The Drop: 6 strains hitting menus in July

This month of The Drop, Dante Jordan’s column rounding up all the can’t-miss strains and dabs from the best brands and growers, looks at anticipated releases from Wonderbrett, 710 Labs, and more.  

What’s goody? It’s ya boy Danté Jordan, aka Strain McMahon, and I’m back with more cannabis drops for your head tops. This month, with 7/10 being right around the corner, I wanted to include more oil products for the people. It’s only right.

Like I’ve said before, it can be tricky to keep track of where and when a new product will be available. This column is meant to provide a monthly look, but to know when these drops hit a menu near you, “favorite” the strains and brands on Weedmaps and get notifications when they’re in your area. 

Here’s the new strains hitting dispensary menus in July.

Wonderbrett: Peach OZ

Wonderbrett: Peach OZWonderbrett

We just did a piece on Wonderbrett and the strains that got them where they are today. It was 🔥🔥🔥, honestly. And I’d be hard pressed to believe the newly released Peach OZ won’t be the same. Peach OZ is a cross of Peach Rings and Wonderbrett’s in-house OZ Kush. It kicks out big fruity flavors of ripe peaches, sweet citrus candy and cream, backed by four dominant terpenes: caryophyllene, linalool, limonene, and humulene. 

To describe the strain’s experience, Wonderbrett provided the following description: “Guaranteed to delight your senses from head to toe, Peach OZ is bursting with flavors and aromas that bring to mind the sweet ocean breeze and fragrant fruit orchards of our sunshine state.”

Available: California

Smash Hits: Dead Hot Strawberries

Smash Hits: Dead Hot StrawberriesSmash Hits

This year, the man called “Chemdog” finally arrived on the legal market. Along with him came all of his genetics, but more importantly, the genetics that he’s creating for the future. Chem knows weed, man. So it’s exciting to see a new strain from him in Canna Provisions’ flower line, Smash Hits. That strain is Dead Hot Strawberries.

Dead Hot Strawberries is a cross of Strawberry OG and Tropicana Cookies, so you already know it smells like a fruit medley. Canna Provisions told me that the Dead Hot Strawberries palate is “Sour fuel and citrus dessert topped with strawberries,” with effects described as “Fast energy and creative moxie in the front of the height with body calming physical effects that keep your mind sharp and quick as your body is set firmly in the clouds.” 

The most dominant terpenes in this strain are myrcene, limonene, linalool, and humulene. 

Available: Massachusetts

Find Dead Hot Strawberries at Canna Provisions in Lee, MA

Find Dead Hot Strawberries at Canna Provisions in Holyoke, MA

710 Labs: Marshmallow OG Taster Pack

On the oil side of things, with 7/10 looming, it only made sense to reach out to California’s 710 Labs to see what they had brewing. Boy, do they have something for the people. Releasing in time for July 10th, in limited quantities, is the 710 Labs Marshmallow OG Taster Pack. 

Marshmallow OG from Compound Genetics is a cross of a Chem D x Triangle Kush with Jet Fuel Gelato. 

710’s Taster Pack will include: 

  • One half-ounce of Marshmallow OG Flower. 
  • One gram Marshmallow OG live resin pod. 
  • One gram of Marshmallow OG rosin. 
  • One gram of RSO
  • OG Persy Doink, which is typically 1.5 grams of flower and .5 grams of water hash or rosin. 

The pack will retail at … wait for it … $420. Scoop it up while you can.

Available: California

Heylo: Sour Patch Kids

Heylo Cannabis is a processor in Washington State that’s well-known for its vape cartridges (that CBG Blend is something special). In late July, they’ll be dropping a dabs line for the first time ever. Get excited. 

I reached out to Heylo to see which strain will be rolling out as its debut; they told me Sour Patch Kids (SPK). SPK is a cross of Sour Diesel and Candyland that tastes earthy, gassy, and somewhat sweet.

Available: Washington

Refine x Mt. Baker Homegrown: Ice Cream Cake

Refine x Mt. Baker Homegrown: Ice Cream CakeRefine

Last time I was in Seattle, I hit a dab of Refine’s Orange Cake Loud Rosin and it sat me on my ass for hours. Amazing flavor, amazing high, and it’s all coming from an amazing company. 

Refine’s an extractor in Washington that’s doing the lord’s work. It’s known for its Loud Resin line of  premium hydrocarbon dabs, but recently, they started pushing out a Loud Rosin line too. In July, for the holy oil day of 7/10, Refine will be coming out with two new rosins that I cannot wait to smoke: Wedding Cake and Ice Cream Cake. 

Both strains were grown by Mt. Baker Homegrown. I’m especially hype for the Ice Cream Cake, it’s one of my favorite strains of all time. And if that Orange Cake is any inclination of how it’ll hit, boy … I’m clearing my schedule that day. 

Available: Washington

dosist x Bear Extraction House

Out in California, dosist is pumping out collabs with Bear Extraction House and 710 Labs. The Bear Extraction House run has two new strains in disposable live resin cartridges: OCR and Northern Lights. 

The 710 Labs run has two strains in disposable live resin cartridges: Z. OZ and dolato #10

The Northern Lights has my brain most excited, as it’s one of the most classic, influential cannabis strains ever. The first time I ever had the strain was as flower in college, and one joint of it stunk up the entire complex. The high was crazy sedative too. If the live resin pen from dosist and Bear Extraction House is anything similar, the people that get their hands on it are in for a real treat.

Available: California

Featured image by Dre Hudson/Weedmaps

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