The 8 best strains for crushing your at home yoga flow

Whether you’re easing gently into a series of deep asanas or feeling fired up for an intermediate vinyasa flow, practicing yoga can be markedly enhanced with the right strain of cannabis. There are several cannabis cultivars that are excellent bronchodilators, supporting the deep, even breathing that yoga compels. Other strains are superb muscle relaxers, helping even the stiffest among us maneuver into a prolonged Utkatasana. But, more than physical support, many phenotypes can help quiet the mind, opening up pathways to deeply meditative flows and an unimpeded stream of prana.

For consumers practicing yoga in the safety of their own home, partaking in a bit of cannabis pre-pose can transform an already valuable, restorative workout into a transcendental cosmic adventure. Next time you pull out the mat for some traditional Hatha work or even some tantric exploration, consider one of these eight strains to help you get the most of your session, both physically and spiritually. 


Slurricane’s genetics make it a popular strain for winding down, but rather than sinking into a couch-locked slumber, consider utilizing this strain’s reportedly profound physical relaxation to explore deeper, more intense yoga poses. 

Those who favor Slurricane herald the cultivar for its cushy onset, potent euphoria, and considerable body stone, all of which are effects that could potentially be tapped into for an ultra low-stakes workout done mostly in repose.

Slurricane is an extra-sugary cross of Dosidos and Purple Punch, both strains known for their abundant trichomes. In addition to snow covered buds, expect a perfume of fruity, earthy, funk and a peppery-sweet exhale. 


Zkittlez was bred from a cross of Grape Ape and Grapefruit, and though its genetics lean toward indica, its effects can skew mildly energetic, depending on the consumer’s resting state. 

This strain’s effects are strongly cerebral, with fans reporting a bright, creative euphoria that tapers neatly into a calming body high. Zkittlez has a relatively low THC percentage, in fact, the median is about 15%. If you’re flowing through poses with the intention of shuffling into relaxation soon after, a puff of Zkittlez may make the transition that much smoother.

Zkittlez is a highly awarded strain often noted for its intense candy-sweetness. Expect dark green, finely sugared nugs with strong, complex layers of tropical fruit, citrus, and ripe berries in both the fragrance and the exhale. 

Kush Mints

Aspiring yogis who prefer a milder indica vibe may want to consider Kush Mints, an indica-leaning hybrid with a precise parity of calm physical relaxation and vibrant creative bliss. This cultivar was bred from a cross of Bubba Kush and Animal Mints, and the resulting flowers are dense and crystally. Consumers report highs that are manageably weightless and euphoric, working to both uplift moods and calm the superficial aches and pains that might impede a body from truly relaxing into a fully satisfying flow. 

Kush Mints, as the name suggests, features a minty terpene profile with subtle notes of citrus and sweet herbs, though many swear they taste cookies as well. 

RudeBoi OG

One balanced, versatile hybrid that’s responsive enough to support both breaking a sweat and a night of lounging is RudeBoi OG. Though this cultivar’s genetics lean ever so slightly toward indica, its bouncier body highs are reported just as often as its sleepiness. Those who want to get lost in their flow without sputtering out halfway through may find a certain value in the considerate balance of both indica and sativa effects in this cultivar. 

RudeBoi OG is a cross of Irene OG and Face Off OG, displaying deep green, compact nugs  veined with vivid orange hairs and sparkling trichomes. Expect an earthy aroma reminiscent of fresh brewed coffee, mint, pine, and sage and a grassy, botanical exhale with a subtle peppery finish.


Not everyone’s yoga flow is a zen, candlelit affair. Some flows incorporate energetic, modern dance and aerobic elements. Those routines designed to activate your day or invigorate your afternoon may benefit from a bit of Jazz pre-workout. 

Jazz is a semi-rare strain with mysterious genetics that some attribute to Haze and others attribute to pure landrace lineage. The jury may still be out in regards to parentage, but the effects are well documented. This strain is a sativa-forward hybrid with intensely euphoric effects that consumers report as borderline manic, but comfortably manageable when used before an engaging physical activity, like Bikram twerk yoga or rooftop samba yoga.  

Jazz flowers are deep green nugs accented with dark orange hairs and a cashmere coating of crystals. Expect a peppery, citrusy mouthfeel with top notes of mint and pine, and a rich aroma of tropical fruit, candied lemon, and understated funk. 

Durban Cookies

Arguably the hardest part of a workout, even a low-impact yoga flow, is motivating yourself to engage in the activity in the first place. Showing up, even to the yoga mat in your own living space, can sometimes be arduous. On days when getting on the mat feels like a challenge in itself, a few puffs of Durban Cookies may turn those vibes around altogether. 

Durban Cookies is an exhilarating cross of Durban Poison and GSC, both uplifting strains in their own right, but when crossed produce a flower that reportedly delivers considerable therapeutic effects as well as its parent strains’ trademark euphoric energy.  

Durban Cookies flowers are bright green, dense, and lightly sugared with trichomes. Expect a nuanced fragrance profile with notes of roasted coffee, pine, and mint, and the familiar, sweet, vanilla cookie exhale of GSC.

Lilac Diesel

Balance is a crucial element of both a yoga flow and a deliberately cultivated hybrid strain, so if your flow is feeling a bit lopsided, consider course-correcting with a phenotype for which balance is the primary objective. 

Lilac Diesel is an elegant cross of  Silver Lemon Haze, Forbidden Fruit, Citral Glue, Chem D I95, NYC Diesel and Cherry Pie, all of which are artfully incorporated into a perfectly balanced 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid. The highs are reportedly sparkling and energetic, with effects that are invigorating, mood lifting, and gently relaxing — all in equal measure. 

Lilac Diesel’s flowers are cushy and broad, with a subtle violet undertone in both the nug and the trichomes. Expect a potent diesel perfume with sweet berry undertones and a hearty, gassy exhale.

Night Queen

Initially bred for therapeutic use, this indica-forward hybrid was originally part of heritage breeder Hank van Dalen’s line of medicinal strains in the late 80s. Night Queen has a particular efficacy in treating insomnia and chronic pain, but the creeping sedative effects have the potential to launch a basic flow into the psychotropic stratosphere. Night Queen’s reported introspective, meditative, astral-plane adjacent head high is accompanied by a languid, elastic body high, perfect for deep cavernous breaths and sustained, supple, stretches.

Night Queen’s nugs have a deep olive complexion accentuated with tones of indigo and amethyst. Expect a grassy botanical aroma with suggestions of sweet peppercorns and overripe berries, and a peppery exhale with a dank, floral aftertaste.

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