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Angela Pih Is a Master of Brands

Angela Pih knows how to market to consumers because she’s perceptive and sensitive to her audience’s unique needs. Coming from an advertising and fashion background, Pih understands that branding is all about understanding the consumer. She now works as the head of marketing for StateHouse Holdings, which may sound like the name of some sort of hedge fund but is actually one of California’s leading cannabis companies and home to such brands as Dime Bag, Kingpen, and Urbn Leaf. High Times sat down with Pih to talk about how she helped build some of The Golden State’s most recognizable brands.

So if you just want to talk about how you got into this field and how you got to where you are today.

My current trajectory came from two decades of being in the global advertising agency world, predominantly working on Fortune 500 global companies. Brands have always been a part of my career in terms of what inspires me. I’m not sure if you are familiar with a woman by the name of Christina Wong of Fruit + Flower. She is a cannabis culinary writer and influencer. She and I were having breakfast one day before she was in cannabis, and she goes “There’s a job at Papa & Barkley and they’re looking for a CMO. Why don’t you go get that job and hire me because I really want to get into the cannabis industry?” And I remember saying to her, “What is it about this company that you really love and that you think that I should look at?” And she goes “Well, it’s one of the really well-respected companies. It’s education-first. And it creates and develops really wonderful products that have helped people.” And so that was my hook. I reached out directly and really fell in love with the brand story of helping those who you love the most with incredible products. Six weeks later, I was hired and then four weeks after that I hired Christina.

Being in the industry with a Chinese background and being a woman, do you feel accepted? Or do you feel like the industry still has a lot more work to do when it comes to treating people who just aren’t white men as equals in industry?

I’ve been pretty lucky that I’ve not experienced any level of discrimination from being a woman or being Asian. I do notice that BIPOC [are] not as well represented within the cannabis industry. A seat at a table to be a decision maker, to be a leader within the industry, should not [be] tied to what you look like and what the color of your skin and your origin [is]. It should be tied into what you contribute to that conversation.

One of the things we’re starting to feel here in Colorado is the boom busting with cannabis. Which can be scary, but I also know it’s inevitable as more places legalize and there’s not necessarily the same type of market for tourists. So what advice are you giving brands currently that you’re working with when it comes to this unprecedented time in cannabis?

You need to understand who your core customers are. Continue to make sure that you’re taking care of them. And really be able to look for affinities with underserved consumers who you may not have had conversations with or invited into certain events. Be able to speak to their needs so that you have a wider, addressable market. [Cannabis is] very much a boots-on-the-ground type of business. [It requires] conversations, education, understanding consumer behavior. 

I know another big thing that you advocate for is sustainability. So how do you work that in when you’re working with a brand and making sure that they’re successful, but also sustainable?

Here at StateHouse, since we’re fully vertical on our farms, we’ve switched over a lot of our power usage, working directly with PG&E in terms of using less electricity in our cultivation practices. Looking at packaging, which often is wasteful, how can we reduce that? And we’re looking at ways of being able to make sure that we are conscious in terms of how we’re making all of our products.

Do you have anything that you want to specifically make sure we highlight or talk about?

We have recently opened our West Hollywood Urbn Leaf dispensary right on the Sunset Strip. So someone was asking me, “Why are you so excited about having a cannabis store on the Sunset Strip?” It’s [a] prime location. First generation cannabis retailers have been in industrial areas and zoned in places [that are] hidden somewhere [and] kind of difficult to find and look a bit shady even though it’s a legal, properly licensed facility. Being right on the Sunset Strip, we’ve really come a long way. [The store has an] open shelf shopping experience, so you can just pick up a little basket and drop your products in and actually shop as if you were in a grocery store. I love the experience of self-select where you get guidance with a budtender and have one-on-one conversations, but more importantly, you can actually pick up a product, look at the label and not feel that you’re being rushed.

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How Much is a Gram of Weed?

If you’re a newborn in the world of cannabis, it might be intimidating when your budtender asks you how much marijuana you need in terms of weight. Not knowing how much is a gram of weed may cost you to pay more than should be paying.

