A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Use

Before you decide how you’d like to consume cannabis, you should probably decide what type of cannabis product you prefer. The Indica strains are better consumed in the evening to relax and get that over-all “body-buzz.” Sativa strains deliver a more active and stimulating mind buzz and are better used during the day for socializing and interaction. Hybrid Strains are the most popular because they are individualized to each person’s specific preference.

Once you decide which strain suits you, you can begin thinking about how you’d like to consume it. This may very well depend on what time of day you choose, for what purpose, what your activity or schedule is, and who you are with at the time. There are several ways to consume cannabis, depending on your situation and your location.

Another important consideration is deciding what kind or level of experience you seek. General consumption categories include oral and sublingual, inhalation, and topical. Most new consumers tend to limit their method of consumption to one or two ways. We at Canna Wholesalers would like to accentuate and expand your enjoyment by offering this helpful list of uses and mention that you can find cheap BC weed in all of its forms on our online dispensary.

Cannabis Consumption Methods

If you buy weed online in Canada from Canna Wholesalers, you’ll have access to premium BC cannabis in all of its forms. So, choose your consumption method with that in mind and with the help of this guide.

Oral and sublingual:

These doses are administered through the mouth. They include food and beverage (infused with either cannabis or cannabis extract), oils, or tinctures. Tinctures, taken sublingually (under the tongue), have a rapid onset of effects. Not all oral methods of consumption require digestion for the cannabis compounds to enter the bloodstream. Oils and tinctures can enter the bloodstream directly through the mouth, are fast-acting, and precise amounts can be more easily monitored. Decidedly different effects are achieved when cannabis is eaten or drunk, requiring digestion. Edibles that need digestion take longer to take effect, but they deliver a more powerful psychoactive experience when they do.

When preparing edibles, depending on the edible or dish, the cannabis can be sprinkled (say on pizza) or infused into butter or olive oil. There are other ways, like flour, but this is more involved and complicated. As one becomes more experienced and proficient with the preparation of edibles and various cannabis-infused dishes, flower tends to increase usage.

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You can smoke cannabis or choose to vape cannabis. Either way, the gases are taken into your lungs and are then absorbed into the bloodstream. Smoking is an ancient way of consuming cannabis. The side-effects of smoking are always under debate. Most health professionals consider smoke-free methods to be a healthier choice. Vaporization technology offers smokers an alternative with fewer health concerns, and so are a common choice of regular and more health-conscious cannabis consumers.

Several devices are devoted to smoking cannabis, from homemade one-time devices (frequently various forms of fruit, like apples) and rolling papers to hand pipes, hookahs, and various water pipes (like bongs and bubblers).

Vape Pens


Technically topical applications aren’t considered a consumption method, more of a delivery method, but we do include it here. By rubbing onto the skin, the cannabis compounds are absorbed into the tissue. This provides relief for conditions like pain and muscle soreness.

Topicals use “full cannabis extract,” which means that the oil has been decarboxylated to activate the cannabinoids. Only then can the extract be absorbed into your skin.

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Which Way is Right for You?

It’s a matter of what your choice of strain is, when you consume or use it, and for what purpose. Whichever you choose, Canna Wholesalers is here to address any comments or questions you may have. We are here to help you.

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