8 strains for morning jogs

There are two types of people: Morning People and Everyone Else. For Everyone Else, waking up several hours before necessary requires determination, commitment, and a subconscious-shattering alarm. Especially when that wake-up call is at the behest of a morning run. But Everyone Else might be pleased to learn that for discerning stoners, whether bright-eyed in the AM or sleepwalking till noon, waking and baking with just the right strain can make an early morning sprint feel like a neighborhood trot. 

As a reluctant morning runner/fitness enthusiast myself, I’ve found that partaking in a pure sativa or an energizing hybrid an hour or so before my morning workout can be both electrifying and zen. But years of weed-fitness trial and error have also taught me that many pure sativas or sativa-dominant cultivars bred for physical stimulation aren’t killer wake and bake workout strains. Many left me too cognitively spastic to focus on running. I’ve learned that phenotypes bred for specific, therapeutic effects can be super effective at supporting muscle recovery. 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I learned that getting astronomically high before going outdoors for a jog-walk is ill-advised; I wake and bake to extinguish the morning doldrums, not to disassociate from the reality of street running. 

My trick to successful AM weed jogs is to first plan the route, then consume the herb with my morning shake and a cup of tea. I give my high all the time it needs to swell, plateau, and gently evaporate before attempting to maneuver my city streets — or treadmill. This formula ensures I keep my senses and my chill while I ascend past psychotropia to one of the greatest highs of all: the runner’s high.  

Green Crack (AKA Green Cush)

Consumers wax poetic about Green Crack’s deep head high and uplifting body high, a combo that, under the right conditions, has the potential to send its fans into the perfect mindstate for meditative sunrise runs. This strain is also lauded for its anti-anxiety effects, and as such can level up any jogging/plant-medicine-as-self-care routine.

Green Crack is a phenotype of Skunk #1, a 1989 Super Sativa Seed Club, and an Afghani landrace strain. Cecil C, the strain’s breeder, originally named it Cush, but it was rebranded as Green Crack after world-famous rapper/actor/activist/celebrity chef Snoop Dogg referred to it as such. It can typically be found in shops under either name. Expect a tropical fruit perfume and bright, citrusy exhale. 

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a pure sativa with South African landrace origins. Brought stateside by legendary strain hunter Ed Rosenthal in the mid-70s, Durban Poison has since become a pillar of contemporary cannabis genetics. The high is almost universally regarded as uplifting, energizing, and amply euphoric without crossing the threshold into paranoia or anxiety. 

Naturally, it’s a favorite of wake and bake joggers and serious stoner athletes alike. 

Durban Poison’s THC levels tend to hover between 17% and 20% THC, but exercise caution when buying your grams, as many cultivars top out over 24%. Expect a sweet, grassy inhale and a mild piney perfume. 

Bruce Banner

This hybrid strain gets its name honestly; Bruce Banner is a powerhouse hybrid with a hurricane-intense onset that builds in volume before mellowing to a cushion-soft cerebral high. Fans of this strain support its nod to its superhero transformation effects, both embracing the excitement of the blastoff and cozying into the softer plateau of the head high. 

Bruce Banner is one of five phenotypes of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel parents. Inherited effects include effective pain, anxiety, and depression relief in addition to the strain’s unique powderkeg activation. Expect a stank perfume and citrus sweet exhale. 

Island Sweet Skunk

Consumers revere Island Sweet Skunk for a litany of positive effects, but the favorite by far is the strain’s ability to boos euphoric energy. This hybrid phenotype is genetically sativa dominant and described as perfect for day use. But beware, the cultivar’s effects can be dynamic enough to cause overexertion, so practice safe jogging while Island Sweet Skunking. 

Bred from a cross of Grapefruit and Northern Lights x Haze, Island Sweet Skunk was exclusive to Canada and the Pacific Northwest until recently reaching the greater west coast. Expect a skunky, tropical fruit perfume and an exhale to match. 

Lemon Meringue

Lemon Meringue’s reported effects include creative motivation and, of course, a zippy, knee-slapping energy. Those folks who fall into the “Everyone Else” category of early risers will appreciate the crisp, clarifying onset and the efficient dispersing of any AM blues. 

Lemon Meringue was bred from a cross of Lemon Skunk and Cookies & Cream. And the expected profile is as confectionary as one would expect. Anticipate a candy-sweet perfume and creamy citrus exhale. 


Folks seeking an energetic high that’s more geared toward an easy-going run than an all out sprint should consider the 14% – 17% THC Sunshine. It has an effect that is euphoric with a mild energy boost that supports the strain’s summery vibe. Also, if you’re going to wake and bake, why not light up a strain named for the actual sunrise? 

Sunshine was reportedly bred from a cross of Chemdawg and Sunshine Daydream, and the resulting flavors are predictably citrusy sweet and stanky dank. Expect a pineapple funk perfume and a lemony-diesel exhale. 


Snowcap is a sativa dominant hybrid strain known for its giggly delirium and fizzy body buzz. Consumers love that it’s both introspective and vivacious, lending itself equally to cerebral pursuits and physical action. Snowcap is also a popular therapeutic strain, lauded for its efficacy in quelling symptoms related to depression and anxiety. Snowcap fans looking to compound their runners high into something even more transcendental should consider packing a bowl as part of their pre-workout ritual. 

Snowcap was bred from Snow White and Cat Piss parents. The resulting flowers are dense and slow burning, with a fruity, menthol perfume and a spicy lemon exhale.  

Royal Highness

For those looking to medicate their muscles before jumping into strenuous physical activity, Royal Highness’s CBD/THC 1:1 ratio is a great daytime strain to audition. What this strain lacks in psychoactivity, it more than makes up for with a clear-headed euphoria, velvety soft body buzz, and deliberate recovery support. Whether your AM jog is a fierce sprint or an invigorating jog-walk, Royal Highness’s cannabinoid balance and entourage effects may ensure a not just a satisfying workout, but also a super-comfortable recovery period.  

Royal Highness was bred from high-CBD strain Respect and 1:1 balanced strain Dance Hall. Expect sugary, dark green nugs with a skunky perfume and berry sweet exhale. 

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