It's time to finally live a clutter-free weed lifestyle.

As summer fast progresses, it’s the perfect time to throw open the windows and refresh your space — cannabis space included. A deep clean can have incredible uplifting effects on the mind, so if you’ve been putting off your spring clean organization, today’s the day to finally bite the bullet and break out the cleaning supplies.

In the wake of Marie Kondo‘s rising popularity — and all manner of “sparking joy” throughout your home — your weed inventory shouldn’t be neglected during a deep scrub. Below, check out the ultimate guide to keeping an organized and fresh space for all your cannabis gear. 

Assess your inventory

Have you been holding onto old pipes and bongs for years? Do you have a couple of pot cookies getting stale in the back of your pantry? 

Go through your entire collection of cannabis goods and lay them all out in front of you. Organize and group pieces by type: pipes, bongs, flower, concentrates, and edibles — this will give you a full visual of what you have. 

Then, go over all nooks and crannies for any type of gear you may have left behind. You may be surprised by just how much stuff you’ve acquired over the years. 

Find what brings you joy

After you’ve grouped and laid out every cannabis accessory and product you own, hold each item in your hand and rigorously assess which ones truly spark joy. Set aside any items that you use religiously or daily as “keeps.” 

Next, you’ll want to determine which products have been collecting dust, as well as those you have forgotten about completely until just now. Do you really need four bongs, six pipes, a pile of glass jars, or those empty disposable vape pens you’ve been collecting for some reason? In a separate pile or box, set aside the pieces you know you can get rid of without feeling a sense of emptiness from letting them go.

You also may be holding onto pieces that possess wonderful memories — these can be considered keepsakes, but only if it isn’t everything in your collection. It’s up to you to determine which items you wish to hold onto purely for the joyous memories they procure. But be sure the memories are truly joyous and you’re not a pining over that pipe you once shared with an ex who you no longer speak to or friend who may have walked out of your life. Now’s the time to start anew with a sense of cheer rather than loss. 

Optimize and clean

Now that you’ve determined which pieces stay and which pieces go, it’s time to scrub them all down. Set aside time to put in a little elbow grease for your new, pared-back collection. 

Follow our various cleaning guides:

For any vapes or rolling trays, you can simply wipe them down with a cleansing wipe for a fast refresh. 

Gift, use, or clear out

Has a friend been eyeing that old grinder or papers you haven’t touched in months? It’s time to give it all away. If you know you won’t be using your cannabis accessories, or they’ve been sitting around for an eternity, just gift them. You’ll be sparking joy with both yourself and your mates with this generosity. 

If you bought a strain here and there and hated the effects when smoked but continue to hold onto those little jars of nugs, consider turning them into homemade topicals or cannabis butter. You can use up the strains without the smoke and can instead use them to treat arthritis, sore muscles, or add a touch of stone to any dinner plate. 

Last, as hard as it is to let go, you may need to throw away any broken or damaged pieces. As much as you’ve told yourself that you’ll fix them in the past if they’re still broken to this day, it’s time to let go and toss. 

Refresh your cannabis space

Wherever you kept your cannabis products — be it a shelf, drawer, stashbox, etc. — open it up, wipe down the whole area, and let it air out for a couple of hours. You can even run a fan over the space for extra clearance. This will get rid of any stale smells and bring back a sense of peace and calm surrounding your cannabis collection.

Lastly, re-organize your cannabis products to their rightful home — keep all items in one designated spot and organize them by category for easy searching. 

You have now Konmari’d your cannabis gear. Everything should be sparkling clean, organized to the nines, and totally pared down. Bonus: you can treat yourself after all this hard work by lighting up and kicking back. 

Illustrations by David Lozada/Weedmaps

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