Garlic weed strains: 7 garlic-flavored strains for a savory smoke

If you’ve ever taken a deep sniff from a brand new eighth and thought, “Wow, this stinks like a week-old pot roast … and I kinda like it,” don’t feel weird — you’re not alone. While complex scent and flavor profiles are inextricable from the experience of smoking weed, some cultivars smell very loud and are more distinct than others, and a lot of those strains come from the Garlic strain family.

Garlic strains are often connected by genetics, usually sharing the parent strain GMO Cookies or one of its many phenotypes. GMO Cookies was bred by Divine Genetics. It’s a cross of GSC and Chemdog, and it gets its nickname from its signature stank of garlic, mushrooms, and onions. The resulting hybrid went on to parent dozens of outrageously aromatic, nuanced, and sophisticated cultivars.

The terpenes myrcene and caryophyllene lead GMO Cookies’ profile and are the primary reason for the cultivar’s signature funk. And though they also herald a distinctly sedative high, garlicky hybrids are certainly not universally serene.

So the next time you’re craving a heavy-lidded and/or euphoric astro-traveling cultivar with the unmistakable aroma of a boot-nasty can of old stew, check out one of the Garlic blends below.

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Bred from GMO Cookies and high-potency favorite Slurricane, Garlicane delivers a deep body stone and thick, cottony head high true to its pronounced pro-relaxation genetics. Consumers report syrupy highs peppered with euphoria and body effects that arrive with intensity and linger for hours. The effects skew sedative, but the blissful head effects keep the high just north of bedtime.

Expect a spicy, savory funk in the nose and an earthy, minty exhale.

Garlic Cocktail

Garlic Cocktail is a savory and sweet cultivar bred from GMO Cookies crossed with the limonene-heavy Mimosa. The resulting hybrid delivers a potent head high that is reportedly social and creative and a body buzz that is relaxing without being too much of a TKO.

THC percentages for Garlic Cocktail trend pretty high (30% and up), but its euphoric effects balance out the heavier, more melty body stone.

Expect a cheeseburger/orange creamsicle in the nose and a dank, sour exhale.

Garlic Road

Not every garlic phenotype is a heavy-hitting couchlock strain. Garlic Road, for instance, reportedly delivers balanced effects that are bubbly, uplifting, and deeply physically soothing. Garlic Road is a cross of GMO and I-95 that is described as both creatively stimulating and sociable. Giggles were referenced across the board, as were mellowed moods, soothed anxiety, and potential relief from aches and pains.

Expect a chemical-laced funk in the nose and an earthy, bitter exhale.

Garlic Glue

Fans of GG4 phenotypes might appreciate this GMO cross. It’s both heavy-hitting and blissfully buoyant while still delivering expectedly long-lasting and stoney effects.

Consumers report a focused euphoria in the head and a thick, liquid body stone that could be used to quell heavy stress and support sleep. The most lasting effects are also celebrated by therapeutic consumers seeking relief from aches and pains and stress.

Expect a pungent funk perfume and a spicy exhale with nutty undertones.

Garlic Juice

Stoners looking for lighthearted highs that are giggly and effervescent might want to consider Garlic Juice. This cross of GMO Cookies and Papaya delivers a cozy body high that’s borderline sedative with a sparkling head high reported to be giggly and euphoric. The stark dichotomy between effects makes this an optimal strain for live comedy shows, parody movie marathons, or squad roasting sessions.

Expect a juicy tropical funk in the nose and a spicy, gassy exhale.

Garlic Mint

Terp hunters hoping for an ocimene-heavy strain with garlic phenotype effects should check out Garlic Mint, a cross of GMO Cookies and Animal Mints. It’s crispy and euphoric on top and oatmeal-thick on the bottom, which is to say, consumers report warm, blissful head highs and deep, dank, couch-locked body highs.

Additionally, Garlic Mints’ elevated CBD percentage (3% or more on average) may make it effective against aches and pains and everyday stresses.

Expect aggressive garlic mint mania in the nose and a commensurate exhale.

Garlic Starship

Another heavy-hitting and deeply relaxing GMO phenotype is Garlic Starship, a cross with Sensi Star that reportedly delivers a cerebral high and a molasses-in-the-veins body buzz. Stoners who prefer the effects of a classically stoney strain will likely appreciate the dreamy effects of Garlic Starship. As an added bonus, therapeutic consumers report potential relief from the occasional bout of anxiety. 

Expect a creamy, spicy, funk-nasty perfume and a bright botanical exhale.

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