Best Cannabis Strains to Boost Libido

We get asked this question by many individuals who have lost their sex drive due to medication, such as antidepressants or antianxiety drugs, but they are not the only ones who can suffer from low libidio. One of the most common causes for reduced sex drive is stress (in both men and women), which is something cannabis is well-known for helping with. Other factors such as age, relationship troubles, body image and more can affect libido – and that is no fun for anyone!

Fortunately, there are many cannabis strains that have been touted for being able to increase arousal and improve sexual encounters. Here are some of the top contenders!

best strains to boost libido

Sativa Strains for Increased Arousal

The predominantly cerebral effects makes Sativa’s a great option for boosting libido and improving sexual encounters. These strains are often euphoric, energizing and improve focus allowing you to stay in-the-moment and connect with your partner without tiring or fear of sedating effects.

Green Crack

One of the top rated strains for improving arousal and sexual encounters is none other than the coveted Sativa strain, Green Crack. This strain is favoured for romantic encounters thanks to the cerebral effects, which produce a positively joyful euphoria. Users also enjoy the sweet flavor and hints of tropical and citrus tones. Green Crack is well known as an energizing strain but it can also boost creativity (wink wink) and focus, making it favored for wake-and-bake as well as late night encounters. Shop our Green Crack product options today!

Sour Diesel

Another coveted Sativa-dominant strain that has found a particular home in the bedroom is Sour Diesel. This strain produces a smooth smoke that is cerebrally invigorating and provides a soft physical sensation, greatly enhancing the user’s sense of touch for a more lustful experience. Sour Diesel is also adept at improving energy, boosting creativity and improving mood. Shop our selection of Sour Diesel products here!

Jack Herer

Another excellent daytime strain, Jack Herer is is a 55% Sativa dominant strain that produces distinct cerebral effects. This strain also has a solid Indica component which keeps your body feeling tingly and combines well with the energetic and uplifting effects, which boost the mood. Together, these create an amazing mind and body experience that you can enjoy with your partner. Click here to browse our online cannabis dispensary for Jack Herer!

best strains to boost libido

Indica Strains to Boost Libido

Not all individuals like the heavy cerebral nature of Sativa’s as it can sometimes make them feel too self-aware or conscious, not letting them relax and get into the mood. This is where the following Indica options come in handy – however, be aware that too much of a good Indica will result in sedation!

Granddaddy Purple

Despite the strong Indica genetics, Granddaddy Purple is a great strain choice for improving arousal. This is a potent strain that packs serious kick behind both the physical and cerebral effects. Granddaddy Purple is a deeply relaxing strain that produces a heavy body sensation, which can make every touch feel that much better. This combined with the uplifting and euphoric effects produces an ideal circumstances for intimacy. Browse our variety of Granddaddy Purple product options today!

Skywalker OG

An Indica-dominant hybrid, Skywalker OG is another excellent choice for boosting libido and intimacy. This strain has the strong body effects and mind-altering qualities of a classic Indica, but also provides the user with an energizing boost upon inhalation. This strain is ideal for producing a warm and relaxing physical sensation, while keeping you feeling euphoric.

Bubba OG

Another old school strain that is great for intimacy is Bubba OG. A mixture of Bubba Kush and Ghost OG, this strain has an enticing aroma with diesel, floral and fruity tones. As an 80% Indica-dominant strain, it has a solid physical component as well as producing a pleasant yet mild euphoria. Afterwards, this strain will ease the two of you into a deep and satisfied sleep!

best strains to boost libido

Improve Your Experience

For the best experience, here are a few additional tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t Overdo It! Too much marijuana is not always a good thing. The more stoned you get, the less functional you become, which translates to sex too.
  • Safety First! Cannabis can lower inhibitions so always ensure you are with a trusting partner and using proper protection.
  • Trial Run! To ensure the optimal experience, it is a good idea to have a trial-run to ensure that your choice of strain will work for you. Feeling paranoid, dizzy or not being able to keep your eyes open won’t result in much bedroom fun!
  • Dryness! Much like how you get dry eyes and dry mouth, women can experience similar side effects downstairs – regardless of the strain. To ensure you have a comfortable and pleasurable experience, keep some lube nearby! You can thank us later.

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