Everything you need to know about a Cannabox subscription box

Since 2013, Cannabox has been rounding up leading products to match seasonal themes, creating unique boxes for anyone who smokes flower on a regular basis. The flexible plans are designed to suit a well-rounded group of people, from novices to those who have a daily routine. 

Unlike other boxes on the market, Cannabox subscriptions sometimes include snacks and apparel, like fun t-shirts, to make a versatile box that feels more like a gift while still delivering the essentials. Below, find out everything you need to know about Cannabox subscriptions. 

How it works

All Cannaboxes are available as a one time no hassle purchase, in addition to their three subscription plans, and all plans can be cancelled anytime. Additionally, if you sign up and pay for three or six months in one go, rather than month by month, you get a discount on the box. 

  • 1 month plan: $30.99, billed once every month.
  • 3 month plan: $29.99, billed once every three months — a total of $89.97. 
  • 6 month plan: $28.99, billed once every six months — a total of $173.94. 

Regardless of your chosen payment plan, each box includes 6 – 8 items total, including a mix of essentials like hemp wick, lighters, blunt wraps and rolling papers, along with fun goodies like mini bongs, t-shirts, snacks and stickers. Unlike most other subscription companies, the plans don’t change the quality or quantity of items in the box, but rather how many months you sign up for in advance. Because the focus is on one single box for all subscribers, it gets all of the attention of their industry leading curators. 

Cannabox themes 

Curated themes are one element that sets Cannabox apart from other subscription boxes, along with the extras like apparel. Examples of past themes include Cozy Season for December, which featured a gingerbread house mini bong, Bamboo for January, and their upcoming Level Up February box featuring an exclusive pixel-like heart-shaped bong. 

Self-described as “professional but casual and friendly … curated for stoners, by stoners,” by co-founder and owner Michael Berk, there’s a lot of attention to details in every item in the box, especially mini bongs, which are designed to be fun and functional. Berk elaborated,  “We wanted to make products that you could proudly showcase on your bookshelf or coffee table — pieces that make excellent conversation starters and a bonding experience during a smoke sesh.” 

Beyond the box

As a company working in a cannabis-adjacent field, Cannabox recognizes the importance of giving back to the community. Berk explained, “it is our moral obligation to partner with programs that work endlessly on reformative policies and freedom for unjust sentences,” noting that BIPOC are impacted the most. 

In an effort to contribute to the kind of change they would like to see in the cannabis space, they work with The Last Prisoner Project, a non-profit working to free and expunge records for those impacted by inequitable drug charges.

In addition, they donate to their local animal shelter on a monthly basis, as well as regularly donating a portion of their proceeds towards LGBTQ+ funds. 

What’s the appeal?

Like any subscription box, the main feature is the convenience of getting essential supplies reliably delivered to your door. Cannabox embraces the fun and whimsical side of subscription boxes by making it seem like a specially curated gift box filled with a diverse range of items that other boxes don’t typically offer. 

For $30 or less per month, it’s a fun way to keep your smoke sessions fresh while building a collection of unique and conversation starting cannabis products. 

Get a Cannabox subscription at cannabox.com

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