Gift guide: 7 stocking stuffers with unique cannabinoids

The holidays are usually the most stressful time of year — even without the weight of the pandemic currently pressing down on everyone’s shoulders. But with the recent meteoric rise of CBD taking center stage in the cannabis space, moments of calm and relaxation are easier to access than ever. 

And what’s even better than plain ol’ CBD? Unique cannabinoids that play off CBD and THC’s charms and can enhance the peaceful experience. Below, check out products containing two superstars that are rarely talked about: cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabinol (CBN). 

Providing a host of soothing effects, you’ll be able to feel the benefits these sleeper cannabinoids have to offer — just in time for the holidays. 

CBD + CBN Tincture by Peak Extracts

CBD + CBN Tincture by Peak ExtractsPeak Extracts

Nicely sedating and containing only hemp flower extract and MCT coconut oil, Peak Extracts’ incredibly calming CBD + CBN formula is the perfect gift for those who appreciate simple ingredients but also struggle with falling asleep.

For an in-depth breakdown of all this tincture has to offer, check out their batch test results. Available in Oregon. 

The White CBG 5G Pack by Lady Jays

Made exclusively with organic hemp flower and clocking in at 13.58% CBG, Lady Jays are the tranquil answer to these dark, stressful days. Available in Oregon. 

Price: $25 on Lady Jays’ website

THC + CBN Camino Midnight Blueberry Gummies by Kiva

If you’re an edibles lover, then you’ll enjoy the sweet taste of Kiva Confections’ Midnight Blueberry Gummies. Each soothing piece offers a 1:5 ratio of CBN:THC, along with ultra-serene terpenes such as linalool, caryophyllene, and myrcene. Take one of these before hitting the hay and peacefully drift off to dreamland. Available in California.

White Whale CBG Hemp Pre-roll by Nu-X CBD

White Whale CBG Hemp Pre-roll by Nu-X CBDNu-X CBD

Packed with one gram of CBG hemp flower, Nu-X’s White Whale CBG pre-rolls are the best companion to lazy weekends or — more importantly — holiday stress. A citrus aroma and calming effect are prominent in every puff. 

Price: $9.99 on Nu-X’s website

Cherry Pistachio Midnight Chocolates by Kaneh Co.

Cherry Pistachio Midnight Chocolates by Kaneh Co.Kaneh Co.

Dark chocolate, pistachios, and dried cherries have never tasted so relaxing. With 5 milligrams THC to 5 milligrams CBN, these gluten-free and vegan goodies make a delicious nightcap after busy days spent shopping (online or otherwise) and decorating. Available in California.

Berry Nighttime Spray by Breez

Berry Nighttime Spray by BreezBreez

A triple threat, the Berry Nighttime Spray from Breez contains all three celebrities: THC, CBD, and CBN. Extremely easy to microdose for those who need just a touch, you’ll get 100 sprays in each bottle with 5 milligrams THC, 2.5 milligrams CBD, and CBN. Available in California.

CBN Transdermal Patch by Mary’s Medicinals

CBN Transdermal Patch by Mary's MedicinalsMary’s Medicinals

Eucalyptus, cannabis extract, and naturally derived terpenes are the only ingredients in Mary’s Medicinals popular CBN transdermal patch. Super discreet, you can leave this patch on your skin for up to 8—12 hours for continuous relief. Available in medical and recreational states

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