Gift guide: 8 cannabis products your mom will love

The dynamic between cannabis and motherhood has evolved infinitely in the past few years. What used to be seen as an irresponsible outlet for unfit mothers has now grown to take the place of wine for many moms — and meds for even more. 

While it may be true that most moms opt for a low-dose edible or hit off a vape pen when it comes time to unwind, a lot of moms like to get high. Like, really high. 

Not only is the idea that moms can’t handle heady bongs or high-dose products sexist, it’s not at all reflective of the reality that we exist in, and especially the impending reality when weed becomes federally legal. 

So to celebrate this new age of weed and mothering, we’ve rounded up the best Mother’s Day canna-gifts on the market, with a range in potency and stoner-energy to suit everyone from the canna-curious, recently reformed wine mom, to the lifelong stoners who stay slaying those PTA meetings. 

Luxe Marble Stash Box with 48 Pre-rolls by Wyllow

Luxe Marble Stash Box with 48 Pre-rolls by Wyllow
Photo courtesy of Wyllow

It’s hard to imagine a better gift than a magical marble box filled with 48 mini prerolls. Just in time for Mother’s Day, the woman-owned cannabis brand Wyllow has launched just that with their Luxe Marble Stash Box.

This beautifully designed marble box contains 48 pre-rolls (12g of cannabis total), which come in three premium exotic cultivars: Zeta Sage (sativa), Afghan White Gold (Indica), and Short Cake (a diamond-infused sativa-dominant hybrid). 

These little joints pack a serious punch, and were grown with an attention to creating a well-rounded high with a balance of terpenes and cannabinoids, as opposed to focusing on high THC alone, meaning they make you feel good, not just get you stoned. 

These limited edition boxes are available at select dispensaries, check Wyllow stockist for more info. 

Available: California 

PLUS Blood Orange Hash Rosin Gummies 

PLUS Blood Orange Hash Rosin Gummies
Photo courtesy of PLUS

Solventless, chic, and fit for a queen, PLUS’s Blood Orange Hash Rosin gummies are made with hash rosin, a solventless concentrate of the highest quality, and are gorgeous enough to excite even the mellowest of mamas. 

These limited edition run of strain-specific gummies are infused with cold water hash by Biscotti, extracted from MAC flower, a hybrid strain that is as exciting as it is relaxing — perfect for getting shit done without stressing about it. Bursting with notes of citrus, flowers, and sunshine, the flavor is as fantastic as the high. 

Available: California


Wunder is a killer line of cannabis infused sparkling beverages that’s ideal for moms looking to replace alcohol with something a little more fun and a lot less toxic. 

Whether your mom is a noobie or a pro, Wunder has you covered with two varieties of potency. High Vibes contains 10 milligrams Delta 9 (for the mind), and 10 milligrams Delta 8 (for the body), and Sessions packs a lighter punch with 2 milligrams THC Delta 9, 2 milligrams THC Delta 8, and 2 milligrams CBD. Both come in flavors like Lemon Ginger, Watermelon Basil, and Blood Orange, and are the perfect cocktail replacement — or ingredient — that’s sure to take the edge off. 

Available: California

Terra Vita Relax, Revive, and Recover Bath Salts 

Few things in this life are as decadent and relaxing as a broad-spectrum CBD bath. Terra Vita has released some of the finest on the market with their Relax, Revive and Recover CBD bath salts

Whether your mom is looking to wind down with Relax, an aromatherapy blend for peace of mind, ramp up with Revive, a blend to promote skin detox, or recuperate with Recover, a muscle soak designed to fight soreness and inflammation, each contain a blend of oils, salts, herbs and broad-spectrum CBD designed to invigorate the body and mind.

Available: Nationwide

Empire Glass Rose Mini Water Pipe

This beautiful water pipe from Empire Glass offers an elevated way to gift your mom roses this holiday. That is, in addition to the other kind of flower she should receive with this gift as well.

Small and sweet, this little bong measures a mere nine inches, perfect for the stoner mom who wants to keep it cute while creating thick, stoney clouds. 

Available: Nationwide

Oasis Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Almond, and Nougat Bars 

A twist on classic chocolate Turtles, these new Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Almond and Nougat Bars by Oasis are perfect for the super stoner mom with a sweet tooth. 

From their organic, fair-trade ingredients to the flower they grow themselves, Oasis produces some of the highest quality — and most potent — edibles on the market. This little bar clocks in at 50 milligrams THC, so unless your mom’s been smoking since the sixties, make sure she only takes a nibble.

Available: California

New Phase Blends Sleep Tincture 

For many moms, especially new ones, there is no sweeter gift than a night of great sleep. With this proprietary Sleep tincture by New Phase Blends, you can give her just that. 

Full disclosure, I try a lot of sleep tinctures in this line of work, and this is one the best I’ve ever tried. Its patent-pending blend of CBD extract and melatonin formulation knocked me out in minutes, with no exaggeration. 

Available: Nationwide

Blackbox Stash Box 

Last but not least, is the Blackbox Stash Box by Kulbi. Two of the main issues for moms who use cannabis is discretion and keeping their medicine away from the kiddies. 

With this wholly smell-proof and easy locking stash box, the mom in your life will be able to keep her weed products secret, safe, and right where she wants them. 

Available: Nationwide

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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