The Best Way to Store Weed

If your weed is cured and stored properly, cannabinoids can remain stable for up to two years.

To properly keep your weed fresh and lasting as long as possible, you need to create an optimal storage environment.

The first things you need to become familiar with are all of the environmental effects that can degrade your weed over time so that you can take the proper precautions and know what to avoid.


Light, particularly sunlight is said to be the biggest factor responsible for the degradation of cannabis during storage. Different spectrums of light affect things differently. In the case of cannabis, harsh UVs can destroy the valuable cannabinoids (like THC) and terpenes in your cannabis plant. Store your cannabis in opaque or lightproof containers and away from direct sunlight.


When it comes to air, this is sort of a “goldilocks” zone issue. Too much oxygen can speed up the degradation process and too little oxygen can have an effect on humidity levels causing mould and mildew. Ideally, if one is available, a vacuum seal is the best way to avoid long-term oxygen exposure. Vacuum sealing is also the best way to avoid humidity levels that cause mould and mildew to form.


Mould needs moisture, but terpenes and cannabinoids need a little too, you can’t let your buds dry out. Long-term storage requires you to maintain proper moisture levels. RH, or relative humidity, is the amount of moisture in the air based on the air’s capacity to hold it. In this case, 59 to 63 RH is where you should be. For a cheap and effective way to do that, we recommend the humidity control solution called Evergreen Pods. They can accurately absorb, or discharge moisture as needed.


There are a couple of unpleasant consequences that result from temperatures that are too high. First, high temperatures evaporate terpenes, resulting in bad flavour and harsh smoke. Second, mould and mildew do well in temperatures around 78 to 86 degrees. So, your storage temperature must be below that. This doesn’t however, automatically mean storing our quality bud in your refrigerator or damp cellar. These locations may increase the moisture content. We think that the best location may just be a closet in a dry basement or just a dark corner.

Other Cannabis Storage Considerations

Canna Wholesalers sells value-priced weed online and is your best source for affordable high-quality BC weed. In addition to the above points, the following considerations will help you take good care of your weed and store it properly.

  • You shouldn’t just stuff it in a tobacco humidor, terpene flavouring can be ruined by the oil from the wood getting absorbed into the flower.
  • Only the cannabis flower should be stored in the container. Keep lighters and pipes out of it. They have another ill-effect on flavour and result in an unpleasant experience.
  • The idea of dropping in some fruit for moisture and enhanced flavour should also be avoided. The weed can become so mouldy from the slice of fruit as to be unusable.
  • The container matters. Plastic jars encourage sweating. Vacuum sealing is best, followed by glass jars.

Buy wholesale weed online from Canna Wholesalers. We think this information will give you what you need to know about keeping it in good condition. At our wholesale prices, you’ll want to know how to properly care of all that great bud.

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