Everything you need to know about a Daily High Club subscription

What started in 2015 with the everyday smoker in mind, Daily High Club has expanded to offer even more than value and convenience to its subscribers. 

The brainchild of Harrison Baum, Daily High Club (then Dollar High Club) launched their monthly subscription program to deliver basic supplies like rolling papers and filter tips. Five years later, they now offer membership tiers that feature one of a kind glass pieces, smoking supplies, and an inclusive community of regular smokers. 

Here, we break down the details of how the subscription boxes work, what’s included, and why so many people have become Daily High Club members. 

How it works

There are three levels of membership ranging from $1—$30 per month, offering ultimate accessibility for anyone who wants in. A la carte items can be purchased directly from the website without a subscription, though limited specialty items, like cool one-of-a-kind bongs, tend to sell out quickly. All packages are shipped discreetly for total privacy. 

  • Tier 1: All Natural $1 per month: The original product includes rolling papers, filters tips, bee wick, and matches. The supply is designed for those who roll up an average of once per day.  
  • Tier 2: Connoisseur $9.99 per month: This high box is designed equally for those who already consider themselves — or aspire to be — a smoking connoisseur, and includes similar basics from the All Natural subscription box as well as 7—9 products thoughtfully curated by experts. Examples of additional products include cleaning accessories, lighters, and blunt wraps.
  • Tier 3: El Primo $29.99 per month or $50 one time purchase: The ultimate weed subscription box, this package always contains a bong or other glass piece, essential smoking supplies, and extras. Examples of additional products include weed storage containers, grinders, stickers, and glass accessories. Each month’s box contains at least $80 worth of total products. 

Behind the boxes

The sourcing and designing of the boxes is a major factor of why Daily High Club subscription boxes are so special. Every detail is covered, even down to the papers and bee wick included in the All Natural tier. 

Celebrity collaborations featuring the likes of Tommy Chong are another key element. At the El Primo level, subscribers have access to bongs designed with B-Real of Cypress Hill and Supreme, and even a Pickle Rick carb cap. They also feature artistically crafted glass pieces, like the dank dragon pipe and under the sea bong. These glass pieces included in the El Primo tier, created with collaborating celebrities and artists, are truly one-of-a-kind.

B-Real Mini Microscope Dab RigDaily High Club

Regardless of which subscription you choose, every product is sourced, keeping quality and social impact in mind and making it easy for subscribers to feel good about what their money is supporting within the cannabis community.  

Beyond the boxes

The community that Daily High Club creates is intentionally crafted to be inclusive. Even the look of their website is a conscious choice. Liz Whiting, head of marketing for DHC, explains, “We are designing our website to retain an old school feel that focuses on our community while also including forward-looking design as opposed to more faceless, corporate-learning websites…we want to be inclusive of everyone from the stoner bro to the mainstream to someone who just wants a nice glass piece … whatever era you are from and associate with weed, we want you to feel welcome.” 

Creating spaces and events, albeit virtually for now, is another initiative to creating the larger Daily High Club community. From instagram giveaways and interactive labels to virtual smoke sessions, these fun events and features normalize smoking weed. 

Equally important and commendable is their outreach geared toward social equity in the cannabis space. Their dank tank pipe is a collaboration with Mission Green which offers resources to people affected by outdated drug laws — $10 from every sale of that pipe goes directly to their efforts. 

"Mission Green" Dank Tank BongDaily High Club

Beyond the box, there are constant efforts to bring the company values of education, fun, comedy and community to the forefront. 

What’s the appeal? 

In today’s world, where there’s a subscription box for everything from tailored clothes to seasonal vegan meal kits, this weed-centric membership is in good company. Regardless of the level, a monthly smoking box is a fun gift for yourself or the smokers in your life. 

Aside from never running out of rolling papers, the higher tiers offer opportunities to try new products and accessories, and of course, receive one-of-a-kind glass pieces. 

Like any good subscription box, the main appeal is value and convenience — each tier will keep daily smokers supplied with high-quality essentials with no hassle, and for a great price. 

Featured image by Daily High Club

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