How And Why To Take A Cannabis Tolerance-Break

Cannabis Tolerance

Everyone builds up a tolerance to cannabis eventually. That’s why there is potency for the more experienced consumer compared to that advised for a lesser experienced or even first-time cannabis consumer. Part of that experience may be because the first-time user doesn’t know what to expect, but it is also true that as you continue to consume cannabis, the more weed you’ll need to attain the level of high you did initially.

As you continue with constant consumption, you will experience diminishing returns. Your ability to feel the high begins to plateau.

A Tolerance Break

If you’re missing that full-on, all-encompassing buzz, and that wonderful giggly perspective, followed by raging munchies, you can take a break so you can bring your built-up tolerance down. If you take a break and refresh your system, you can begin again and feel the way you did when you started smoking.

Why Take a Tolerance Break?

Tolerance breaks “clean the slate.” By taking some time off, you can detox the body from built-up THC. A key result is that the effects will be heightened with lesser amounts than you’ve been consuming. You not only enjoy it more, but you are also accessing a stash that has been saved for this special occasion, allowing you to ease up on the amount you spend every month. A good way to see if you are completely detoxed is to take a drug test. This will help you determine the length of time needed if the situation arises in the future.

Is a Tolerance Break even Possible?

You can reset your body’s tolerance to cannabis. Studies have shown that more extensive cannabis users experience less effect from cannabinoids than do first-time or occasional consumers. Side-by-side studies show that in subjects given a placebo show that their tolerance decreases over time and so experience more heightened effects once cannabinoid-rich cannabis is reintroduced. So, is it possible to break your tolerance? Yes. It’s also a good idea.

To completely rid yourself of THC, if you are an excessive consumer, the process will require from about three weeks to a month. This amount of time may vary depending on your general level of health, fitness level, hydration, weight, and age.

Tips for Reducing Your Tolerance

There are ways to help your body detox from THC.

Stop: This one is pretty obvious– Stop consuming cannabis. This will start the detox process. It is also advisable to stop taking CBD products as many full-spectrum products still contain small amounts of THC.

Make a Plan: Occupy your time with other things. This is easier if you have a plan. Choose activities that do not trigger an urge to consume. You may even find that time at home can be spent taking a nap, or doing a hobby.

Fitness: THC actually metabolizes in fatty tissue. Burning fat reduces the kind of tissue THC uses to metabolize before it is excreted via urine, and so it follows that increased hydration accelerates this process. Also, become familiar with a diet that avoids foods that hinder the detox process.

Detox Kits: A detox kit can accelerate the process, especially if you utilize a kit in conjunction with a good fitness program. Also, consider a “same day detox drink” as part of your process.

Sometimes “cold turkey” is tough. You may find that reducing your amount, or micro-dosing, might make it easier to work your way into a tolerance break.

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