Swami Select: Nurturing cannabis with intention and spirituality

In the serene mountains of northern Mendocino County, California, Swami Select is a source of inspiration for regenerative farming and spiritual connection within the cannabis industry. The farm, founded by Swami Chaitanya and his wife Nikki, embraces a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability, holistic farming techniques, and integrating spirituality into its craft. 

A defining aspect of their approach is Swami’s unique ritual of talking to the plants, respectfully seeking their consent before every harvest. 

Swami tending to his cannabisGina Coleman/Weedmaps
Swami Chaitanya tending to his cannabis

Swami Chaitanya Vishvakarma Ganjananda embarked on a transformative journey during the iconic hippie era of the 1960s. Born out of the cultural revolution and infused with the teachings of Indian yoga philosophy, his quest for spiritual enlightenment blended with his exploration of cannabis. His pilgrimage through India, documented in the film Sunseed, marked a pivotal moment in his life.

He underwent a metamorphosis in a profound spiritual experience, transcending into his namesake. “Swami” became more than a title; it encapsulated his divine purpose — to share the spiritual dimensions of life and cannabis with the world. “Ganjananda literally means the bliss of cannabis, and that’s also part of my assignment,” he affirmed. 

Cannabis plant at Swami SelectGina Coleman/Weedmaps
Fresh cannabis grown by Swami

Every aspect of the garden’s design, from its layout to its intricate patterns, is imbued with the principles of sacred geometry and grown with intention. It symbolizes the cosmic harmony and interconnectedness that underpin Swami’s cultivation methods.

At the farm, every plant is revered as a sentient being deserving of respect and acknowledgment. Swami’s unique harvesting technique involves seeking consent from each plant before harvest — an intimate dialogue between the cultivator and the cannabis. This profound communion highlights his reverence for nature and belief in all life forms’ interconnectedness.

Cultivating consciousness and the challenges of modern cannabis

The Sri Yantra, a revered symbol of integrated energies, guides Swami’s meditations and inspires the cultivation process. Through mindful attention and spiritual alignment, he cultivates cannabis as an expression of divine energy, nurturing plants that embody the essence of their environment. Moreover, he emphasizes the synergy between the plant, the environment, and the people tending to it. 

“Prioritize sustainability, support local farmers, and embrace the transformative power of conscious cannabis consumption.” — Swami Chaitanya

“The plant becomes an expression of the environment where it’s grown,” Swami explained. Each plant receives individualized attention, reflecting his commitment to fostering a harmonious relationship between cultivator and crop. He aptly noted, “The best fertilizer in your garden is the farmer’s shadow on the plant,” underscoring the significance of personal engagement and care in nurturing cannabis to its fullest potential.

Sungrown cannabis at Swami SelectGina Coleman/Weeedmaps
Sungrown cannabis at Swami Select

Swami Select’s journey intersects with important moments in cannabis legislation. From the groundbreaking Proposition 215 to the comprehensive regulations of Prop 64, Swami witnessed the evolution of cannabis law in California. Despite legislative progress, challenges persist in the industry, with market saturation and financial pressures threatening small-scale, sustainable farming practices.

Amidst these challenges, he advocates for a return to the roots of cannabis cultivation. By supporting local farmers committed to ethical, regenerative practices, consumers can access premium-quality cannabis grown with care and reverence. His message resonates: “Prioritize sustainability, support local farmers, and embrace the transformative power of conscious cannabis consumption.”

Swami smoking cannabis from his farmGina Coleman/Weedmaps
Swami smoking cannabis from his farm

As the cannabis industry navigates evolving landscapes, Swami Select remains committed to spiritual integrity and regenerative farming. With each harvest, Swami and Nikki infuse their labor of love with spiritual consciousness, honoring the sacred bond between humanity and nature.

Embracing the future of weed with spiritual integrity

For those seeking a deeper connection with cannabis and the earth, Swami Select offers more than just a product; it provides a pathway to spiritual awakening and sustainable living. “We grow with love,” he shared, “We cultivate with consciousness, and we harvest with reverence — for the plants, the land, and the journey of enlightenment.”

Swami Select lights the way in a world yearning for harmony and connection. It’s a sanctuary where spirituality and cannabis converge, nurturing not just plants but souls.

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