The best portable dab rigs

The rise of portable e-rigs completely revolutionized dab culture. Prior to technology redefining this genre over the past decade, dabbing was considered a sketchy corner of cannabis consumption, nothing like the futuristic market we see today. 

In all honesty, traditional dabbing was kind of sketchy. From the giant torche and the red hot rig, to the anonymous black goo of the early dab days, there was plenty not to love. Despite being one of the most effective and cleanest ways to consume cannabis, questionable factors like these alienated most casual and new consumers.

Since devices like e-rigs and electric dab straws made dabbing more accessible, concentrates — and the devices that vaporize them — have become the fastest growing facet of the weed market. The devices are beautiful, sleek, and user friendly. And as for the concentrates themselves, it’s way better to take a clean hit of extract than it is to take a lung-wrecking bong rip. 

Dabbing on the go is even more discreet. While the smell of smoke lingers, vapor’s gone in an instant. To celebrate these game-changing devices, here are the best portable dab rigs on the market today. 

Puffco Peak Pro

Puffco Peak Pro peak appPuffco

One of the most influential cannabis products of all time, the Peak by Puffco pioneered the electronic dab rig. With its chic, simple design, consuming concentrates became as easy as pushing a button at a time when torches and rigs ruled the market. 

Puffco recently released its follow up, the Puffco Peak Pro, where upgrades focus on future-forward details like app-compatibility and wireless charging, without eclipsing the simplicity of the original design. The hottest device on the market, the Peak Pro has it all, as long as you can afford the $400 price tag.

Price: $399.99

Dr Dabber Switch

Dr. Dabber switchDr. Dabber

Another device that’s worth the splurge, the Switch by Dr. Dabber, is a stellar option that is compatible with both extract and flower. After using mine for over a year in tandem with all other devices on this list, I can say the Switch has the most powerful battery and delivers hits that are closest in potency and vapor density to traditional torch dabbing. 

While the device is technically portable, it’s not exactly the kind of thing you would bring out and about. Part of the reason it’s so powerful is due to its huge battery and elaborate glass bubbler. It’s more of an at-home portable device, great for getting high in lockdown

Price: $399.95

Huni Badger Electric Nectar Collector Delux Kit

Another fabulous device that I would classify as an around-the-home-portable is the Huni Badger Delux Kit by Nectar Collector. 

Nectar Collector, the brand behind the eponymous OG dab straw, debuts a brand new take on the electronic dab straw. This little dude packs a serious punch, truly delivering on their promise of a torchless dab experience. And with its heady glass attachments, hardcore carrying case, and general sense of prowess, it’s worth springing for the Delux Kit edition. 

Price: $449.99

X Vape Vista Mini 2

The amount of power packed into this affordable little e-rig is truly shocking. At $159, you get the full e-rig experience, complete with water filtration, at a fraction of the cost of most of its competitors. While it doesn’t heat quite as evenly as some of the expensive options on this list, it’s a killer option for the casual consumer.

Price: $159

Exxus VRS

The Exxus VRS is a multi-use concentrate vaporizer for the versatile stoner on the go. It functions as a dab straw with water filtration, an e-nail dab rig attachment, and a cartridge vape pen — there’s no end to the combinations of consumption one can dream up. 

Having tried a number of versatile e-nail type products with little luck, I was downright shocked by how well this device works. It fully slaps and provides dab-esque vapor potency in every position.

Price: $119.99

Dr Dabber Boost EVO 

Dr Dabber Boost EVODr. Dabber

The Boost EVO takes a nuanced approach to providing you the perfect dabbing experience. By spending years gathering customer feedback and building proprietary technology, Dr Dabber created a device that is all about temperature control. 

Unlike normal e-rigs that heat up to a point then shut off, their patent-pending temperature control sensor keeps you dialed in throughout your session, complete with six temperature settings to choose from. A fantastic option on our list, it hits like a dream, and is slightly more affordable than comparable devices. 

Price: $329.95

Dip Devices Evri

For a deeply portable take on the electronic dab straw, look no further than the Dip Devices Evri. This insanely versatile product lets you consume in three ways: extracts through the dab straw, 710 vape cartridges through the battery, and a chamber for refillable oil pods. 

This is a reliable and super affordable device that is a great intro to dabbing for those who are curious, but maybe not ready to splurge on a full rig just yet. 

Price: $69.99

Dab Tech Elite Plus

Simple and sexy, the Elite Plus by Dab Tech is all about power. With an insane 3000MAH internal battery, this little electric rig heats all the way from 280 – 800°F with the simple click of a button. Small enough to stow almost anywhere, and strong enough to take up to 40 dabs on a single charge, this inexpensive option is a stand out. 

Price: $199.99

Kandy Pens Oura Odyssey 

This highly limited, highly psychedelic edition of the popular Oura e-rig by Kandy Pens does not disappoint. With the simple touch of a power sensor, the Oura Odyssey delivers consistent, hard hitting vapor in four temperature settings. 

As powerful as it is eye-catching, the Oura is a good buy, it’s a pared down, albeit comparable,  alternative to some of the more expensive options on the market. 

Price: $369.95

Featured image courtesy of Puffco

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