We Tried It: Luminous Botanicals' Sky, Meadow, and Earth Blend Tinctures

Luminous Botanicals’ flagship Universal Tonic is produced in three distinct blends: Sky (high THC), Meadow (1:1 THC:CBD), and Earth (high CBD). The product line also features sensual personal lubricants and a super-concentrated honey and citrus syrup.

The brand’s origin story speaks to the all-around high-quality products it produces. Founded in 2014 by friends Devan Anthony and Sally Alworth, the primary directive of the company was to produce consistently dosed, high-CBD therapeutics for oral applications based on Anthony’s own therapeutic needs. At the time, CBD flower was hard to come by, so they grew, processed, and packaged it from home.

Arguably, the most attractive feature of the brand is that the seed-to-bottle, homegrown, kitchen-witch ethos that birthed the brand has prevailed even as it’s scaled up to become ubiquitous in Oregon dispensaries.

For this review, I auditioned all three tinctures. Here are the biggest takeaways.

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First impressions

The brand’s look is clean and straightforward, with each bottle housed in a clearly labeled, white paper box indicated by an accent color: blue for Sky Blend, green for Meadow Blend, and pale gold for Earth Blend.

The carrier oils — almond and coconut — and botanical flavorings are across the board organic, and the cannabis is sourced from small farms that specialize in holistic, eco-friendly, regenerative farming practices. The oils can be used orally, topically, and even in sensual situations.

The complete package is very idyllic, setting a high expectation before the bottle’s seal is even broken.

Sky Blend tincture

Though the Sky Blend tincture will certainly appeal to recreational consumers, the formulation has an unmistakably therapeutic vibe. When taken sublingually, the first whiff smells of lemongrass with a gentle, underlying sweetness. The almond oil is distinct and not necessarily as quickly absorbed as a pure MCT infusion, but it has a pleasant sweetness that makes the whole affair palatable.

My onset built up similarly to a smoke session, but once engaged, hummed at a frequency more in line with an edible high. The effects lasted approximately 2 – 2.5 hours and warmly resonated for the remainder of the day.

This blend has 18 milligrams THC to 2 milligrams CBD per serving, with a dropper that easily parses out smaller doses. During testing, the thoughtful cannabinoid balance here contributed to a manageably cool mood lift that stopped short of euphoria but could’ve been exploited into a more dynamic, psychotropic experience.

Of course, your results may vary, so clock your optimal dose before partaking or just start slow and build up your high.

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Meadow Blend tincture

Not unlike the Sky Blend tincture, Meadow first delivers a grassy overture before loosening up into an herby exhale. The almond oil lingers sublingually but evaporates into dishes with zero fanfare. This feels like an optimal product for medicating all types of foods since the aftertaste is mild enough to disappear behind both sweet and savory compositions.

A full dropper delivers 10 milligrams THC to 10 milligrams CBD, and was seamlessly integrated into a morning bowl of oatmeal, even before I dumped in the requisite cream and syrup. And since I consumed it with food rather than sublingually, the effects arrived as I’d expect an edible to: gradually and with more potency.

Personally, my experience with the Meadow Blend was cashmere comfortable. Rather than a swooning high, these effects were soft and delicate, fitting the day with rose-colored lenses that neither impaired nor inhibited my cognition. In this regard, this tincture felt like a wellness product — it was just astral enough to bend my perception away from the daily nightmare of late-stage capitalism, while restorative enough to keep my body in fine, work-appropriate balance.

As always, your results may vary.

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Earth Blend tincture

Luminous Botanicals’ CBD-rich Earth Blend tincture is another palatably soft, almond-oil-based infusion that can be applied topically or consumed orally. For testing purposes, I tried sublingual applications as part of a daily wellness regimen and topical applications to treat both a recurring bit of eczema and some chronic tendonitis.

As part of a daily wellness regimen, the Earth Blend seemed to both assist in physical recovery post-workout and support restorative sleep. The mood effects were mild, so there was no intoxicating high to speak of, just a sheer suggestion of tranquility.

When used topically, a half dropper applied daily soothed my eczema, and over the course of a week, the inflation abated. When used topically to treat chronic pain, however, I found the application too sloppy for prime time — a richer salve, for my own preference, is more appropriate.

Note: when used topically, do a patch test before applying to inflamed areas.

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Bottom line

Luminous Botanicals’ products are dependably dosed, ethically produced, and lovingly formulated from a place of care and community, rather than corporate money stacking.

Consumers who hold those same values will appreciate these oils, not only for the nuanced efficacy, dedicated customer base, and broad applications, but also the brand’s commitment to craft, staff, and the best of cannabis.


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