Everything you need to know about the Ardent Nova

The Nova — the flagship multi-tool making the most of cannabis edibles through consistent cannabis decarboxylation — is the first product from all-star company Ardent. Attention to detail, from the coordinated packaging and design to the thoughtful and important information accessible from their website, is what makes them — and this product — so easy to love. 

The Ardent Nova uses precision science-backed technology to take the mess and guesswork out of decarbing cannabis, a previously tedious, smelly, and inconsistent process. Decarbing is not only an essential step in the process of turning cannabis into edibles, but also offers plenty of benefits for regular use like smoking and vaping. And as a multi-tool in the kitchen, the Ardent Nova makes infusing oils through decarboxylation easy, allowing people to have more control over the dosing and cost of their edibles. This is equally good news for those who use cannabis as medicine, as well as those who want to explore the fun and delicious world of edibles — or both.

Below, find out everything you need to know about the Ardent Nova.

What is the Ardent Nova?

The Nova is a culinary multi-tool used to decarboxylate cannabis flower and concentrates. It also doubles as an infusion chamber. The Nova was the first product launched by Ardent and is sisters to the Ardent FX

The design is sophisticated yet easy-to-use with deep magenta color and has no obvious cannabis markings, making it easy to keep with other kitchen appliances or on a shelf next to contemporary decor. The compact appliance consists of the primary base with connected power chord, chamber insert, silicon lid, and a locking lid. 

Ardent NovaArdent

How does it work?

Decarbing and infusing the classic way can be intimidating, so one of the best things about the Ardent Nova is how easy it is to use. There is one main power button that illuminates green when ready to be used, and red when it is in cycle. Activating a “decarb” or “infuse” cycle is as easy as pressing the button and the rest is automatic. A huge bonus: the decarboxylation process is odorless. 

The light flashes red when it is in the cool down phase and returns to green when complete. There’s no need to adjust anything when switching between decarbing and infusing. Each cycle takes around an hour and a half. 


The internal chamber holds up to one ounce of flower. There’s no need to grind and no minimum quantity restricting you, though users should avoid shoving or packing in material that doesn’t fit easily into the chamber. After running the decarb cycle, the flower will appear slightly toasted in color and aroma. 


Infusing is similarly straightforward, you simply add oil or butter to the decarbed cannabis and let it run for another cycle. It is recommended to decarb your material before infusing. The amount of oil is flexible; as long as the oil or butter covers the cannabis, it is good to go, though the potency and dosing will depend on your ratio of cannabis to oil. Once the cycle is complete you can strain off the infused oil and discard the flower.

How to clean the Ardent Nova

Keeping the Ardent Nova clean is easy, mainly due to the stainless steel chamber and silicon cap are removable and dishwasher friendly. The rest of the device can be wiped down with a cleaning cloth, dry or damp. 

Extras and kits

Built with real consumers in mind, the kits and accessories offered to enhance Ardent’s culinary tools are both luxurious and great starter packs for those just getting into infusions and edibles. The kits are especially helpful, as they take the guesswork out of how to make oils and fully composed infused dishes and treats. 

Here are some of the most useful and fun add on options:

  • Infusion Sleeve: this small purple silicon insert makes it easy to keep the stainless steel chamber clean when working with sticky or gooey concentrates, and when infusing oils and buttes. 
  • Frainer: A combination strainer and funnel makes it easy to transfer your newly infused oils into bottles without any extra plant material getting in. 
  • Culinary Kits: Offering a wide and growing number of kits, they are designed to take the guesswork out of infusing oils, like coconut and olive oil, for use in any number of recipes, as well as complete edible kits, like the mini apple pies and truffle cups

What’s the appeal?

Given how useful the Ardent Nova is, it’s $260 price tag is nothing to gawk at. For anyone making infusions on a regular basis, this is sure to significantly reduce the typical hassle and mess. Similarly, anyone who is regularly buying edibles stands to save money by making them at home. 

The machine itself is cute and discreet, both in design and function — it won’t stink up the kitchen when in use. It seems almost magical that a single button can produce consistent results, and that is a testament to the science-backed technology that went into the product’s creation. 

Perhaps most importantly, this machine may be the key for those who want to take control of making and dosing their own medicine. But whether or not it is for medicinal purposes, the Nova captures a sense of fun and whimsy all while feeling grown up and sophisticated. 

Find the Ardent Nova on ardentcannabis.com. Photos provided by Ardent. 

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