The Best Cannabis Strains for Focus and Clarity

Cannabis, although known to
produce a sedating effect, is also responsible for stimulating concentration.
Hence, it acts as a natural boost for the ones who struggle to stay focused. It
has been widely accepted by artists and sportspersons to increase their
attentiveness towards their work.

How Does Cannabis Stimulate Focus and Concentration?

While there are other methods to preserve concentration, people tend to prefer a more natural way of doing so. Thus, cannabis enters the picture to save the day. Although research in this field is slower than in other fields related to cannabis, people are undertaking their projects to find out more. Researchers at the University of Georgia have attested that marijuana helps drivers drive better. This can be translated directly as a testimony to the fact that weed does help one focus better.

According to an interview given to Civilized, Andrew Mack, founder of OLO,  said marijuana or weed, if taken in proper doses, can increase focus. In the required strains of cannabis, CBD dominates to control the effects of THC. CBD comes in different forms such lotions, lip balms, etc and has numerous health benefits such as cbd lotion for back pain, arthritis and treating anxiety.

Further, the amalgamation of cannabinoids and terpenes works to reduce the effects of psychoactive elements, thus activating creative energy. With the distracting effects in control, people can delve into their work with ample focus and concentration.

There exist plenty of
cannabis strains that can influence creativity. A few of those are listed

Sour Diesel

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Sour Diesel is a combination of two separate genetics, Sativa and Indica, in a seven is to three (7:3) ratio. This comes from four variants of marijuana: Northern Light, Shiva, Original Diesel, and Hawaiian. As a result, strains containing 19% of THC, besides moderate levels of CBD finds usage. The user does enter a high state but with succinct clarity. All distractive patterns usually observed under the influence of psychoactive elements in marijuana disappear to replace it with a surge of creative energy within the user. There are no trippy thoughts and actions. In fact, the person tends to be more aware of even the tiniest detail around him or her.

OG Kush

cannabis strains to relieve pain

As opposed to the previous candidate, OG Kush contains Indica and Sativa in a three to two (3:2) ratio. Bred from three classic permutations of the cannabis plant- Chem Dawg, Pakistani Kush, and Lemon Thai, it achieves a high state that induces calm and relaxation in a user. In spite of the 75% of Indica that is usually associated with psychoactive behavior, it succeeds in entering this list of artistic preferences. Further, 19% THC and an average amount of CBD makes the effect faster and retains it for a longer time.

Green Punch

Punch is a derivative of two variants which also gives it its name: Green crack
and Purple Punch. These two alternatives donate their most dominating
properties to Green Punch, making it versatile. While Purple Punch is more of
Indica that works towards stoning a person, Green Crack is the alternative that
induces more energy and motivation. Hence, the amalgamation of these strains
produces a variation that can help one focus deeply, while also stimulating a
subtle feeling of high that brings patience and eases tension. The THC content
in this is 20%, making it more effective in allowing the flow of creative

Lemon Shining Silver Haze

A crossbreed of Lemon Skunk
and Shining Silver Haze, this strain shows characteristics only an avid smoker
can handle. This is clearly not for the newer ones who are simply trying a few
joints. Lemon Shining Silver Haze consists of 21% of THC, driven by Indica and
Sativa in a three is to two (3:2) ratio. This works wonders for analysts and
researchers who require concentration to sit and do their work for hours
together. In novices, however, the high state can go out of control and end up
stoning the person strongly.

Additional Marijuana Strains

While a few of the
dominating names in this field find a position here, there a few that deserve a
place in this article. A few more effective ones are as follows:

  1. Royal Jack Automatic
  2. Lamb’s Beard
  3. Durban Poison
  4. Chem Dawg
  5. Maui Waui

Where to Buy These Cannabis Strains?

Buying discounted sour diesel seeds has become way easier than what it used to be a few years back, owing to the legalization of the same in 33 states across America. Some people still feel skeptical and socially embarrassed about buying weed.  The reason behind this is the taboo associated with the same. This is where online shops come in handy. Online dispensaries, such as, have authentic authorization to sell marijuana in proper quantities.


Due to extensive research
and the willingness to accept the properties of marijuana in the medical
fraternity, the last few years have seen progress in this realm. Although this
particular portion of properties remains comparatively unscathed in terms of exploration,
there certainly exists a boost among the common men. People have shown interest
in this line of research, hence accepting change with open arms.

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