Cultivating excellence: Luma California Farms' quest for hash and rosin perfection

Nestled within the picturesque Petaluma Gap in Sonoma County, California, Enzo Peterson, a dedicated visionary farmer and Director of Cultivation at Luma California Farms, promotes sustainable cannabis cultivation.

With two decades of hands-on experience, he’s on a mission to produce exceptional cannabis, guided by nature’s rhythms and a deep respect for the plant’s potential to create high-quality hash and rosin.

Luma’s mission is rooted in earth stewardship

Luma California Farms was founded in 2017 by Curtis and Alexa Wall, but it wasn’t until 2020 that their first cannabis plants graced the earth under the guidance of Peterson’s green thumb. What united the trio was their shared passion for microbiology. This partnership, born from profound conversations about microbes and sustainable farming, paved the way for the farm’s thriving, lawful business that defined its place in the industry.

Enzo Peterson, a dedicated visionary farmer and Director of Cultivation at Luma California FarmsGina Coleman/Weedmaps
Enzo Peterson — Director of Cultivation at Luma California Farms

“The mission that brought Luma California Farms to where it is today was the pursuit of truth,” Peterson said, “The team I work with wanted to do the very best job they could cultivating cannabis. The pursuit of truth led us to this cultivation style, focused on living soil, organic practices, microbe-driven techniques, data-driven decision-making, and creating our own fertilizers … Microorganisms are one of the main cornerstones of our approach.”

Microbes, soil health, and regenerative cultivation

Central to Luma California Farms’ cultivation philosophy is recognizing microbes’ vital role in nurturing plant growth. A true microbe enthusiast, Peterson champions their transformative impact on nutrient cycling and soil health. Microbes, often unsung heroes of the soil, work tirelessly behind the scenes, breaking down organic matter to create a nutrient-rich environment for plants, reducing the need for additional fertilizers.

In soil, microbes are responsible for enhancing resin production in cannabis. As they break down organic matter, they release compounds that nourish the plants and trigger the production of valuable resin. This collaboration between microbes and cannabis plants results in a rich, trichome-laden splendor. “Our commitment to producing exceptional cannabis resin, with a particular focus on hash and rosin, is rooted in this partnership.”

Sungrown cannabis from Luma California FarmsGine Coleman/Weedmaps
Sungrown cannabis from Luma California Farms

One of the fundamental principles Peterson wholeheartedly embraces is regenerative cultivation. At the heart of this approach lies the emulation of natural ecosystems, where nutrient cycling and self-sustaining processes take center stage. Using techniques such as JADAM and Korean Natural Farming, Peterson crafts his fertilizers sourced from local materials. JADAM, an innovative organic farming technique established in Korea, means “people that resemble nature.” The method minimizes the carbon footprint and shows a self-sufficiency loop that harmonizes with the essence of the land, also known as a “closed loop.”

The farm embraces full sun exposure, nurturing crops exclusively in the ground throughout the season without using greenhouses. As Peterson puts it, “The goal is to showcase the power of terroir. The aim is to underscore the value of a product cultivated in a specific location that is impossible to replicate. This goal cannot be reached within a greenhouse or an indoor setup.” This commitment to terroir-driven cultivation showcases the farm’s dedication to presenting a product that embodies the authentic essence of its origin.

Hash and rosin: Crafting the ultimate expression of cannabis

While many cannabis farms prioritize flower production, Luma California Farms takes a distinct approach by dedicating itself to creating exceptional hash and rosin, “Everything you see here is devoted 100% to hash and rosin,” Peterson said. In this dynamic landscape, it’s fascinating to see how the California market has shifted towards channeling entire crops into rosin production, revealing a new facet of the cannabis industry.

Luma California FarmsGina Coleman/Weedmaps

Luma California Farms doesn’t go at it alone in this journey. It collaborates with trusted brands like Rosin Tech Labs and others in the hash and rosin industry, creating pristine products for the California market. Farmers focus on factors such as yields, terpene profiles, resin behavior, and cultivar selection to excel in cultivating solventless concentrates.

Among these practices, Peterson highlights the value of companion planting for resin cultivation, stating, “We like to do a lot of interplanting with other highly aromatic plants like dill, cilantro, chives, and similar options. There’s evidence suggesting that these aromatic companions foster an ecosystem that encourages neighboring plants to produce more oil. This approach is notably common in lavender fields.”

Lemon Limez: The award-winning strain

Peterson’s passion for his craft led to the creation of an exceptional strain known as Lemon Limez. It made waves at the 2022 Emerald Cup, securing the third-place position. Building on this success, it proudly earned the eighth-place title in 2023. Peterson’s journey with Lemon Limez began in 2017.

Lemon Limez is a strain bursting with vibrant flavors. It’s a fiesta for the taste buds, boasting zesty lime notes, a groovy skunky twist, and a touch of that classic gassiness. These unique and bold flavors set it apart in the world of hash and rosin.

Lemon Limez Live Rosin Cold Cure BadderWeedmaps
Lemon Limez Live Rosin Cold Cure Badder from Luma California Farms

Reminiscent of iconic strains like Sour Diesel and OG Kush, Lemon Limez exhibits distinctive characteristics. It grows tall and stretchy, with well-spaced leaves that optimize light exposure. But what truly distinguishes Lemon Limez is its resin – often likened to the cannabis equivalent of super glue. “This sticky resin makes it perfect for crafting top-notch oil and melt, aligning with the farm’s hash-focused vibes,” shared Peterson.

Embracing the future of cannabis cultivation

As the cannabis industry evolves, Luma California Farms remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence. The farm’s upcoming plans involve expanding its cultivation footprint and further integrating its operations. Peterson envisions a future where the farm becomes synonymous with high-quality hash and rosin production, guided by sustainability principles, diversity, and a profound connection to the plant.

In a world where trends often drive cannabis cultivation, Luma California Farms is a beacon of authenticity. Peterson’s journey from a young cultivator to a visionary farmer has led to a cultivation methodology that not only produces exceptional cannabis but also fosters a profound connection between the plant, the land, and those who partake in its magic.

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