We love HousePlant’s All-in-one Rolling Tray — it comes with everything your loved one needs to roll a fatty from the comfort of their own home. This tray is gorgeous and made with hand-poured concrete, so you’ll never find two exactly alike.

Price: $550

For Js on the road: We always pack our smell-proof Revelry Rolling Kit when out and about. The compact design makes it easy to carry while also unfolding into a perfect layout for lap rolling. 

Price: $60

Tulip Storage Lockbox 

Designed for the organized toker, this 7-piece kit from Tulip has sections to store flower, joint tubes, carts, batteries, a slim lighter, and many other consumables or accessories. It’s also odor-proof and comes with a built-in lock to keep your loved one’s stash safe and secure. 

Price: $195

For the concentrate dabber

Hand placing dab into dab rigGina Coleman/Weedmaps

Dab Temp Readers

One of the most important parts of an enjoyable dab is dialing in the correct temperature. Too hot, and you’ve got burnt terps, too low, and you’re wasting your precious dabs. Help your loved one leave the guesswork at the door with one of these reliable temp readers:

Both options have a flexible arm that adjusts to each rig and built-in alarms to alert you when it’s time to drop in your dabs. 

Digital Dab Devices

There’s no better time to be a dabber, thanks to all the innovative devices that make consuming concentrates easier and more enjoyable than ever. Consider any of our favorite devices: 

Focus V CartaGina Coleman/Weedmaps
Focus V Carta 2

If the dabber in your life likes to take massive rips — also known as globs — you can scoop the Puffco 3D XL Chamber as a small gift or stocking stuffer. It features 78% more bowl space and delivers two times more vapor than the stock chamber. 

Globmob Dunk Station + Glob Mops XL 

Good dab hygiene is essential to keep bangers fresh and clean, and there’s no better combo than Globmob’s Dunk Station and Glob Mops XL cotton swabs. Your loved one will be singing your praises for keeping their tools clean and dabs tasting delicious. 

Price: $21.74 (reduced price for Dunk Station) and $15.03 (for XL cotton swabs)


An essential companion for your loved one’s favorite dab rig, Moodmats help protect a glass base since micro-cracks can form over years of setting glass products down on hard surfaces.

Dab matCourtesy of Moodmats
Artist: Sig Natur

These mats add a beautiful splash of aesthetics to any dab setup, and they come in many different sizes and designs, so you’re bound to find something they’ll love. 

Price: Varies by mat

For the grower

Sungrown cannabis from Luma California FarmsGine Coleman/Weedmaps

Method Seven Optics 

Does your homegrower love to take photos of their garden? Help take their garden shots to the next level with a Method Seven photo filter. It can bring out the true colors and beauty of their plants. And even if they’re not into photography, Method Seven also offers eyewear that will protect their eyes for many growing seasons to come. 

Price: Varies (camera), varies (eyewear)

Cannabis seeds 

Every great grow starts with great genetics, and one of our favorite seedbanks in the world is Royal Queen Seeds (RQS). Founded in 2007, RQS has an extensive genetics library that ranges from old-school classics, like Northern Lights and Sour Diesel, to new-school favorites, like Biscotti and Cereal Milk

cannabis seedsGina Coleman/Weedmaps

Two of our favorite strains this season are: 

Your loved one’s garden will be the envy of their friends with either of these strains.       

Cannabis Growers Handbook by Ed Rosenthal

The first cannabis growers’ handbook was published by expert green-thumb Ed Rosenthal and Mel Frank in 1974. Since then, Ed has continued evolving this go-to resource for growers worldwide with the latest research and techniques. 

Whether your loved one is thinking about starting their first grow or they’re a seasoned gardener, they’ll find valuable information in the latest edition — published in 2021 — of the Cannabis Growers Handbook.

Price: $41.80

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