Just Cannabis has got you covered so you’ll never need to be unsure. We’ve created this guide which will explain what one gram of weed looks like and how much weight is represented by common names in the cannabis world. We will also explain weed measurements using the Marijuana Metric System and discuss the cannabis cost of every ounce of weed.

How Much is a Gram of Weed?

A gram of marijuana was known as a “dime bag” because it cost roughly $10 before personal use or medical marijuana use became legal. A gram of marijuana can now be purchased from many dispensaries for around $15, though this price varies depending on the product’s purity.

What Does A Gram Of Weed Look Like?

The question ” what does a full gram of weed look like?” is hard and has no definite answer. Dried cannabis that is loosely packed will have a lighter weight than fresh cannabis, which is heavy but still the same amount.

Cannabis that has been dried for a while can at first appear to be less than expected, making it tough to guess how much you’re getting when buying in larger quantities. Many dispensaries use digital scales among the many measurement systems as a visual guide.

How Much is a Gram of Weed?

The Metric System: A Visual Guide to Weed Measurements

Cannabis is a commodity that is bought and sold in terms of weight. That’s because even the smaller quantities of cannabis are valuable. Cannabis consumers, through history, have developed fast rules for weed measurements to ensure even smaller increments are weighed.

Marijuana quantities are referred to by the terms discussed below, and you might at one point wonder how many grams or how much weed each name represents:

  • Dub sack is 20 dollars worth of weed, usually a single gram or 0.035274 ounces of weed.
  • Around 3.5 grams of cannabis equals one-eighth of an ounce.
  • Seven grams is equivalent to a quarter of an ounce.
  • A one-quarter pound of weed weighs four ounces.
  • Half an ounce weighs 1/32 pounds of weed.
  • A half-ounce bag weighs 14 grams of weed.
  • Ounces: a full ounce is 28 grams of weed (1/16 pound).

The quarter pound of weed main slang terms includes quarter pounder and a quarter pound of cannabis half pack.

How Much is 1 Gram of Weed?

Cannabis flower(one gram) is sold for about $10 – $20. To help alleviate the financial burden, several suppliers provide bulk discounts, and legal dispensaries offer sales. One gram will be ideal if you don’t know how many grams to take, especially if you don’t have a particular strain (how much flower is enough for you).

How Much are 2 Grams of Weed?

Two grams of cannabis is called a dub sack. It might also mean $20 to $30 worth of pot, which is consistent with weed slang terms. Two grams of weed would cost twice as much as a dime bag.

How Much are 3 Grams of Weed?

You should expect to pay about $30 – $40 for 3 grams of cannabis. That is the average cost of buying Cannabis in Canada.

Moreover, astute cannabis consumers typically find this substantial amount of cannabis for less. Cannabis costs vary depending on your location, your frequent stores, and the time of year.

How Much are 4 Grams of Weed?

You can make roughly four grams from the eighth ounce of marijuana. In legal cannabis marketplaces, the price of an eighth can range from $20 to $65, depending on the new strain and the manufacturer. Some cannabis sellers offer delivery services.

How Much are 5 Grams of Weed?

Once again, the answer will vary greatly by region, municipality, and dispensary. The average price for five grams (slightly below a quarter ounce) is between $50 to $60.

This is a more cost-effective option than buying by the gram. Compared to purchasing an eighth at once, the cost of purchasing three grams is quite high, at $15-20. If you are above 21 years in Canada, you can buy just over one ounce of weed(enough weed) from legal dispensaries, especially if you are a medical patient.


Now you know what a gram of weed looks like and how much each gram costs. When ordering, you’ll know what amount to order depending on your use. If you are new to cannabis, order a small amount to start off so that you can begin gauging how much you actually need. Mail-order cannabis in Canada is a fantastic way to buy a gram or ounce of weed because you can browse quickly and order directly off your mobile phone. We recommend because of our wide selection of marijuana buds. We also always guarantee freshness and potency and amazing customer service. As long as you are of legal age, anyone can buy weed online in Canada. It’s so much more convenient than going to a dispensary in person, so start browsing for your favourite strains today and enjoy the convenience of discreet marijuana shipping.



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