Weed strains for music

Weed Strains and Music Appreciation

Weed and Music

Weed and music have a special relationship. For decades, cannabis has been an integral part of the concert-going experience. Using cannabis for music appreciation allows listeners to enter a more focused and altered state of perception, but it’s also easy to tell that the unmistakable aroma of marijuana will accompany practically any concert you attend. This connection between music and cannabis has become so strong over the years that it even carries its own nickname­– stoned listening. By taking advantage of cannabis’ special ability to heighten our senses, we can unlock a whole new level of musical enjoyment, giving us a richer, more vibrant experience than ever before.

From jazz, rock & roll, reggae, and R&B to heavy metal and hip hop, cannabis and music have always gone hand in hand. Research has shown that cannabis does not alter the sound of music, nor does it interfere with the listener’s ability to hear. Rather, cannabis alters one’s perception of music in a positive way. This effect can be felt through its ability to heighten emotional responses and amplify feelings of pleasure while listening to a piece of music. As such, it can open new doors in terms of how one experiences and enjoys sound, making the listening experience much more rewarding. In other words, cannabis amplifies our appreciation for musical works like never before!

Which Strain Balance is Best for Music, Sativa Dominant or Indica Dominant?

This really depends on personal preference. You may want to go to a concert, or clubbing, in which case you might prefer a Sativa dominant strain, or you may be more interested in kicking back and focusing on getting into the music. If this is the case, you may want to opt for an Indica-dominant strain. It really depends on what you want your music experience to be.

Ultimately, your choice of dominant strain is your personal preference. Sativa strains are known to be more uplifting and energizing, while Indica strains tend to be more relaxing and sedative. So, the selection depends on the kind of music and what experience you’re looking for.

The Synaesthesia Effect

High doses of marijuana can allow you to see colours while listening to sounds or music. This is called synaesthesia. With the right music and the right dose, a psychedelic experience can be the result. It has yet to be determined whether you are more likely to experience this with sativa or indica.

The Best Cannabis Strains for Music

In times past, the best strain for a concertgoer was passed to you during the concert. Today we are more selective, and with so many different strains to choose from, it is important to make the right selection when combining marijuana and music. Some of the favourites for creativity include Jack Herer, Chocolope, Sunny D, Chemdawg, Blue Dream, and Green Crack.

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