Get closer to Mother Earth with these 10 sustainable cannabis gifts

Cannabis is a holistic part of society, and it’s increasingly difficult to separate issues of environmental, societal and cultural sustainability. Turns out, it’s all connected. Using our dollars to support companies that are in line with best practices for our planet is the easiest way to help the industry grow in a healthy way. 

To encourage these forward-thinking brands, here are ten featured products from companies that are embracing sustainable practices. Feel good about indulging in a cannabis gift for yourself and others while easing strains on the environment.  

THC-free options

Xula Herbs CBD Calm & Clarity Tincture

Xula Herbs is the whole package. Their calm and clarity tincture in particular, with ingredients such as mugwort, damiana, and passionflower, is a welcomed addition to any cannabis based supplement routine. 

A latinx and black women owned-and-operated company out of Mexico, with their own hemp farm, Xula Herbs embodies cultural sustainability and remains active in the media to educate the cannabis community on issues of social and environmental justice. 

Price: $78

Hempire State Growers Full Spectrum Oil 

Under the direction of innovative farmer Amy Hepworth, Hempire State Growers is an authority on regenerative agriculture and sustainability. Their hemp products come from their own farms and are thoughtfully crafted to be effective and luxurious. 

In addition to environmental issues, they are leaders in their community that advocate for comprehensive social justice practices and legislation. Their website even offers a wealth of knowledge for the farming curious

Price: $78

Ned Sleep Oil 

Ned was one of the first companies to chase the highest quality raw material for their full-spectrum hemp products by staying hyper-focused on farming practices. The company is built around honoring and respecting nature, and always prioritizing quality over quantity. One of their newer products, the CBN and 750 milligram CBD-rich Sleep Oil also features organic botanicals, such as valerian and lemon balm, known to promote sleep. 

Price: $96

Zen Barn Farms Flower 

Zen Barn Farms FlowerZen Barn Farms

Zen Barn Farms grows their hemp sustainably with regenerative agricultural practices to create high-quality products that give back to the Earth. In addition to using their voice to support environmental and social justice in the cannabis industry, they donate 1% of all proceeds to causes they believe in. 

Starting at just $6 for flower, they are easy to love and support. Locals can also check out their community events like live comedy nights. 

Price: $6

Alive & Kicking Organic Hemp Pre-Rolls 

Alive & Kicking Organic Hemp Pre-RollsAlive & Kicking

These slim pre-rolls come in discreet packaging that is designed to look and feel similar to cigarettes. Keep a pack on hand to enjoy the relaxation and calming effects of organically grown hemp anywhere, anytime. 

By sourcing only organically grown high-quality CBD hemp flower, each pre-roll delivers full spectrum benefits without any harmful chemical additives or from soil contamination.  

Price: $29

TerraVita’s Shrooms CBD Capsules 

TerraVita's Shrooms CBD Capsules TerraVita

The adaptogen lover’s dream supplement, TerraVita’s CBD Shroom formula combines broad-spectrum CBD with a functional mushroom blend for overall wellness. Fungi like lion’s mane, reishi, and cordyceps have been used for centuries (or longer) for immune, mood, and cognitive support. 

In addition to the sustainable sourcing of the ingredients within the supplements, these wellness-focused capsules encourage a sustainable lifestyle for their customers by making it easier to prioritize personal wellbeing.  

Price: $55

Dip Devices Dipper 

Like other companies on this list, Dip Devices is committed to being part of the change they want to see in the world of cannabis on both environmental and social fronts. One of the unique ways in which they donate a portion of their proceeds is by actually allowing purchasers to choose where their portion of the cost goes. Options include organizations that support marine life, the LGBTQ+ community, drug policy reform and racial justice, fighting food insecurity, bee preservation, and more. This device also happens to be an excellent choice for no mess dabbing, and dabbing on the go.

Price: $115

THC options

Kin Slips Sublingual Strips 

Kin Slips Sublingual StripsKin Slips

The first of its kind, these under the tongue strips might be the most discreet way to enjoy fast-acting THC. The high feels clean and lucid, and starts to activate in just 10 – 20 minutes. Embracing a unique and direct form of social sustainability, Kin Slips donate cannabis infused products directly to low income medical patients, seniors, and veterans in California. Additionally, they offer support to organizations including Broccoli’s Floret Coalition, The Last Prisoner Project, and Sweetleaf Collective. 

Price: $35

Stone Road Pre Rolls 

Stone Road Pre Rolls Stone Road

Treating yourself — or someone else — to Stone Road’s cannabis is like sourcing the highest quality greens from the farmers market, they set the bar high for sustainably and organically grown flower. The packaging and overall aesthetic, down to the visuals on social media, are inclusive, luxurious, and stunning. Their hand rolled pre-rolls are an indulgence for weed lovers, and even come with a reusable glass and cork joint case. 

Price: $17


Wunder is a beverage company that combines fast-acting nano-emulsified cannabis into their single serving cans in low and high doses. The combination of Delta-9, CBD and THC creates very relaxing and fun highs, and we love their recyclable packaging. 

They also use their voice on social media, regularly promoting and featuring women in the industry on their Instagram channel, and staying mindful of both planet and people. 

Price: $9

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