Feeling the heat this summer? Cool down with cannabis

Across the states, all-time heat records have been continually overthrown. And as we head deeper into the summer months, these scorching days will only pile up. 

Besides seeking shelter under a thick tree or hopping into an icy shower, consider cannabis as another helpful cooling option. Since it can essentially be infused to any number of products, cannabis’s summertime influence will keep you feeling chilled and refreshed.

Below, check out our tips, tricks, and infused products to help you cool down during the heatwave.

Cooling topicals

Nothing feels more invigorating than slathering refrigerated aloe or lotion onto angry, burnt skin. Even better if they’re infused with healing CBD or THC. If you’re in a pinch and can’t find an infused product near you, add a few drops of infused oil — homemade or otherwise — to your favorite lotion or gel and shake it up before throwing it in the cooler or fridge. 

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Topicals on the go

CBD Infused Aloe Vera Gel | Sativa Valley Essentials 

Flushed with soothing ingredients such as chamomile and green tea, along with 30 milligrams of CBD, this infused Aloe Vera Gel from Sativa Valley Essentials will be a lifesaver after a long day under the sun. 

Available: Nationwide

CBD Cool Stick | Wildflower

Ultra-moisturizing coconut and shea mix with cooling peppermint in Wildflower’s 300 milligram CBD Cool Stick. Keep it in your beach bag for quick access to localized relief. 

Available: Nationwide

Infused summer treats 

Time to break out the ice cream, popsicles, and frozen fruit after a sweltering hike. But if your local ice cream man isn’t stocking up on anything happy and green, simply mix some flavored tincture into your juice or tea of choice and fill up a few ice trays with the concoction. Freeze and enjoy an elevated evening. 

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Treats we love

THC Potsicles | CannaKush

There are popsicles infused with alcohol, so why not weed? CannaKush answered the call with their 25 milligram THC infused “Potsicles” that are as sweet as they are stoney. 

Available: Oklahoma

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Hibiscus Ginger CBD Ice Cream | Cloud Cups

Crank up the AC and fill your freezer with a pint or two of the Hibiscus Ginger CBD Ice Cream from Cloud Cups. Not feeling the flavor? Choose up to 13 different tastes and cool down on your own terms. If you live in Philidelphia, orders can be picked up right from their store. 

Available: Nationwide

Vaping products

You may be staying away from lighting up straight flower due to the harsh smoke and fire. If so, now’s the time to consider a vape. Most are lightweight and easy-to-use, and if you’re out and about, there’s no worry of weed smoke getting into the lungs or the campgrounds of those around you.

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Our favorite vapes

Green Dream Live Resin Cartridge | Full Spec Vape 

Fresh and flavorful, Full Spec’s Live Resin Cartridges are part of a line of high-terpene cartridges aimed at bringing you the best vaping experience through taste and effects. Green Dream is the perfect summer companion, delivering terpy goodness and light euphoria all day long. We’ve been pulling on their vape pods all season. 

Available: Washington

Sativa Lemon Disposable Vape Pen | Wana Edibles

Though we always aim to promote environmentally friendly practices, we also understand that disposable vape pens can help a number of people access cannabis with ease — especially if it’s your first time vaping. Wana Edibles’ Sativa Lemon Vape Pen will give you the boost you need to make it through these 100 degrees (or more) days. 

Available: Colorado

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Ice cold cannabis drinks

Mix up a few piña chilladas before soaking up the sun by the pool — it’s easy to sling canna-cocktails with a tincture of choice or infused simple syrup. Your friends will love the weedy spin on this tropical staple — or any of your favorite icy drinks. 

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What we’re drinking

THC Infused Sparkling Cucumber Citron | Calexo

Not much of a bartender? No worries, fill your cooler with Calexo’s Cucumber Citron sparkling beverage for a simple, breezy drinkable. With 10 milligrams THC per bottle, it’s both refreshing and elevating. 

Available: California

Cold Brew Coffee THC | Somatik

A wake and bake deliverance, Somatik’s Cold Brew Coffee offers 10 milligrams of THC with a rush of caffeine. If you need to cool off right when you wake up, don’t start boiling water, grab this buzzy brew instead. 

Available: California 

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