8 weed strains that taste like dessert

Who doesn’t want a smoking experience as sweet and savory as indulging in dessert? 

Anyone who rolls up on the regular knows that cannabis is all about flavor. That’s why people are chasing exotic strains. There are thousands of different terpene profiles out there that can make your cannabis flower and dabs taste a variety of ways. When narrowing them down for this list, we decided to go with a mix of sweet, fruity, sugary, and candy-reminiscent flavors that will be perfect for your next post-dinner smoke sesh.

Here are eight delicious weed strains that taste like dessert.

Ice Cream Cake

Gelato #33, aka Larry Bird, is the well-known child of Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake and the dessert stain of all dessert strains, as far as I’m concerned. Bow down when you speak its name, nahmean? So treat yourself to some Ice Cream Cake. More specifically, treat yourself to an Ice Cream Cake PAX era pod, or some Ice Cream Cake hash rosin, because its flavor is so specifically sweet, gassy, and sugary that the oils taste exactly like smoking a bowl of dairy dessert.

In fact, the last time I bought it from Archive Portland, on the way out the door, Natalie the budtender told me to enjoy my dessert. And I did. I did enjoy my dessert.


First of all, the Zkittlez flower is absolutely beautiful. It’s purple and green accents make the plant look exotic. Second of all, the taste is out of this world no matter how you consume it — flower, vapes, whatever, Zkittlez hits.

Zkittlez is a cross of Grapefruit and Grape that tastes exactly like its misspelled namesake. It’s a candy strain that tastes like the entire spectrum of fruity terpenes in cannabis. It’s also relaxing , but not overpowering, making Zkittlez a perfect lil’ treat for consumers of all levels. And it tends to be pretty available from a variety of growers, so if you want to try it, a store close by probably has it.

Blueberry Cheesecake

If you want some sweet blueberry flavors, grab you a bowl of Blueberry Cheesecake. Blueberry Cheesecake, just like its name would suggest, is likely a cross of the old school Blueberry strain with the old school Cheese strain. It may also be a cross of Blueberry and White Cheese. Either way, it’s a delicious strain that will remind you of your overpriced fourthmeal from the Cheesecake Factory. 

Blueberry Cheesecake is a colorful flower with a sweet, funky blueberry aroma that makes it great for people who are chasing flavor over intensity. It has a fast onset time, followed by a creative high that may help you slow down and be more focused. Some call it a social high, but that’s up to you to test out.


Biscotti is an indica-dominant cross of GSC, Gelato #25, and South Florida OG that tastes like the Italian after-dinner dessert. It has a wild mix of sweet, nutty, gassy, herbal flavors that give way to a heavily sedating high. Outside of Italy, biscottis are commonly served with coffee, which is funny, because you might need a cup or two to wake up after hitting this one. 

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie flower is fire. Point blank period. It’s a strain that’ll have you dumb stoned after just a couple of puffs, and if you’re looking for something to vaporize, ooohweeeee — this one is tasty. 

The Cookie Fam is known for producing stains that are flavorful mixes of fruity and gassy terpenes. Cherry Pie is no different. It’s a cross of Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison that produces a super loud aroma of sweet, sugary cherries, with gassy undertones. The high? Just grab a seat on the couch and the remote. You’re going to be there for a while.

Orange Creamsicle

Read the name Orange Creamsicle and you already know what to expect. Creamy, vanilla, citrus flavors that remind you of that lil’ popsicle you can buy at 7-Eleven for a couple dollars — or from the local ice cream truck. 

Orange Creamsicle is a loud, undeniably fruity cultivar bred from Orange Crush and Juicy Fruit. In terms of experience, it brings forth those orange terps to produce a euphoric, uplifting high that you’d expect from strains with this type of bright flavor profile.

Duct Tape 

Duct Tape is a cross of Original Glue (Gorilla Glue #4) and Do-Si-Dos that screams those GG4 properties without drowning out those Do-Si-Dos characteristics. 

The reason Duct Tape is here is because, like GG4, it has a complex nutty, funky, gassy aroma, and — for some reason — has a somewhat chocolatey taste to it as well. On top of that, crossing it with the heavy Do-Si-Dos, brings out a potent high that will lay you downnnn. 

It’s one of those full body rides, the definition of relaxing. 

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is a phenotype of Triangle Mints. Triangle Mints is a cross of Animal Mints and Triangle Kush. I guarantee you can find Wedding Cake nearby, with its popularity continuing to grow year after year.

As far as the Cake-like flavor, Wedding Cake can hit in a variety of ways depending on what company grew it, how they grew it, whose genetics they have, etc. That said, Wedding Cake usually has that kushy, slightly sweet flavor best described as doughy and vanilla. The following experience is usually a balanced hybrid high that can be extremely potent and clear-minded,  before tailing off into a fully-body stone.

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