Everything you need to know about the G Pen Elite dry herb vaporizer

Many years ago, when concentrates were more akin to hash and vaporizers were mostly on tabletops, a portable, pocket-sized vape made just for oil-type concentrates hit the scene. The original G-Pen by Grenco Science made such a splash that the industry started an entirely new branch of products: portable vapes and concentrates. 

These devices have come a long way from the dribbly, goopy, first models, and Grenco dropped in with another flower vape — G Pen Elite vaporizer. 

Our previous G Pen guide had quick breakdowns of each device, but we wanted to take a full look and put together a G Pen Elite review for readers interested in G Pen’s bestselling device.

What is the G Pen Elite vaporizer?

Made specifically to vaporize dry herb, the Elite is not multi-use. It costs about $120 and is accessible online across a variety of retailers, as well as their own shop. Flower consumers will love the size of its ceramic chamber, as the Elite boasts one of the largest on the market. 

What immediately stands out about the vape is its smooth but angular shape, like a maxed-out version of their cartridge pen, the Gio. Grooved sides mean it’s easier to hold and much harder to drop, which is something you may sacrifice with the more modernist type of pocket vapes. 

How does G Pen Elite vaporizer work?

The dry herb vape heats up quickly and provides great airflow for hits that aren’t as weak as some competitor vapes. This is something that Grenco understands — the customer wants high vapor quality and a hit that keeps coming, not a slow leak of weed flavored air. 

Packing dry herb into the heating chamber is simple, the same as other portable vaporizers. Make sure the flower is properly ground and packed in the heating chamber before closing and activating the device. Check the LED display and power button to make sure the device is off before filling or refilling.

Temperature control on the Elite is precise — a Celsius or Fahrenheit reading on the digital control takes the guesswork and color-coding out of the heating process. You can set the temperature using the LED display anywhere from 200°F up to 428°F depending on your vaporizing preferences. 

The battery life is adequate and charging time completely reasonable at a few hours tops. It has USB charging, which makes charging fairly easy.

Is the G Pen good? Is the G Pen Elite worth it?

You don’t lose anything from the adjustments to the standard pocket vape that Grenco has made, namely some buttons and a sculptural shape, and it isn’t lacking anything that another similar model can provide, especially at this lower price range ($119.95). 

Though pocket vapes can’t handle the volume of a tabletop model, Grenco at least tries to make it easy and foolproof with minimal headaches. This model’s ceramic chamber is far easier to clean than a metal heated vape. 

These little tweaks are what makes this a good buy, and the one year warranty doesn’t hurt either.

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