The 5 Best Pipe Coffee Mugs

If you’re someone who likes to wake and bake, pipe coffee mugs were designed for you! These aren’t your regular pipes and they definitely aren’t your regular mugs.

In this post we will go through five of the best pipe coffee mugs available on the market. Something important to note; If the price we say and the price you see do not match up, it’s because we have converted the prices to $USD. Some of these mugs are sold in $CAD so we went ahead and converted them all to $USD.

What are Pipe Coffee Mugs

Pipe coffee mugs are mugs with a bowl on the side of the mug that connects to a mouth piece on the handle. Sometimes the design of a pipe coffee mug differ, but they are all built with the same concept that matches the name perfectly. A mug combined with a pipe.

Smoke Cartel Pipe Mugs

Smoke cartel sells one of the best pipe coffee mugs available. The link I’ve used is a link to the product page of 11 different pipe coffee mugs. However, all of these mugs are the same product with a different design on them.

These are great pipe mugs and for $25 you can’t go wrong!

Wake & Toke Pipe Mug

The woke and toke mug, unlike the smoke cartel mug, is a much less discrete pipe mug. It does however, have a choke and a decent sized bowl piece. There are a few different design options with this pipe mug and overall it is built very well.

The best part about this mug is that it’s only $17!

Higher Times Pipe Mug

The Higher times pipe coffee mug is another pipe coffee mug from amazon. It’s almost identical to the woke and toke mug and is another one of the best pipe mugs available. Again, for $17 you can not go wrong!

Stoner Dad Pipe Mugs

The stoner dad pipe coffee mug is perfect for all of our stoner dad friends out there! Another great feature of these mugs is that if you do have young children in the house, this can be left out in plain sight and they will (most likely) just think it’s a regular mug.

Unicorn Pipe Mug

The unicorn pipe coffee mug is a little bit more expensive than some of the others on this list. However, this mug is definitely worth it! Who wouldn’t want to drink their morning coffee & smoke their morning bowl out of a unicorn!

For $24 you’re guaranteed to love this mug!

Ceramic Coffee Mug Pipe

This ceramic pipe mug from bcsmokeshop is for minimalistic people. It comes in black, white & chrome. This mug isn’t going to stand out in your pantry, and it’s not going to get too many second looks from friends.

If you want a pipe coffee mug and you’re looking for something a little more subtle, this is the one for you! This pipe coffee mug is $18 and is a great pipe mug all around!

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