Declutter your life with these 6 productive strains

To maintain a certain level of sanity throughout the holiday season, both your physical and mental “clutter” must be addressed.

Morgan Davis, cannabis lawyer and co-owner of medspa startup Oak Health Institute, knows a thing or two about using both meditation and weed to promote wellness. “A few years ago, I was struggling with anxiety. Traditional methods of treatment were not working. I sought out alternative or non-mainstream methods of treating myself, like meditation, breathwork, natural supplements, and plant medicine,” Davis explained. “As I traveled my own path of wellness, I developed a desire to broaden the treatment options and avenues for all. Right now, that’s cannabis.”

She also finds that weed can be useful for productivity and getting things done in general, not just for mental clarity. “Cannabis is becoming a tool of focused creativity. More and more, I hear about business people incorporating cannabis into their scheduled time for big picture planning or content creation.”

Plus, pretty much any frustrating task is made better by getting stoned first. “Just about every consumer I know will smoke a joint or eat an edible before doing a massive clean of their space,” Davis said.

There are tons of awesome strains out there that can help you focus so you can organize your physical space. However, focusing is harder when you really don’t want to do the thing that needs to be done. For this, you need some fire weed that will help you dial in the task at hand while making the whole experience more pleasant overall.

Here are six mood-boosting, productivity-enhancing strains to help you declutter your life.

Green Crack

Said to be a cross between a 1989 Super Sativa Seed Club, a Skunk #1, and an Afghani landrace, Green Crack is a potent, fruity sativa. This strain is a consumer favorite due to its potentially invigorating effects. It’s like a cup of coffee inside a joint with a buzzy high that may motivate you to do even your worst and most hated chores.

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Cereal Milk

Whether you want to reorganize your closet or you’ve finally committed to building that piece of IKEA furniture you lost the directions for, smoking Cereal Milk will make the whole experience less stressful. Reportedly boasting a calm and creative high, this strain is a balanced sativa-indica hybrid from the Cookies Fam. Spark up and start checking things off your to-do list.

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Super Silver Haze

Famous for its potentially energizing qualities, Super Silver Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid from Amsterdam’s Green House Seed Company. Bust out your duster because this strain’s long-lasting and uplifting high is perfect for an afternoon of tidying up all of your nooks and crannies. Pack a bowl and prepare to enter into a clean, serene oasis.

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Also known as the CBD Queen, Cannatonic is a hybrid from Spain’s Resin Seeds. One of the OG high-CBD strains, Cannatonic has become extremely popular for its reportedly relaxing and euphoric effects. For those who don’t want to feel intensely high or may experience anxiety surrounding certain tasks, this is the perfect strain to chill out and still get shit done.

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Mac #1

If you’re a chronic procrastinator like myself, you need a strain like Mac #1 to get you going. Short for “Miracle Alien Cookies,” this strain is a combination of Alien Cookies with a Colombian and Starfighter hybrid first bred by Oregon-based Capulator. Its heavy-hitting cerebral high is definitely not for the faint-hearted, but a few puffs can make any organizational challenge into a piece of cake.

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A cross between a select cut of Crockett’s Farm Tangerine Dream and DNA Genetics’ select male Skunk, Tangie plants produce unmistakable orange-tinged citrusy nugs. As delicious as it is reported to be effective, this fruity hybrid will potentially leave you feeling productive, clear-headed, and happy. Pack a fat bowl and get ready to complete any project with zero interruptions.

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