Gift guide: 10 cannabis products your dad will love

It’s 2021, which means there are dads across the whole spectrum of cannabis consumers openly indulging in the plant. You may have a veteran dad or father figure who wants to know where the good sungrown flower or CBD pre-roll is at, or your dad may be taking the opportunity to begin his cannabis journey in the comfort of the legal market. Maybe your dad has started taking CBD for medicinal purposes but he’s looking for a more efficacious product. 

Point is, when it comes to finding the ideal Father’s Day canna-gift this year, the field is wide open. That’s why we’ve assembled a roundup of gift ideas to meet the needs of every type of stony dad, from the enthusiastic elder newcomer to the CBD “die-hard.” Yippee ki yay, weed Daddies!

Old Pal Ready to Roll

Does dad ever talk about the “good ole days” of pot and get that look in his eye that makes you think “dad wants to be a stoner again”? Old Pal’s Ready to Roll packs are the perfect entry point to get dad rolling again. Because Old Pal focuses on affordability and accessibility, the THC limit is usually below 20% so it won’t blow dad out of the water. Comes with pre-ground 14 grams of pre-ground flower, crutches, and hemp rolling papers all in a resealable pack that is easy to carry. 

Available: California

Fun Uncle 

Nearly everyone has a uncle who tokes, hence the pitch-perfect Fun Uncle brand with its beautiful little pouches of flower. But sometimes that uncle also happens to be your pops, in which case giving an 1/8th of Fun Uncle still would make for a good Father’s Day gift in our opinion. 

Dad Grass CBD Pre-Rolls

Start things off with a pre-roll that says it all: Dad Grass is out to revive the “mellow sensibility of the casual smoke” with 100% organic hemp flower and quality pre-rolls. Maybe your dad used to be a heavy smoker and wants to relive a little of the glory days, but with something he can ease into. And even if your dad is no stranger to high-THC concoctions, adding high-CBD flower to the rotation is a great way to foster a more rounded cannabis experience that highlights everything the plant has to offer. 

When you want to enjoy a chill, even-keeled sesh with your pops, check out Dad Grass. 

Available: Nationwide

Marley Natural Water Pipe

Whether your dad’s a true heady glass-head or could simply use a water-filtration upgrade, Marley Natural’s deluxe Water Pipe is a gorgeous, clean-lined piece that’ll infuse your dad’s smoking routine with style, smoothness, and peak functionality. 

The pipe comes with a flush-fit, 5-hole downstem, ice pinch, sizable beaker, and a removable wood smoke chamber that adds a classic look to the piece while making it easier to maintain.

Available: Nationwide

Uncle Arnie’s Iced Tea Lemonade

For the dad who’s looking for an alternative to drinking this summer and isn’t afraid of a powerful THC buzz, Uncle Arnie’s Iced Tea Lemonade from Matt’s High Soda is a legit tasty cannabis beverage that actually packs a punch. 

The beverage sector of the market remains a work in progress — flavor and reliable potency both remain a tough nut to crack in the space. But Uncle Arnie’s unapologetically delivers on both fronts, so be sure to warn dad to start with one serving per sesh before going all in.  

Available: California

Higher Standards Revelry Companion

This exclusive collaboration from Higher Standards glass and Revelry gear is an excellent option for upgrading dad’s stash game. The Revelry Companion is a convenient on-the-go bag with a black, rubber-backed canvas exterior and a three-layer carbon filter system to effectively keep all the smells contained when your dad’s got his to-go stash handy. The middle layer boasts an activated charcoal system for extra odor protection. 

The Revelry companion is sleek, discreet, and appropriately roomy for the fatherly toker on the move.

Available: Nationwide

G Pen Dash 

Unless they discovered cannabis later in life, most of our canna-friendly dads and father figures are used to toking the analog way. But if your dad is a die-hard for dry flower, and you want to provide him with a cleaner way to toke, look no further than the G Pen Dash, the latest portable dry flower vape from Grenco Labs. 

While the G Pen Dash doesn’t boast the thickest vapor on the block, it will offer up clear, potent flavors from whatever flower you put in the chamber. If your dad’s a real terpene enthusiast, pair the G Pen Dash with his favorite flavorful strain this Father’s Day.

Available: Nationwide

Vibes Hemp Rolling Papers

Not all rolling papers are created equal, which is why it might be a good time to outfit the dad who rolls his own with some of the best papers on the market.

A creation of legendary Bay Area rapper and cannabis entrepreneur Berner, Vibes‘ ultra-thin papers made from natural hemp offer everything a good rolling paper should. They roll exceptionally smooth and easy, and facilitate an even smoke from tip to roach. If your dad doesn’t put a ton of thought into what rolling papers he buys, you’ll make his day with good Vibes. 

Available: Nationwid

Higher Standards K. Haring Spoon

Is your dad a pipe guy with an eye for sleek, simple and artistic design? If so, now’s the time to hook him up with the Keith Haring-inspired Spoon from Higher Standards. 

This pipe is designed for optimal airflow and comes in four different Keith Haring designs to accent a well-engineered piece with an artistic sensibility that goes well with the shape and flow of the glass. Whether your dad makes frequent use of the K. Haring Spoon or keeps it as a display piece and conversation starter, it’ll make a standout gift and a winning addition to his glass arsenal. 

Available: Nationwide

G Pen Gio + CBD Pod

There’s no shortage of mediocre vape pens and cartridges out there, and it can be tough for older newcomers to distinguish between quality at first glance. If your dad’s a CBD enthusiast still looking for the right vape pen to augment his wellness routine, Grenco Labs have outdone themselves with a pen and CBD cartridge that’s may result in the smoothest, coolest vapor he’s ever experienced. The G Pen Gio boasts a sturdy build, welcoming shape and feel, and an exceptionally soft, comfortable pull. Pair it with G Pen’s London Pound Cake, Cereal Milk, and Gelatti cartridges to set dad up for the best CBD oil vape he’s ever had.

Available: Nationwide

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