Everything you need to know about Nugg Club subscription service

Cannabis subscription services have taken the market by storm in recent years. However, most include a major caveat: they don’t actually contain anything that will get you high. Chock full of rolling papers, plastic grinders, and branded swag that will most likely end up in a landfill, most boxes are cheap in every sense of the word, with a carbon footprint that far exceeds their worth. 

Nugg Club, a popular cannabis subscription service exclusive to LA, is different. With their approachable branding and trendy array of THC products, Nugg Club has managed to build a box that’s actually worth paying for, creating an avenue for new users to become acquainted with various cannabis products at a fraction of the cost. 

How it works

The Nugg Club ordering process begins by creating an account on their website, and taking a short survey on your cannabis preferences. Customers choose what genre of products they receive from a combination of flower, pre-rolls, vapes and edibles (pick two), whether you prefer sativa, indica, or hybrid (pick two), and finally, how frequently you want to receive the box (monthly or bimonthly). 

Each box costs $99 plus the California cannabis tax and sales tax, and contains 5 – 6 products valued at over $225. The array of brands and products that Nugg Club selects for these boxes is where the service truly shines. The products are new, hot, cutting edge, and the brands are the best and most trusted on the market. Many of the brands they partner with include equitable or charitable initiatives, including Nugg Club itself. 

After completing your order and choosing a delivery window, customers wait 7 – 10 days for the box to be hand delivered. I found the delivery exchange portion to be really impressive, my courier was highly communicative which made coordinating the drop off a simple and pleasant experience. 

What’s in the box?

For my box, I chose a combination of flower and pre-rolls, with a preference of sativa and hybrid strains. Here are some mini reviews of the products I received:

superFIRE Hybrid 1/8th: Fruity, frosty and sweet, this hybrid eighth has a heady and uplifting high, great for daytime activities. 

Mimosa Sativa 1/8th: Schedule 1 is Nugg Club’s new in-house brand, which donates a portion of profits to support descheduling cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act. Proceeds from Schedule 1 are donated to lobbying efforts that seek to reclassify cannabis, and to the Last Prisoner Project, an organization that works to free individuals in prison on non-violent cannabis charges. 

The Mimosa 1/8th is gorgeous, with purple-hued nugs and a berry citrus terpene profile. The high is exciting, whimsical, and perfect for a wake and bake. 

Power Puffs Pre-roll Pack: Her Highness is a woman-owned brand that consistently elevates the industry with a chic aesthetic and girl-power vibe. This little kief infused pre-roll pack contains a 24k gold lighter and enough THC to pack a real punch. 

King Fuzzies Super Silver Haze Infused Pre-roll: Bright, potent, fun — I loved this infused joint. It’s an incredible and uplifting experience from one of the best pre-roll brands on the market. 

Super Glue Sativa Hybrid 1/8th: The least spectacular of the bunch, this is the kind of flower that gets you higher than it looks. 

Glass Pipe: Meh, could be cuter. 

Nugg Club Add-ons

After receiving your first box, members gain access to one of the coolest features about this service: the Nugg Club Add-ons. There is a section on the site where users can choose from extremely discounted add-on products hovering around wholesale prices. These add-ons are billed separately from your box payment at the time you add them, and have the potential to shave thousands off your annual dispensary budget. 

What’s the appeal?

Nugg Club is a really great option for new users looking to suss out the cannabis market and find their favorite products. Dispensaries can be overpriced and customers don’t have a good, affordable avenue to try out multiple different brands and products to see what works for them. 

The main drawback I find with this service is the delivery time. After you pay and complete your order, the box will take another 7 – 10 days to deliver. As a stoner who requires some level of instant gratification, especially when it comes to obtaining weed I already paid for, this is too long. However, Nugg Club isn’t exactly catering to super stoners like me who need to be smoking weed all day every day. 

Bottom line: Nugg Club is great, especially for new users. For stoners who already know the market, it’s great if you want to save some money on your weed and don’t mind waiting a week or so for it to arrive. 

Check out Nugg Club at nuggclub.com.

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