The 6 best strains for Scorpio season

On October 23, if you wake up feeling a bit feistier, sleeker, more in tune with your divine masculine side, and maybe a bit more inclined to wear all-black everything, you might be feeling the intense energy of Scorpio season. From October 23 to November 21, Scorpio season is particularly goth, encapsulating all the veil-crossing holidays of the calendar year: Halloween, Samhain, All Saints Day, and Día de Los Muertos.

But that’s not to say every Scorpio is an aesthetic vampire in Victorian couture. Rather, it’s the peak-spooky, harvest finale, pre-deep-dark-winter energy that influences its gothy reputation. That, as well as the intense vibes associated with death and rebirth that hang in the atmosphere well past the autumn equinox, gives Scorpio the arguably witchiest reputation of the Zodiac.

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Scorpio is a fixed water sign that is both deeply emotional and affectingly serious, representing intuition, curiosity, and awareness. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, giving the sign potent dominant energy, but there is a soft vulnerability as well. Which, if you keep company with Scorpios, you probably already know about. They tend to be fearless risk-takers, passionate lovers, and provocative enigmas whose deep thoughts remain a mystery to all but those closest to them.

So, next time you’re looking to feel a bit witchy, gothy, or just deep and mysterious, try one of these six strains, and ideally, you can dial into those distinctly dark and sensual Scorpio energies just like magic.

Aliens on Moonshine

This low-THC (7 – 9% on average) hybrid cross of Sour Alien and White Moonshine may have a reputation as a therapeutic strain, but recreational consumers may find this smoke just as complex and robust as other, more potent strains.

For daytime smokers, consumers report an introspective, high-functioning head effect, and a soothing body buzz that can potentially curb chronic pain. The elevated CBD levels also make this a great strain for novice or therapeutic consumers who are lightly treading into more psychoactive waters. When your Scorpio season vibes need a bit of calming, AOM might be the cultivar to keep you chill.

Expect a fruity, gassy, citrus nose and commensurately sweet-skunk exhale.


Brandywine is a rare hybrid strain known for its potent sedative effects which are airy enough for daytime use. Brandywine’s elevated THC percentage (30% and up) keeps it mainly relegated to varsity potheads, but mid-tolerance smokers that want in on the action may expect intense, euphoric head highs swaddled in extra cushiony body highs. Lower tolerance smokers should keep it to one or two puffs, lest you become overwhelmed by a reportedly sexy, over-thinking high and end up proverbial Scorpio roadkill.

Expect a flowery, sweet, slightly earthy perfume and a candy-sweet mouthfeel.

Incredible Power

Mars and Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planets, are both bringers of aggressive, masculine energy, which is not always a bad thing. Scorpio season pushes us to tap into our divine masculinity, regardless of our gender constructs. That connection can recharge your passion, power, and vitality, but when it’s all just too fucking much, Incredible Power might be a panacea for all that, hard-to-shake, hot dad energy.

Bred from a cross of AC/DC, Omitra, and Blue Power, Incredible Power is reportedly a super-soothing cultivar, perfect for winding down or for sleep support. Incredible Power typically features a 1:1 THC:CBD profile, with an average of 12% THC. Consumers report joyful highs that unfurl into tranquility, and most often, hella deep sleep.

Expect a pine-forward terpene profile with lingering citrus exhale.

The Blood

The Blood is an appropriately named phenotype of Chemdawg BX4, known for its distinctly calming, balanced effects and its red-haired buds. Consumers report swooning onsets that evaporate into unfocused calm — an admirable balance of intensity and ease. It’s also reported to have a potency that can prove sedative if not used with caution. Either way, the high sounds spot on for Scorpio Season: intense effects that reveal a softer, more manageable underside, but if you overdo it, the strain will fight you. Honestly, iconic Scorpio behavior.

Expect buds with bright blushes of red hair, a sour, peppery nose, and a piney, astringent exhale.

The Church

This cross of Super Skunk, Erdbeer, and Northern Lights is either humming with uplifting Sunday service vibes or gothic graveyard vibes, depending on your reverent reference. That is to say: this strain is particularly celebratory, but its genetics are sedative enough for it to stop just short of a holy ghost hullabaloo.

Consumers report that The Church is social but not manic, soothing but not sedative, and spacey but not sluggish. Keep this cultivar in the stash box for whenever you need to summon cool Scorpio-party vibes.

Expect a funky, spicy, sweet perfume and a flowery, berry-sweet mouthfeel.

Love Potion #1

Most of these Scorpio-themed cultivars err on the side of chilled-out relaxation, Love Potion #1, on the other hand, is popular for its stimulating, arousing, and energetic highs. Call on your sexiest inner Scorpio and smolder alongside this strain next time you’re feeling mysterious and sensual.

Consumers report buzzy, hyper-sexual effects, but of course, your results may vary. THC percentages linger below 20%, so even novice smokers can use this Love Potion #1 to lean into their sensual expertise.

Expect a bright, botanical aroma and a commensurately herbal exhale.

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