Weed games to play when social distancing is a thing of the past

Kicking back and smoking alone can be a good time, but smoking with friends is almost always better. For us, getting creative and coming up with a weed game is usually a better time than playing a tired drinking game.

There’s a lot of smoking games you can play in a group, most of which will get you plenty high, but before the games begin, here are a few pointers to make sure you don’t get too high:

  • Stick with joints or dry herb vapes instead of concentrates or edibles
  • Use a strain with low to moderate THC
  • Don’t mix weed and alcohol
  • Don’t take hits between games

Something to keep in mind during the time of COVID-19: most of these games require sharing joints, pipes, bongs, or vapes, and do not take into account social distancing. So make sure that before planning a smoking game night, consider local and CDC guidance to keep yourself, family, and friends healthy and safe. 

Bong Pong

Basically beer pong, but with weed. Break your group up into teams of two. Set up the cups, and instead of adding beer as you would in beer pong, add water to stabilize the cups. If you make the shot, the other team has to take a bong or joint or vape hit. The rules can also be reversed so that the player who makes the cup gets to take a hit. 


For a very short history lesson, Medusa is a monster from Greek mythology with hair made of snakes and eyes that, when gazed upon, turn people to stone. Luckily, in this weedy version, nobody turns to stone but has to take a hit instead. 

In this game, everyone will need their own smoking accessory. Arrange the group in a circle, then begin by having everyone look down. On the count of three, every member of the group looks at someone. If anyone in the group makes eye contact with another, they both have to take a hit.

Musical marijuana

This is the perfect game with a great playlist. Choose a list of songs with repetitive lyrics, so pretty much any song by Bob Marley would work — think “Buffalo Soldier” or “Get Up, Stand Up.” Also consider “Africa” by either Toto or Weezer, “Work” by Rihanna, Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” or Childish Gambino’s “This is America” for a start.  

The rules are simple: pick a lyric or phrase, and every time the chosen lyric comes up, take a rip. 

Tip: choose your song to match the weed experience level of people in the group. If you have less experienced consumers, consider making the lyric something that isn’t repeated a ton so they don’t have to take a hit every time the chorus comes up.

Band Names

The first player names a musician or band, let’s say they pick Drake. The next person has to name a band or musician whose name begins with the last letter of the previous player. In this example, since player one chose Drake, player two could choose Elvis Costello. Then player three could pick Oasis, and so on. When a player can’t think of a name, they take a hit. 

Not just for bands, this game can be switched up to use the names of celebrities, athletes, or even famous stoners, whatever the group agrees to. 

Other games that have been adapted to smoking with friends are strip poker, 21, H-O-R-S-E, Jenga, and Wheel of Fortune to name a few. Or you can get creative and make games of your own. Just remember, if you feel like you’ve hit your limit, don’t be afraid to sit a few rounds out. Your health is more important than winning. 

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