Infused Tips, Tricks, and Products for when you have a Cold or Flu

As the cold and flu season rears its ugly head, ingesting harsh cannabis smoke can be far from anyone’s to-do list. But if you’re suffering from intense symptoms, or rely on medical weed to reduce other pains and ailments occurring in your day to day life, giving up cannabis to recover from a cold can be a unpleasant decision.

Well, you’re in luck: cannabis legalization and the explosion of the market have created a lucrative field in which multiple products and methods of consumption have thrived — sans smoke.  

Keep your joints and loose flower tucked away for a rainy day, and check our tips and tricks to getting through the cold or flu without giving up the elevation.

Sanitize Yourself and Avoid Sharing With Friends

CBD Cure – Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer

First things first: if you’re feeling that little tingling in the back of your throat, avoid friends and loved ones at all costs. We know it sounds obvious, but we have to say it. Wash your hands and consider carrying around this convenient hand sanitizer chock-full of organic ingredients and 150 milligrams of skin-healing CBD.

Available: Nationwide

Price: $25

Relax or Energize with THC and CBD Tea or Coffee

Kikoko — Honeyshot Snooze Tea

One of our very own employees here at Weedmaps, Victoria Bortle, recently experienced a terrible bout of flu. When asked what her favorite products were that got her through the sickness, she raved about Kikoko’s infused teas. The Honeyshot Snooze is made with New Zealand manuka honey and 1 milligrams melatonin — plus 2 milligrams CBN to 2 milligrams THC for added relaxation.

Available: California

Price: $7 — Find Kikoko products on Weedmaps

Canyon — 1:1 Nitro Coffee

Need a pick-me-up when a cold has knocked you out? Energize with Canyon’s fresh 2.5 milligrams CBD: 2.5 milligrams THC Nitro Cold Brew.

Available: Colorado

Price: $10

Get a Healing Night’s Sleep With Infused Sleep Aids

Charlotte’s Web – CBD Gummies for Sleep

Packed with healing phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, Charlotte’s Web offers 10 milligrams of CBD to 3 milligrams of melatonin with their loaded 60-count of full-spectrum gummies. Drift off to dreamland and wake up refreshed.

Available: Nationwide

Price: $54.99 

Kin Slips – Shut Eye: Sleep & Serenity

With the taste of mint and chamomile and 5 milligrams of CBD to 5 milligrams of CBN, Kin Slips‘ dissolvable slips release the perfect dose for a comfortable and deep shut-eye. Each pack contains 10 slips, giving you the option of a higher dose if need be.

Available: California

Price: $49.50 

Find Relief With a Cannabis Headache Reliever

Kiva Confections — Kiva Caminos: Freshly Squeezed

The Journal of Pain reported that cannabis can reduce migraine pain by up to 50%. Between sips of Kikoko tea, Bortle also loved popping Kiva Caminos when she was let up with the flu and suffering from achy headaches. Delicious, bright and teaming with revitalizing ingredients such as ginseng and milk thistle, the Freshly Squeezed Caminos also offer 1 milligram of THC to 9 milligrams of CBD.

Available: California

Price: $19 — Find Kiva Confections products on Weedmaps

Papa and Barkley — Releaf Balm

A customer favorite and true pain-reliever, Papa and Barkley’s Releaf Balm includes calming ingredients such as lavender and eucalyptus, along with full-spectrum CBD. We recommend rubbing a small amount into the scalp in the morning, then building on the product throughout the day for total relief from a flu-induced headache.

Available: Nationwide

Price: $30-$40

Cozy up With a Warm Blanket

Rawganique — Organic Hemp Blanket

No need to embrace fever chills and cold feet when you’re experiencing the worst flu of your life. Enter Rawganique’s cozy hemp blanket. The fabric is extra-breathable, letting you either warm up or stay comfortably cool. Bonus: chemical-free, organic, biodegradable and sweatshop-free – this is a blanket we can get under.

Available: Nationwide

Price: Varies by size

Avoid Harsh Smoke With These No-Smoke Methods

Volcano Vaporizer

A cannabis classic, the Volcano Vaporizer offers clean vapor over harsh smoke if you’re feeling the need to inhale. Though coming in at a whopping price tag, this vaporizer will outlast the flu season year after year. Simply load it up and breathe in what feels like light, infused air — no coughing or hacking for sensitive lungs.

Available: Nationwide

Price: $479

Mary’s Medicinals — Transdermal Patches

Don’t have $500 laying around for a brand new vaporizer? Don’t worry, neither do we. Instead, place Mary’s Medicinals famous transdermal patches in CBD, CBN, THC or CBD:THC anywhere on the body and sink into relaxation and all-day relief.

Available: All recreational and medical states

Price: $10 — $15 (varies by state) — Find Mary’s Medicinals on Weedmaps

Indulge in Healthy Edibles and Infused Hot Soup

Somatik — 1:1 Dark Chocolate Golden Berry Sparks

Skip the intense sugar-laden candies and sodas. Instead, opt for something healthier to help your body fight illness with Somatik’s 1:1 Dark Chocolate Golden Berry Sparks. Made with vegan chocolate, vitamin C rich golden berries, adaptogenic maca root and a 1:1 blend of THC to CBD, grab a pack and start building up your body’s immune system.

Available: California

Price: $21 — Find Somatik products on Weedmaps

Sira Naturals — Flavorless 1:1 Tincture

Nothing feels as good as a steaming spoonful of soup warming up your entire body. Though there’s not much available in pre-made infused soups, consider adding a flavorless tincture to your favorite chicken noodle or hot tomato.

Available: Massachusetts

Price: $60 — Find Sira Naturals products on Weedmaps

Soothe Achy Muscles With a Massage Cube or Infused Bath Soak

Koa+Roy — 200 milligrams CBD Massage Cube

Hand-crafted in small batches and formulated with plant-based products, this potent massage cube will soothe your muscles and relax the whole body when sickness attacks. Plus, you can help save the world: one tree is planted for every Koa+Roy massage cube purchase.

Available: Nationwide

Price: $55 

Om — 1:1 Cannabis-infused Epsom Salts

A relaxing soak in a hot bath is straight-up heavenly when dealing with the flu. Om’s 25 milligrams CBD : 25 milligrams THC is extra potent for the ultimate calm. Ingredients include apricot kernel and jojoba oils for a rich feel to go with your tranquil state of mind.

Available: California

Price: $20

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